Vindictus Assist System Guide

Vindictus Assist System Guide by BlueRox

There are two different ways to assist, but because Nexon/DevCat is run by dildos and maggots, the process is more complicated than it needs to be. Nevertheless, we must take heed of these details or assist will not work.

So the two methods?

1. Typing /invite NAME
[This is known as the Invite Method]


2. Clicking Friend’s List -> Scrolling to a buddy’s name -> Right Clicking their name -> Click Assist
[This is known as the Assist Method]

1.Now the Invite Method is the easiest and less complicated method, but only works if the party is not full.


The standard party sizes are 4, 6, and 8.

So whatever the max party size is for that dungeon, if you have a full party for that dungeon, you cannot use the Invite Method.

Doing so will yield the stupid ‘Party is Full’ bullcrap error message.

If you have less than the max party size, the Invite Method will work.


Laghodessa Dungeon; 8 people in the party; everyone is dead. You can NOT use the Invite Method because the party is full. BUT, if someone happens to leave, then there are 7/8 members in that party; thus, this allows you to use the Invite Method to invite whoever the fart you want (as long as they meet the level / battle point requirement).

2. Now for the Assist Method.


The Assist Method works REGARDLESS of how many people are in the party, full or not.

Now the Assist Method is utilized via the Buddy List, HOWEVER, the Buddy List is ****ing broken.

I explained how the Assist Method works earlier, and it is a simple enough process. However, the complication is not with the method, but with the Buddy List.

The Buddy List shows friends that you have added over time and what level they are, and for the ones who are online, it also shows what dungeon they are in.

All seems fine and well, except when you log-in.
The Buddy List will only show what dungeon your friends are in IF you were there when they first started. This means that although half your buddy list could be in a dungeon when you log-in, none of them would appear to be in a dungeon. It would only appear if they started the dungeon while you were online. And because the ‘assist’ option is only available for those who have a dungeon next to their name, this means that you cannot assist them.

Lets say that ****ing Irish kid (Wolf) is in a dungeon. Let’s say he’s soloing Titan cuz he’s an *****. And because he blows, he died. And because no one likes him, his constant requests for assistance in the guild chat has yielded no one willing to help him. Probably because he is Irish. Now lets say Blue (aka Kathareusa) comes online. She and her sense of indiscriminate assistance will of course, force her to help Wolf, even if he IS Irish.

Unfortunately for Wolf, Blue logged on after Wolf started the dungeon, so even though Wolf IS IN A DUNGEON, according to Blue’s Buddy List, there is no dungeon next to Wolf. Therefore, Blue CANNOT assist Wolf using the Assist Method.

(Of course, you could use the Invite Method in this scenario, but who in their right mind would help that kid anyway.)


~ You can only have ONE assist at a time.
~ Assisting people on Warrior’s Challange oath( automatic solo), is possible ONLY if you are online before they start the boat (via the assist method).

~ Assist method – people added to friend list during the battle cannot assist.
Thanks to Clapson for extra info.
~ Assist damages the durability of your equipment if you carry on with the party for more than one room.
Thanks to alamakataa for extra info.

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