Yitien AFK Passive Exp Guide

Yitien AFK Passive Exp Guide by dollphinix

Steps :

1. Yitien game platform on browser stay online (max 24 hours). Do not close browser or disabled network connection. if it closed or network disabled then the Rewards Exp and Duration counter will be reset to 0 (Zero).
2. Use Gold VIP status to get privilege of max 32x Stars. Click on red box Stars if maximum multiplier reach 32x to get exp.
3. Use Purple MFP and Coop with your partner periodically every 8 hours (max time for afk sesion). Stand up and sit down again every 8 hours, and dont forget about Step 2.
4. Make this step more usefull by implementing it in the AFK Happy Hour Event.

Advantage : by doing AFK session, Energy automatically generating it self every 30 minutes, continously.

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