Vindictus Lakiora Guide

Vindictus Lakiora Guide by hentazu

The battle starts with Lakiora’s first phase. In this Phase he only uses his ground patterns; a 3-hit combo, a sideway swipe with his head, spitting venom on the ground, a single tail strike and a ten time tail strike spam.
He starts his tail strike attack by pointing his tail up and slamming it to the ground, the area around his head and tail will count as an attack during this move and will knock you away. But the damage from this is negligible. The tail strike in Phase 1 is not that threatening because it pops up slowly in comparison to Phase 2.
The venom attack he does leaves poisonous gas in the area which you should not step on, I’m not sure if the spraying itself counts as an attack or not because I’ve never been directly hit by it. Even if it is an attack it shouldn’t be of much concern since it’s easy to avoid.
He looks to the side and hisses before doing his sideway swipe which does some hefty damage but is predictable.
His 3-hit combo deals the most damage to targets around his head and in the middle of his body. The outer part of his body counts as a smash attack as well but does negligible damage. I’ve never tried evading it [fiona and staff evie lol] but it looks like it’s avoidable by moving to the right if your the target.
He does burrow in the ground time to time in phase 1 but just emerges out in the middle of the map.

Once one and a half bar of his HP is depleted he sheathed his skin revealing his phase 2 form.
His ground phase is largely the same except for two things.
He sometimes swallows a party member. That player will be moved to his stomach area where his stomach acid and cell will appear. You can just ignore the acid and reach the cell in the end of the tunnel. You have to break the cell within 2 minutes or you will die and get spitted out. If you succeed, you will be spitted out and Lakiora will be stunned. The spitting out part is still bugging and people are getting stuck in his stomach yet devcat is still working on finding the reason for this bug. So as usual, the players adapted to this bug by finding out that this bug occurs if the player is supposed to be spit out while lakiora is not above ground and thus having party members outside signaling if it’s okay to break the cell.
His tail strike is more threatening since it pops up much faster. This wasn’t in on day 1 but was patched on day 2. Spear Lanns are the only characters that can deal at 100% safety while he does his tail strike spam and other characters that have a relatively easier time are sword lann, staff evie, and kai.
One thing that people have been using recently is the fact that the tail strike spam in lv 70-80 tends to target the party member who is farthest from Lakiora. So people have started assigning a runner to stay far away and guide the tail strike spam towards him/her while the other party members can DPS freely. The single hit tail strike and the last hit for the tail strike spam seems to hit a random member no matter what though.

There are also two changes to his burrowing. Instead of just appearing immediately in the center of the map, he will do one of the following.
-Climb up the tower that’s placed on the far side of the map and spray poison all over the ground. This attack itself is not threatening and provides safe time for you to pot, revive, and repair. But the poison that’s left limits the area you can stand on to DPS him.
-Blue lights will appear around the map and he will charge across the map like a freakin fright train. This attack does massive damage and can easily break through evie’s mana amber. Fionas come in handy since this attack can be blocked with HS.
What you need to do for this patter is to stand in one of the blue lights and press F10 to call for ballista fire. A round of ballistas will be shot toward that location after a short time and if this hits Lakiora, he will be stunned. Two things to be careful of; players can get hit by this ballista as well, and you can only call for ballista support once for each blue light on the map. The lights are restored every time Lakiora starts this pattern.

One thing to comment on separately is that it’s really tricky to use RG here and if you’re a staff it’s a better choice to use Regen.

If everything is done properly, lv 70-80 Lakiora is mostly a huge gear check due to his massive defense. But hey, fighting a freakin big snake feels epic and is fun enough for me if only they didn’t set the damage requirement so high. PUGs are clearing this as well as long as they have an experienced runner but without gear restrictions and stim requirements, 50 minutes of fighting is inevitable in the current situation.

Originally Posted by SinDreadElla

“Lakoria guide in a very tiny nutshell.

Lakoria ballista guide:
Lakoria Tail aggro:

So long as the party has good enough ATT to deal damage to the snake and as long as there is one person who knows how to do both the ballista and the tail aggro, you’re done.
Heck the aggro-er doesn’t even need to have 1 ATT because (s)he will be luring that tail most of the time and Lakoria is basically a sand bag when that happens.
Ballista video guide explains itself completely and simply use the god spot for all stuns.”

Originally Posted by JynXi 

“Hey, had some spare time, and wanted to edit the map i made anyway.
Hope you can edit your first posts, if you notice once!Lakiora starts his ‘train’ at number 1, goes to 2…..comes from 3…goes to 4….etc etc…until 8.”

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