Rift Rogue NB/Sin Spec Guide

Rift Rogue Nightblade/Assassin Spec Guide by Mayi

OK, a lot of work has gone into min-maxing the spec. The updated version of this spec should be about ~800 dps higher then the original.

The spec provides lethal poison for the raid. Lethal poison is 5% crit for everyone’s attacks, which should come out to 2.5-3% extra damage for everyone in the raid.

The spec is also relatively simple, has good aoe and single target dps.

The spec uses backstab, so loses dps if you’re not behind the boss. Another weakness is target switching, you lose dps switching targets because your fiery spike stacks take a while to build.



Lethal Poison
Virulent Poison

Use the assassin crystal (not nightblade).

Stat Weights (with raid buffs):
AP 1
Crit Power .63
Crit .3
Dex .945
Str .42

What the weights represent is the value of each stat. Take the number of whatever stat you want to compare to AP and times it by the weight to find it’s equivalent value. So for example, .3 crit means it takes over 3 crit to be equal to one point of attack power. So if one item gives 100 crit and another gives 30ap, you’d times the crit value by the weight (.3 for this build) and find that 100 crit is equal to 30 ap.

You can copy and paste the weights above into the weights section on this site to find which items are best for this build:

or you can use this gear list here:

Here’s my setup:

1 – Puncture
2 – Builder Macro
3 – Dusk Strike Macro
4 – Finisher Macro
5 – Fiery Spike
6 – AoE Macro
7 – Flame Blitz Macro
8 – Ebon Fury
9 – On the double
10 – Break free/Cleanse Soul


Builder macro:
#show dusk to dawn
cast dusk to dawn
cast backstab
cast savage strike
cast fiery chains
cast swift shot
cast expose weakness

Finisher Macro:
#show Scourge of Darkness
cast scourge of darkness
cast blazing strike
cast flame thrust

Flame Blitz Macro:
#show flame blitz
cast flame blitz
cast flame thrust

#show Dusk Strike Macro
cast dusk to dawn
cast backstab
cast dusk strike
cast expose weakness

#show fiery chains
cast fiery chains
cast weapon flare
cast expose weakness


On pull:
Fiery – Fiery – Fiery – Fiery – Fiery – Finisher (replace any of those fiery spikes with a flame blitz if you’re in melee)
Builder – Builder – Puncture – Dusk Strike – Finisher.

Then spam Dusk strike until starved while using finishers at 5 combo points, then use ebon fury when you run out of energy. Keep spamming the dusk strike macro until ebon fury wears off. Return to regular combo builders immediately, don’t use up all your energy. By spamming fiery 5 times you’ll get heat retention on your first Scourge of Darkness and dusk to dawn will always refresh after you’ve used SoD further in the rotation.

Normal rotation:
Build to 5 combo points and use your finisher. Use puncture but never clip it, it’s best to not have it up for a couple of seconds rather then clip it. Use a fiery spike after scourge of darkness fires, or alternatively you can hit the combo builder macro once and then use flame blitz.

The general rotation is fairly simple, spam builder and use a finisher at 5 combo points. Use dusk strike whenever your energy is high, try to stay near 50%. Make sure you don’t starve yourself by using dusk strike too often. The goal is never hit your maximum energy or starve in-between ebon furies or verse of joys.

Right when 30% comes build up to 5 stacks with dusk strikes and ebon fury as soon as 30% hits. The build is very simple with good results.

AoE Rotation:
Fiery spike – Flame Blitz to start. Then hit the aoe combo builder and then flame blitz macro, keep repeating this over and over again.

For aoe your goal is to spread fiery spike as quickly as possible. First apply fiery spike to your target, then flame blitz to spread fiery spike in aoe, afterwards hit the aoe builder once per flame blitz. While aoeing the less mobs there are the better it is to use SoD, I believe it’s worth it as long as there are less then 4 mobs. I generally wait until fiery chains fires, then dusk to dawn and build up to 5 combo points as quickly as possible, then hit SoD. Then go back to the normal rotation.

You also have the option of not taking flame thrust or flame blitz for a dps gain on the dummy, but don’t see why you would. AoE lethal is a good thing for the raid, and a ranged finisher helps on most encounters.

Thanks to Gery for his work (it’s practically his build), and everyone else who contributed to the build.

I use this build on every encounter in FT and EE with good results. There are some encounters where other souls or builds will outperform this one, but it’s always competitive.

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