Rift Rogue 61 Bard PvP Guide

Rift Rogue 61 Bard PvP Guide by desimRFT

I’ve found a nice build for Bard Player vs Player. I think of it as an ‘Everquest’ bard build due to the run speed. (If you’ve played EQ you know bards there are known for their high run speeds)

Though it uses the basic 61 point bard soultree setup, the remaining points seem to work very well in PvP situations. Here’s a link of the build:


I know the remaining 15 points shouldn’t make a world of difference, but the 2 skills “Keen Eye” (+5 Range) and Hasty Departure (15% run-speed – stacks with AoC), if you like to run around a lot, help a lot. Also with MM you have 4 points for +8% AP which helps, and a utility Repelling Shot, which isn’t necessary (I don’t like to have too many skills to worry about playing bard)

You can also throw in a Swift Shot or Hasted Shot now and then. I’m not sure how much all these run-speeds skills stack, but i find my bard running around very quickly in a pvp match due to getting hit by anything (without using HS and SS)

This leaves 4 points for Curative Engine which seems to help and is boosted (i think) by bard healing soul skills.

I used to not use macros when playing bard, but since there is a lot you’re doing both offensively and defensively, I’ve found it best to bundle up some skills. Though, it really depends on how you play. ( I don’t like clicking skills which means i only want a few main keys to press)

Basic Heal Attack: (Cadence):

cast Riff
cast Power Chord
cast Cadence

Basic Damage Attack: (Cadenza)

cast Verse of Agony
cast Riff
cast Power Chord
cast Cadenza

Main Heal

cast Orchestra of the Planes
cast Verse of Occlusion
cast Verse of Vitality
cast Coda of Restoration

(I threw in Orchestra of the Planes here, and it seems that, in PVP, if i’m using Heal finishers, it is a good time to use this. If it’s not on a macro, I normally forget to check if the CD is ready)

That’s it for Macros. For me, a normal rotation depends on the situation.

If you’re not new to bard, it might be obvious that Coda of Distress and Cowardice help a lot. Coda of Jeopardy does to.

Verse of Captivation is also very powerful. Since it has no cool down, you are able interrupt or incapacitate healers (or anyone) very easily.

Right now I am only rank 58 with Full Merc, but bard seems to have become very powerful since the SL release. If i’m missing something obvious please let me know – i actually haven’t looked up any new bard guides yet.

here’s a video showing the mobility of the build:

(a lot of skills on my skill-bar are there to simply show the cooldown, if it is on a macro)


-Nurhak – the angry rogue.. dwarf.

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