Vindictus Crescent Moon Island Guide

Vindictus Crescent Moon Island Guide by LJtheBRAVE15

Hello every1
I’m sorry that i don’t have vids or pics but i’ll try to explain the experience i faced from soloing this battle.

When you go to Crescent Moon Island without a certain boss to fight, but you enter generally, you obtain much exp and gold and ap if you clear the whole area!

The area map is viewed when you’re pressing H. You start at area A. While you advance, you may encounter a “trial of macha“. In this trial you see your enemys on different colors. Some blue, some red and some green i think  . To earn this you need to hit the enemy to switch the color and make all enemys appear with one color.
Thus you obtain a relic. It’s important to have more players in p (at least 3) cause there are 3 relics wich give you buff.
Another trial is to kill a certain mob that it tries to avoid players and dodge attacks. Yep, you guessed right, you obtain another relic.
I really don’t remember the third trial. Try to see the white letters that appear in screen when it sais you encounter a trial.

The relics appear like some small stuff with green button “E”. Wich means you have to carry it to next area, until you ended up in area D and offer them in the altar. So when you do that, you gain extra buff for approximately 30 min. The buffs are: +15% exp and gold and ap something, +300 (m.) att, +5% hp recovery with ressurection power etc.
End of using relic section!

Next are the treasure maps!
When you kill a boss, or even mob, you may see for an instant that you obtained a treasure map. It doesn’t appear in your inventory. Only appear in area map (press H).
Then you will see a treasure like box that appears in a certain area of the map. You may gain attack boost or party rev feather and others (the previous i acquired).
When you enter the area with the treasure it is viewable. But most times when you loot a treasure map, the correspond treasure appears in other area. Wich means you have to enter an area that you cleared obviously before. Don’t worry, it does not have boss, only mobs.
The thing i haven’t done is to collect all 7 treasure boxes, wich the orange question-mark down in the area map sais that if you find them all ( Lord of The Rings reminder  ) you will get a special treasure.

Finally note that doing generally this battle without a certain boss, you may acquire recipes. I done the 50-69 lvl battle and i obtained recipes for 50-60 recipes for armor, accesory and weapon.

PS. I think the guide above shows the spirit of area exploring and treasure hunting concept of S2. Just realise how wonderfull this concept is and go for explore with friends or random.

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