Vindictus PvP Guide

Vindictus PvP Guide by Turokman33

Hello guys, since there is no PvP guide I decided to share knowledge about PvP. Take everything with a pinch of salt, and if there is something you wish to add or edit, please comment below.

Short Intro

PvP is a very good way of relaxing/having fun off after countless raids and farming.

This very day PvP is also a good way of making money buy purchasing Artifacts.

The PvP in Vindictus is not flawless though, there is flaws but it is not as bad as I have seen in some other MMOs.
I’ll go through 3 things for now. Classes pros and cons, the pvp “foodchain” and PvP items.

PvP classes pros & cons

There have surely been moments you say “why is my character like this!” or “why can he do such things?!”

Hopefully you will find your answers here.



Twin swords


-Mediocre Range
-Agile (you can take yourself anywhere in the battlefield unharmed/with haste)
-Strong last smash (Fanning Slash)
-2 long and good dodges
-Berserker buff that helps your team in a positive way
-Can use Windmill if surrounded, a nasty suprise (Can use gliding fury after it)


-Fragile if played wrong or with DEF lower than 8000
-Can get flinched easily (your smashes can get cancelled)
-First smashes are weak
-Hard to connect lightning fury after gliding fury
-Can get hit during attacks
-Death sentence to use Slashing high unless you know what you are doing

Twin spears


-Can lock a target with Fury infusion and doublecrescent
-Can smash away bombs at siege with spinning
-Can make better use of Slashing High than Twin swords
-Berserker buff that helps your team in a positive way
-Continous damage
-Hard to get cancelled/flinched
-Can use windmill if surrounded, a nasty suprise.

-All smashes are weak
-Fragile if played wrong or with DEF lower than 8000
-Can not use moonsplitter properly
-Lack of abilities that does high damage
-2nd smash is rather slow, hard to connect and makes you vulnerable
-Very fragile versus small shield fionas if spinning
-Low range

Fiona (counting small shield, not large)



-Reasonable damage with counter
-Faster than Hammer counterpart
-Strong last smash


-Low range
-If surrounded, a walking punchbag
-Needs high def and/or attackspeed to be somewhat useful



-Colossal damage with a fully charged Stigma
-Reasonable damage with counter
-Strong smashes
-Good at defending chokepoints with butterflyswing (Destroyed Gate at Siege)


-Very low range
-No versitality
-Very slow (counting attacks)
-Can get hit during smashes
-If surrounded, a walking punchbag
-Needs much attackspeed to be useful




-Colossal damage on most smashes.
-Can exchange damage without getting damaged (smash).
-First normal have invincibility frame.
-Good Survivability (you can wreak havoc with very low hp).
-Mediocre to Long range (all smashes got mediocre range, but there is the Big Bang and Raging Volcano).
-Smashes can not be cancelled.
-Can push through heavy situations with weave.
-Various buffs to make him even stronger.


-Can get flinch locked if taking hits during normals/idling(except 1st normal, applies mostly on PvE dungeons ex.Duels)
-Slow (can make up for it with smash movement).
-Fragile with low def.
-Won’t last long if surrounded (You can break free with LR spam or Blast spam)
-(Siege)Gets destroyed armor despite weaving the catapult rocks



-High Survivability
-Some SP moves does good damage although high risk of bugs/cancels
-Mediocre to long range (Pillar toss makes up for the long range)
-Can fight unarmed after pillar toss, suprising the enemy with new attacks
-Can do well with low DEF


-Weak smashes (Last smash makes ok damage but you risk your survivability with it)
-Buggy SP moves
-Walking snail at freematch (Try stop a vella using PF as a pillar karok)




-Very Long range
-Strong normal
-Continous damage
-Good Survivability
-Excellent SP moves
-Colossal damage with Eagle eye assault
-Good dodge (can get untouchable if used right)
-Superb twister kick after dodge


-Easily grabbable
-Fragile while shooting
-Low def kais can easily get one-shot by many classes
-Very buggy at Freematch (To the point that would convince you to take a Crossgun)



-High survivability
-Continous damage
-Ultra SP moves (Nuke, Six shooter)
-Good dodge (can get untouchable if used right)
-Strong spinsmash after dodge
-Long to Very long Range (Nuke and sixshooter makes up for the very long)
-Can’t get flinched if played right
-Does not need high Def if played right
-Can be formidable without high ATT
-Can make multiple kills with Nuke
-Can exchange damage without getting hit if played right
-Powerful Hollowshot


-can get stuck if grabbed
-Weak normals compared to bow counterpart




– Mediocre to Long range
– Useful SP moves for the team and the evie herself(Hallucinate, Regneration, Reverse Gravity)
– Strong spells (good damage)
– Continous damage with magic arrow
– Can get good survivability with Flying sparrow and Mana amber
– Has Mana Shield
– Does not need high Def
– Excellent asset for the team
– Can exchange damage without getting hit (magic arrow + sparrow included)


-Low survivability
-(Siege) Respawns with 1 mana-shield
-Can get oneshot
-Weak manashield /useless mana shield when facing tough opponents
-Can get flinched easily without mana shield
-Flies far if killed at a PvE dungeon (Duel) and makes the crowd go “oooo” xD (sorry had to add this)



-Decent Survivability
-Agile (Can get anywhere in the battlefield with ease)
-Strong Smashes
-Useful SP skills (Reverse Gravity, Confusion hole, Insane reaper)
-Does not need High def
-Can hit several targets with Bloody thread
-Spirit bind is very useful at PvE duels (Annoys the enemy and you can even detonate it and do great damage)
-Spammable bladeshift can destroy/flinch the target if used multiple times
-Shifting range


-Weak Manashield/useless when facing tough opponents
-(Siege) Respawns with 1 mana-shield
-Can’t blink through opponents
-Can easily get oneshot once the manashield is off and since Scythe is partly melee
-Does not last long if fighting head-on versus all other Melee classes
-Very fragile if played in wrong hands
-Can’t grab even if mostly Melee oriented
-Attacks can get cancelled


Twin Swords


-Excellent dodge (can get invulnerable if spammed)
-Good at eliminating single targets
-Very Agile (Best at moving across the battlefield)
-Good Survivability
-Destructive jumpsmash (Flinches the target, known to halt Lann dodges!)
-Reasonable smash damage
-Can lock a target
-Berserker spirit (Berserk) good buff for the team
-Strong one hit SP skill (Cyclone/Tempest) that is buggy yet powerful
-Can make very good use of slashing high


-Fragile if played wrong or Has lower def than 7000
– Buggy Cyclone, there is a chance to miss it on the target, also it has no animation
-No powerful smashes that can deal powerful damage (Take swordlann Fanning Slash or Fiona Amaranth kick as an powerful attack example)

Twin Chainblades


-Good Survivability
-Can flinch multiple targets with not only smashes, but normals too.
-Decent damage once you reach high attack, say 17000 (Deadly combination with the flinch)
-Knockbacks everyone (activates their standing endurance) rendering their targets useless
-Cold heart state which makes the Chain vella a very tough opponent
-Continous damage
-Long Range
-Excellent dodge (can get invulnerable if spammed)
-Moment leap can knock everyone back if surrounded (Can someone confirm this is the right name of the skill?)
-Luminous Rush can destroy anything in front of you or in chokepoints like the bridge in Siege although vulnerable from the flanks while doing it
-Cancels enemy SP moves
-Cancels enemy normals
-Cancels enemy smashes
-Cancels enemy movement
-Can cancel enemy dodge
-360 radius of Offensive “shield”
-Can reach fleeing targets with Icebreaker


-Fragile if played wrong or have less DEF than 7000
-No powerful one hit smashes
-Inferior when fighting other chain vellas if you have lower stats

The PvP Foodchain

In short, this is showing which classes are balanced with each other, which are inferior and the others who are superior.

Let’s put them in Tiers. The lower the number the stronger it is compared to the other classes


The classes within the Tier are not ranked! The tiers are counted as rank, and the classes in it are not contesting, only the tiers.


Tier 1
-Cestus Karok
-Crossgun Kai
-Chain Blade Vella

Tier 2
-Twin Sword Vella
-Bow Kai

Tier 3
-Twin Swordlann
-Sword Fiona (Kinda clinging between Tier 3 and 4 but better placed in 3)
-Staff Evie
-Scythe Evie

Tier 4
-Hammer Fiona
-Twin Spears Lann
-Pillar Karok


Tier 1
-Cestus karok
-Chain blade vella
-Crossgun Kai

Tier 2
-Bow kai
-Twin Sword lann
-Scythe Evie
-Pillar Karok
Tier 3
-Twin Sword Vella
-Twin spear lann
-Staff Evie

Tier 4
-Hammer Fiona
-Sword Fiona

Why have I put these classes in these Tiers? Well, by experience I can tell which ones do most, who are powerful, who are inferior etc. Feel free to discuss it here if you disagree with one class and wish to change its spot. Keep in mind that classes fare differently in different maps.

Take the fish boat as an example. Who remembers fighting spearlanns/staff evies in a fish boat back in the good old days?

PvP gear

PvP accesories

The PvP accesories is a must-have for your level. The PvP stats are very effective in PvP. With those you can earn about 1000-3000 more attack/m.attack than you normally have!

They can also be scrolled. If melee character, I suggest using DEF scrolls such as healthy, warlords or passion. If bad on economy, I suggest Healthy. Heck I use healthy on my pvp accesories.

The PvP accesories also gives good STR for melee classes. There is people using the lvl 80 Emperor PvP belt for PvE, giving 100 str.

PvP Armor

PvP armor are mostly used amongs melee users. The amounts of def is very good if you don’t have level 80 PvE gear. If you do have level 80 PvE gear I suggest using them instead. Even if lvl 80 pvp gear gives more def than lvl 80 PvE gear, the PvE gear gives more Str and/Or int than the level 80 pvp one.

The level 80 pvp armor also does not give Agi and Wil

PvP weapons 

These weapons are very useful if you don’t have much money for a level 70/80 weapon. They are far stronger than the PvE counterpart but useless at PvE.

A 10+ demain gives you about 10.1k raw attack. A 0+ Emperors fomorian command blades gives you the same. Yes you heard me, i’m not joking. They can also be Enhanced/Enchanted.

3600+ Normal attack and 6500 PvP Attack at 0+

PvP scrolls

Since they are suffix, they are very terrible. The best scroll is also a rank 8 scroll, which has a 40% of success with 100 brynns and gives you about 100 pvp att/m.att and some def.

If you have all lvl 80 PvP accesories and lots of runes and money to burn, also time since they cost about 140 seals each, try them. In the end, if you got 5 succesfully, you’ll get about extra 500 attack. Not really worth all the hassle though…

If you want a good chance to succeed and don’t want to spend much seals and runes at all, use the Rank A scroll, but again, I suggest Healthy/Passion as suffix.


Fruit smash, the minigame where you, yeah, smash fruits. The map is pretty basic, you’re inside a circle and frutis get throwed in inside. Your mission is to smash as much fruit as possible, more than the opposing team!

But only smashing fruits does not make you win it… There is some things you’ll have to think about.

Sparkling fruits/items
Those are the fruits/items that give you more points than normal fruits/pumpkins! They are generally smaller than the ordinary fruits/pumpkins and they sparkle, they are hard to miss! Aim at those, those are the things that will make you gather up points faster!

Explosive items
Those are items that will explode once you hit them. They are great when there is clusters of fruits/pumpkins around, you literally blow a small area and gain points for all blown up fruits with one hit.


The Ball of doom

No it’s not a spiky ball that will cleave you to bits, it’s just a ball. There is a box in the middle of the map, take it and the ball will be summoned. If you press R and kick the ball and hit an opposing enemy, you’ll incapacitate the person and he will lose time by squirming on the ground of the pain the ball inflicted.

NOTICE, that spending too much time around the ball trying to kill someone will make you lose instead! Trust me. Especially when it’s stuck on the corner and you try kick it out. I would highly advice using the ball when it’s around or summoned, or when someone is trying to kill you with it. Otherwise, ignore it.

Sadly not all classes have perfect kicks.

Let Militos tell you about the ball kicking and killing in general :

Kais : Normal motion, and can easily have you always pinned down, their kicks can easily remove the ball either from the edges of the area or the water itself, making it so that they can literally spawnkill you.

Fionas/Lanns/Vellas : Normal motion, and they can’t really remove the ball from the edges but their kick speed is fine.

Evies : Normal motion, and sometimes their mana shields cover their butts from precise shots.

Karoks : They have it worse, here, they walk tremendously slow in comparison to everyone else and they have this serious slow as heck kicks, not to mention that it’s shady has hell too, even if you hit it as precise as you could, it just nudges to the side most of the times, easy target at all times.


Not only fruits gets tossed in inside the map, but bombs too. If those hit you, you will be blinded around 20-25 seconds. Those seconds are very valuable and it’s tough to see shining fruits or anything at all. Try not to get hit, proceed with caution.

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