Vindictus Item Restoration System with AP Guide

Vindictus Item Restoration System with AP Guide by ImagoRoboris

Item Type (a)Item Level (b)Enhancement Level (c)Quality (d)Scrolls (e)(f)
Armor (-10000)1~39 (-4500)0~7 (+15000)1~2 stars (+0)Rank A? (+0)
40~49 (-4000)8 (+15500)
50~59 (-2000)9 (+16000)
60 (+0)10 (+17000)3~4 stars (+1000)
11 (+20000)Rank 9? (+1000)
Weapon (+0)70 (+2000)12 (+23000)
13 (+28000)5 stars (+2000)
80 (+5000)14 (+35000)
15 (+46000)

AP = a + b + c + d + e + f

*AP stands for the total of AP needed to restore a broken item
** e and f are separated for prefix and suffix scrolls.
*** If the item is fused you have to add +2000AP

How to Restore Broken Items:

1) Break the item at Ferghus or at Brynn
2) Go to DevCat at the Inn
3) Choose: Other Story -> Destroyed Item -> Yes -> I already know.
4) A table with the last 5 items you broke will appear. Choose one and Click on Restoration.

Important Notes:

– the Table will list only the last most recent 5 items you broke, i.e. the oldest 6th item wont be recoverable anymore, i.e. you will LOSE forever the possibility to recover it.

– you can restore a item only ONCE, and after that it will be permanently bounded to your character (0 unbind counts / can’t be traded / can’t be fused with normal runes).

– the items you broke remain in the list indefinitely, until you replace them by breaking more than 5 items.

– shields fall under the armor category

– the Dyes of the items remain the same after the recovery

– items with 0 unbind count CAN be recovered, the ones that cannot be recovered are the ones that you have personally already recovered once.

– breaking items at Brynn doesn’t give back any material, while Ferghus does give back half of the materials rounded down.

Korean AP Calculator (not working with Firefox):

From the left side:

  • Armor/Weapon (2nd option is weapon/3rd option is armor)
  • Armor/Weapon Level requirement
  • Enhance level
  • Quality
  • Prefix (Choice between R9 or above/RA or below)
  • Suffix (Choice between R9 or above/RA or below)
  • Fusion (First choice is if not fused, second choice is if fused)


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