Star Trek Online Commodities Guide

Star Trek Online Commodities Guide by valiant797

In the beginning, commodities were only needed for Aid the Planet missions. Then came the DOff system. Now with the addition of the fleet system, you might want to know where best to spend your hard earned money. Fear not, fellow captains, I have done the shopping for you!

Originally, all the commodities had 4 prices. From least expensive to most: Special Vendor, Space Trader, Base Price, and Replicator. For the basic and advanced commodities that translates to 50%, 75%, 100% and 150% cost. (For some reason the special commodities are always 100% cost except from the replicator where it’s 150%). A patch changed Special Vendors to match Space Traders at 75%, so no more half price. The commodity vendor on the Tuffli freighter matches the Space Trader’s prices.

List below is Name Base Cost (special vendor and cost)

Basic Commodities (all available from Fhoss on ESD or Gren on Qo’noS)
Medical Supplies 100 (Semek Vulcan 75)
Provisions 100 (Taryss Andoria 75)
Shield Generators 100 (Fhoss ESD / Gren Qo’Nos 75)
Communication Arrays 200 (Taryss Andoria 150)
Industrial Energy Cells 400 (Semek Vulcan 300)

Advanced Commodities (all available from Lt. Marrien on SB39 or Trenk on Ganalda)
Antigens 400 (Rek MA 300)
Astrometric Probes 400 (Rek MA 300)
Water Purification Systems 400 (Lt. Marrien SB39 / Trenk Ganalda 300)
Weather Control Systems 600 (Rek MA 450)
Industrial Replicators 800 (Lt. Marrien SB39 / Trenk Ganalda 600)

*note all of the basic and advanced commodities can be found via space traders (the cargo ships, not ferengis or Mudd) for 75% base cost (which is better than the base cost, but the same as specialized vendors for most items).

Special Commodities (all available from Konzaar on DS9 or Odenk on Drozana – both locations are cross-faction)
Warp Coils 800 (also Talut K7)
Self-Sealing Stem Bolts 800
Entertainment Provisions 800 (also Ariana Risa)
Seismic Stabilizers 1000 (also Melangogg Risa)
Terraforming Systems 1200 (also Talut K7)

*note, the specialized vendors and space traders do not give a discount on the special commodities. Not sure if this is working as intended or a bug.

Gamma Quadrant Commodities (these are obtainable through “Haggle” DOff missions in Cardassian space* or as drops from certain boxes)
Bataret Incense
Ferasan Nepata Leaves
Shapeshifting Lockets
Unrefined Ketracel

* Cardassian space is Alpha Trianguli, Beta Ursae, Zeta Andromedae, Deep Space Nine, Rolor Nebula, Betreka Nebula, and Zenas Expanse. Bajor has missions in orbit, but not planet-side. I have been unable to find Haggle missions at Bajor

Klingons do not have specialized vendors (except for the few sold by the main commodity vendors)

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