Rift Warfront Gearing Guide

Rift Warfront Gearing Guide by Licentia

Hey guys. I promised previously that I was going to post a video outlining where to go to get geared for warfronts in the pre-50 brackets.

And here it is!

The video is intentionally as concise as possible while still hopefully demonstrating just how easy it is to get geared for these brackets. It doesn’t go into specific detail by calling. It doesn’t tell you what runes to use or where to get every single “best in slot” piece of gear. What it does do is show you where to find the “backbone” for any set of gear that will put you on reasonably competitive footing in any warfront bracket. Whether you intend to lock your xp or not, all of this are very strong upgrades for their appropriate level and will serve you well in the PvE end of the game as well as in warfronts. If you’re taking part in zone events as you level, you’ll get the currency you need.

The guide also does not discuss the 10-19 bracket. My personal opinion is that particular bracket is a bit broken right now, with more established players leveraging certain advantages and gaming the system to place themselves in a fully dominant position. That’s not what I’m trying to support here.

Just a few details that I left out of the video because it was already getting kind of long:

For Defiant, the Rare Planar Goods vendors that you won’t see in the video (because I made the footage with a Guardian character :P) are as follows:

Level 20 – Granite Falls in Stonefield
Level 25 – Scarwood Lift Base in Scarlet Gorge
Level 30 – Perspice in Scarwood Reach
Level 45 (third vendor) – Broken Vale in Stillmoor

If you’re having trouble locating the specific vendors, you can always ask in guild or in local chat or poke around a bit. Most of them are pretty easy to find.

For both factions, if you’re running a lot of warfronts it’s a good idea to check out the warfront faction vendors in your home city. They often have reasonable pieces through various level ranges that you can use to fill in gear slots not covered by the planar sets or other crafted options provided you have the necessary level of notoriety and are willing to invest the favor.

It’s also not a bad idea to check out the recipe vendors in your faction city (in addition to the zone faction quartermasters) to see what options might be available to you there even if you can’t make the gear yourself. Knowing exactly what to ask for in guild or in global chat channels is the first step to getting a non-troll response from people who might be able to help you out. As far as augments go, currently rare (blue 300 skill) augments are relatively inexpensive on most shards (you can usually pick them up at auction for 50g or so) and the epic augments aren’t so much better than you’re going to be at a significant disadvantage if you don’t use them.

As far as Sigils go, upgrading your sigil is important but you don’t necessarily need the 4/2 sigil right away. If you already have a level 50 character you can mail your alt 15 Inscribed Sourcestone Vouchers and run over to Whitefall in IPP to trade them in for Planarite Vaults to get the 7500 planarite you need for the 4/2 sigil, but that’s an expensive way to go about it. I’ve made the runs to Stillmoor, Shimmersands, and IPP on alts below level 10 to unlock the portals so I could turn in master crafting dailies numerous times. It’s definitely possible, but again it’s not entirely necessary. Just do the best you can with what you’ve got.

Dungeons are also obviously a good place to get gear upgrades. I know that in the 30-39 bracket with my warrior, I ran Runic Descent a few times to get the 1h axes from the last boss. There are epic world drops that you can get for different callings and different brackets, but when you start looking at the differences between epic gear from world drops and blue gear from dungeons/crafting, it’s not going to make or break you.

I don’t really want to debate in this thread whether or not twinking is okay, or why people twink, or any of that. At the end of the day, progressing your gear is a fundamental part of progressing your character in Rift. When it comes to warfronts, other people will be using good gear and if you want to be competitive you’ll want to consider doing so yourself. Hopefully the video will show you just how straightforward of a process that is.

One final note: when discussing the level 20-29 gear bracket in the video, I commented that 4 zone events was the maximum necessary to get all of the planar currency you need. To clarify, that’s for the epic planar currency. Whether or not you have enough planarite depends on what you did during those zone events as well as how many rifts/invasions you are fighting between zone events. If you’ve got all the epic currency you need and are short the necessary planarite to buy your gear, you can trade in any extra epic currency you have for planarite containers to help boost you a bit in that regard.

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