Vindictus Raid Tips

Vindictus Raid Tips by Strudal

Apparently I have way to much spare time and like to procrastinate when I should be going to sleep. As such, I’ve decided to write a sort of guide / informative piece of text.

I’ve been playing Vindi for quite a while now and there are several little things I’ve noticed that can be done to help with efficiency when doing dungeons. From observations, a good majority of people either don’t know about these things or just don’t bother doing them. Whenever I try to point these things out or advise people, I tend to get ignored / shouted at / falsely accused of claiming I know better than everyone else.
So, rather than trying to help people in game who apparently don’t want it, I’ll leave it here so it is there if they want it and at least I tried.
There are loads of actions that can be taken to make runs go more smoothly, but I’m just gonna cover a few for now and maybe add more later depending on the response.

Lionotus ~ Aggro

The Situation – Lionotus is attacking players on the lower floors and there are players on the top floor (This applies to the bombing method of doing Lionotus primarily.)
What is often done – Usually the people on the bottom floor will be getting attacked and will struggle to make it back up to the top. The players at the top will often flame the players for wasting time and demand they go to the top floor so cliff bombing can be done.
What should be done – Instead of doing nothing or complaining, players on the top level should be trying to get aggro (spam F11). This does two things. Firstly it takes the aggro off the players on lower levels, preventing them taking damage and allowing them to go up. Secondly it makes Lionotus go up faster which means you can bomb him off the cliff sooner, resulting in a faster run.

Lionotus ~ Bombs

The Situation – Bombing Lionotus off the cliff
What is often done – Everyone rushes for bombs and throws them, even if they don’t know how / when.
What should be done – Allow the more experienced players to take the bombs. If you know you are bad at using them, don’t take them. I am not saying “anyone under 14k attack isn’t allowed to use bombs”, attack has nothing to do with it. You know if you are good with bombs or not, so before you start spamming them all over the place, take a minute to decide if letting someone else do it would be beneficial. I recognise that everyone has to learn at some point, but watching other people is a very good way to learn initially, or read a guide, watch a video, even ask for an explanation.
This can also be applied to many other situations such as Lakiora nailing, Siglint grounding, Colru catapulting etc.

Colru ~ Campfire

The Situation – Making the campfire.
What is often done – The campfire is created in the middle of the room
What should be done – It is best to make the campfire in one of the rooms (I prefer bottom right, red golem). This does two things. One, it means less distance to carry the wood to put in the camp. Two, it makes it easier to use the campfire for repairs later in the game. (If the camp is in the middle, chances are you will be closer to colru when you try use it).

Siglint ~ Catapults

The Situation – Siglint becomes petrified (stone form)
What is often done – Players run towards Siglint, rather than catapults and sometimes even try attack him in his stone form.
What should be done – Learn how to recognise when he is gonna become petrified. In general, if his health is under 7/8 bars and he jumps up and lands straight away, he is gonna become petrified (usually). Here is a video showing it:

(I went to a catapult further away to allow other people with slower reaction times to get a closer catapult)
(Might also be worth mentioning that you don’t have to be perfectly accurate. As long as the boulder lands near Siglint, it will still count as a hit.)

Siglint ~ Bombing

The Situation – Siglint flies overhead, swoops down and tries to grab players.
What is often done – Players throw bombs at all the rocks, the hemdrills blast out and all miss.
What should be done – Learn the timings for bombing and where to bomb. Bombs need to be thrown at the little rock piles. Doing so makes a penîs erupt out of the ground and violate Siglint making him crash land. Don’t throw the bombs at any old pile of rocks, work out whereabouts he is going to fly over and throw the bombs at a pile that will be in that flight path. Bombs should be thrown approximately when Siglint is flying perpendicular to the map. After throwing the bombs don’t just stand around, the player who Siglint is going for (even if they didn’t throw any bombs) should go stand right next to the pile of rocks that has been bombed so that Siglint swoops right onto the hemdrill. (Make sure to dodge as Siglint comes in to attack you just in case. If the bomb timing was not right, the hemdrill will miss Siglint, he will grab you and take you on an adventure.) Other players should be running to the point where Siglint will land and be ready to start attacking, if you think the bomb(s) were not thrown correctly, you should be preparing for throwing bombs on Siglint’s next pass.

Beokros ~ Frozen

The Situation – Player are hit by ice and frozen
What is often done – Players just ignore other frozen players
What should be done – If someone is frozen, break them out. It only takes a second to do and an extra player will effectively double the DPS. I see way too many people just running past frozen players. Why would you do this? Are you that desperate to come top damage? Obviously, if it isn’t time efficient to break them out (if they are on the other side of the map), then don’t waste time, but when they are relatively near, you should be breaking the ice. (The player trapped in ice being broken out should also be showing their gratitude by saying “Thanks” or something to that effect. A little common courtesy goes a long way.)

Elchulus ~ Bunker

The Situation – Elchulus fires the black projectiles
What is often done – Players run to the bunkers, the projectiles hit the bunker, the bunkers have to be rebuilt
What should be done – There are two options here to avoid having to rebuild the structures and save time:
Option 1, you stay away from the bunkers and just dodge the projectile. It’s best not to stand too close to other people in case you dodge the projectile aimed at you but then get hit by one aimed at them (or vice versa). If you want to be super efficient, you could dodge near the buckets / water and take the time to refill the pools while you wait for Elchulus to land.
Option 2, you position yourself in the bunker in such a way that the projectiles miss the structure. You do this by working out the general angle the projectile will come at and standing somewhere where the projectile will not clip the wall. This is usually near the back of the bunker towards the middle away from the walls. Here is an over exaggerated example:

Elchulus ~ Buff

The Situation – The bunkers provide the buff Battle Focus
What is often done – Players usually get this buff at the start of the battle and whenever they visit a bunker to hide.
What should be done – You should aim to have this buff at all times. It gives ATT +1460, Attack Speed +18% and SP Guage +250%. Seriously, this buff is completely worth the few seconds it takes to run to a bunker and back.

Lakiora ~ Runner

The Situation – Runners are used to aggro the tail attacks
What is often done – The runner goes to the top left corner and runs in circles for the entire fight.
What should be done – Running can be done anywhere on the map as long as you are the furthest away. This generally means the far outer edges, preferably the corners or at the spawn area. It is usually done in the top left because there is rarely poison there for the runner to worry about, however it is not always the most ‘efficient’ way. When Laki is stunned (from being nailed / attacked from inside etc) there is nothing stopping the runner going and dealing extra damage. Yes you aren’t gonna come top damage just from taking these opportunities to attack, but this is how to play efficiently, which means taking as many opportunities to improve dps and reduce time taken as possible. However, as a runner you main responsibility should still be running, so you need predict when Lakiora is gonna become un-stunned and start spamming his tail attacks. This will require you to stop attacking before he recovers and run to the closest corner (or to any point where you are further away than the rest of the team) just in time to get the aggro of the tail attacks. Apart from just reducing time taken, this also gives the runner something more to do and makes it slightly less boring.

Final Notes

I’d like to point out, before you all start flaming me, I am not telling you you have to do what I say, this is just my opinion. All I ask is that you to consider what I’ve said and maybe apply it next time you do a raid.

Excuse any grammatical / spelling errors. It’s late, so I’m sure I’ve missed something. Please do point them out so I can ammend them though ^-^

Hope it helps someone

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