Vindictus Gremlin Pet Guide

Vindictus Gremlin Pet Guide by Nikorin

There are 4 types of gremlins:
1. Baby (Tiny in NA) – it’s yellow, normal one. The cheapest. (left side of top picture) It costs 7900 NX.
2. Husky (Punk in NA) – it’s black and white and his fur looks similiar to Husky’s fur. (right side of top picture) It costs 8900 NX.
3. Forest – the newest one in Vindictus. It’s pink, has red eyes and a leaf at top of his head. (right side of down picture) It costs 9900 NX.
4. Armored (War in NA) – it’s wearing armor and a little backpack. The most expensive. (left side of down picture) It costs 9900 NX.

And Halloween Ghost Pet – it looks like ghost-gremlin and it’s available only for limited time. It costs 9900 NX.

Every type you can buy in the depot (right-down corner of your Vindictus screen).
They last only 2 hours dungeon-time a day. After 2 hours you can’t summon them in dungeon untill next day but you can do it in town.
They can’t be summoned in 24-man raids.

Pet will get 20% of the Battle Exp after a battle. Its max level is 30.

You can own every type of gremlin but summon only 1 at a time. They’re summonable by every character of your account (For example you have Kai and Evie and bought Forest gremlin. Your evie summons it, then you change your character to Kai and he can summon your gremlin too).

Pet skills:
Gremlin has 2 skills: Great Defense and Item Pickup. He will use them only when his fullness is fuller than 29%.

Great defense
On level 10 your gremlin will have a skill Great Defense. It’s a def-buff for 1 minute and it’s casted on you only once at the beginning of the dungeon.
ForestHusky and Baby gremlins have 500 def buff.
Armored gremlin and Halloween Ghost pet have 600 def buff.
Cooldown – 5 minutes.

Item pickup
Your pet will pick-up evil cores for you. It works for all evil cores, ergs, magic powders and even bugged items! (like Ancient Crystal on the roof…)

Pet fullness:

You need to keep your pet full by feeding it with pet food.
Fullness level of your pet is lower after every battle. When your pet is fighting a lot it will get low faster.
When it’s full it will have more ATT and DEF (up to 200 – need proof!!)
At 29% fullness and under, your pet can not use skills any more. That is, the defense buff and picking up loot. You will get notification “Your pet cannot use any skills because its Fullness is too low” after entering a battle.

In town he will have “hungry” icon above its head.
You should feed your pet often if you want it to use skills!!
If your pet hits 0 fullness he will still gain EXP and you still can summon it.

Pet food:
There are 2 kinds of pet food.

1st (left side) is a Normal Pet Food and you can craft it near the bar in Rocheste. To do this you must buy a new pet-food recipe book.
When it’s bought – use it and you will receive a recipe.

To make it you need: 1 salmon egg (obtainable trough fishing), 1 food bowl and 3 tropical fruits (you can buy them at the bar).
You don’t need any cooking expertise to craft this food (this can change!)
This food is tradable, so you can buy it at the marketplace too.

2nd (right side) is a Premium Pet Food and you can get with your gremlin in a package. It’s an depot itemand costs 1900 NX for 20. It instantly recover your pets fulness to 100.

There are 2 ways to revive your pet. You can’t do it using normal feathers or party feathers (checked).

1st (left side) is the Pet Revival Feather. You can buy it in the dock-shop in Rocheste and Shire (white cat) in Colhen. It costs 1.500gold. You can carry max 10 pet feathers into battle at a time.

2nd (right side) is Life Giver Gem. It’s an depot item that costs 1900 NX. It lets your pet revive itself and lasts for 30 days.

Other pet items:

Thick Hide Gem
It’s an depot item that costs 1900 NX and lasts 30 days.
It adds 200 DEF for you when you summon your pet.

Packages (no longer available!!):
From 19 September to 4 October there were available 4 “Gremlin Pet Packages”:
– Baby Gremlin Package (11,000 NX)
– Husky Gremlin Package (12,000 NX)
– Forest Gremlin Package (12,000 NX)
– Armored Gremlin Package (13,000 NX)

Each package had:

– 1 Gremlin of your choice
– 50 Premium Pet Food
– Life Giver Gem (30 days)
– Thick Hide Gem (30 days)

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