Aura Kingdom Bard Guide

Aura Kingdom Bard Guide by tobi_dream

This is a Class Guide to the Bard Class~ All Info on here is contributed by players in the AK community (mostly myself though) Here you can find info on combos, builds, and healing in general! Feel free to ask questions. Due to still being in Stress Test some of this information may change, so I will try to keep it as updated as I possible can.

My Little Eidolon?! o.o
just like every other class you need to find a Eidolon that fills in the gaps that your character lacks. As a healing class, Bards lack in dps and defensive abilites. I recommend starting out with either

Seriff OR Grimm
Seriff is a little “tank” Eidolon which can help you do some more damage and take aggro off of you and Grimm is a dps Eidolon which can help you kill mobs faster. In truth it really doesn’t matter which Eidolon you pick, cause they all do about the same thing, but some compliment some classes better then others~
SPOILER: at level 25 you get this beaUUUUUtiful Eilodon that is super tanky and is perfect for farming mobs with a bard ;D just so you know.

~Skills of the Trade… Literally o3o

 [Storm Song] – your basic attack, you start with this move at the very beginning.
 [Blissful Harmony] – Single Target, Damage over Time. does X amount of damage over time for 8 seconds.
 [Healing Harmony] – Gained at level 4. This is your basic healing spell. Single target heal that heals quite alot of health. Also heals the caster.
 [Ambient Drone] – Gained at level 8, this spell attacks and stuns all enemies near the user for 3 seconds.
 [Ballad] – Gained at level 13, this is your HoT spell, stacks 3 times. Heals X amount of HP over 15 seconds to all party members (Like your MoL for all you Eden players.) Instacast and can cast while running so very useful for staying alive
 [Healing Tones] – Gained at level 18, this healing spell heals all party members for a solid amount of HP. Not very strong (imo) so don’t rely on it too much.
 [Holy Notes] – Gained at level 24. This is an instacast spell that heals a single target. Very useful for when a player (or yourself) is about to die. Heals a moderate amount of health, but long cooldown so use wisely
 [Rhapsody] – Gained at level 30, this spell increases the parties move speed by 10% for 30 minutes note it consumes x1 Note of Rhapsody. A Note of Rhapsody can be found @ a Grocer and can be bought for 868s. I do not recommend using this spell due to being expensive and I see no use for it right now (might be useful later for farming)

~Setting up a little interface~

Now that we know a little about the skills, let talk about how we should configure them in our key thingy. All players have a two stack thing like this

Starting off in the game you won’t have many skills, but later on you will gain many and you will want to put them in a position to fit your playing style. The quesiton you want to ask yourself is “Do I want to heal mostly, or DPS?” This means do you want to configure it so you can access healing abilities better, or your dps skills. If you want to do alot of dungeons, or heal in pvp I would suggest putting your healing skills on the bottom row. This way you can use them by clicking 1-8 allowing you to get to the faster.

This is how I would recommend you have your skills set out for healing.
In this setting I have my:
1) Main heal spell
2) insta cast heal spell
3) HoT spell
4) and my party heals spell
and my dps on top so they don’t get in my way >:C
This is actually how I have my spells set (besides my sorcerer spells added) but to each his own, and you should explore and find a way to have them that fits your needs best c:


Bard/ grim:

 [Song of Winds] Grants Speed, raises evasion by flat amount
 [Fire Sprite] summons fire sprite (lasts 30 seconds)
 [Holy Sound Wave] single line attack

Though lacking in the ultimate skills, the Bard/grim combo seems to be a favorite for its “full support” status. when taking this path, you receive an area HoT (heal over time) that also removes a debuff. This ability makes it ideal for pvp allowing you to have another HoT ability PLUS a debuff skill. Your Fire Sprite can actual be very useful, it does about the same damage as another player (without speacial skills) and has really nice HP.

Bard/ staff:
 Raises party members attack
 deals lightning damage to enemies (area attack?)
 lowers damage party members recieve

Going with this duo you receive to party buffs (increase in attack power, and a shield reducing damage taken.) You also get more dps from that staff along with an aoe and other dps attacks

Other skills:
These are other skills that you can find on your Envoys Path. You do not have to have a certain weapon combo to use these.

 [Efficient Immune System] – When attacked there is a 35% chance that a negative debuff will be removed from you.
 [Child of the Sun] – Damage of Holy Skills +10%
 [Sneak] – Malice -50%
 [Energized Healing] – Damage +10% after healing yourself, lasts 20 seconds.
 Prickliness – Reflect 10% damage when attacked

Just so you know
Crits DO effect heals (not Hots though)

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