Yitien Epic Medal Guide

Yitien Epic Medal Guide by tentoes

Epic medals are used for 2 things;

1) They can be exchanged via the shop (S), under the vouchers tab for Epic armor.

2) Epic medals can be used in Daily quest, Spirit donations, and Delivery quest. ****Please under no circumstances using epic medal for any of those quest is a good idea. You will need every single epic medal for better equipment.

There are a few ways to obtain Epic Medals;

1)You can obtain a epic medal for the rank 1 arena chest daily, at a random chance. (bound)

2)You can obtain a epic medal for being the last person standing in grove every Tuesday,Thursday, and Saturday. (bound)

3)You can obtain a epic medal at a low chance when recycling an epic equipment. (bound+Unbound) *If you recycle a bound epic eq and get a medal it will be bound, and if you recycle a unbound epic eq and get a epic medal it will be unbound*

4)Synthesizing 5 rare medal for one epic medal. (Bound+Unbound?) *not sure about this one. I know for a fact synthesizing 5 unbound gems will result in a bound one, if anyone can prove synthesizing 5 unbound rare to get an unbound epic please let me know*

5)By opening farm chest everyday. (higher level farm and higher level of character will increase the rate of getting an Epic Medal.) (bou

6)Purchasing from mystery shop for 475 ignot. (bound)

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