Rift Mage Harbchon Guide

Rift Mage Harbinger/Archon Guide by meph1111


Synergy crystal used : Archon (Harb may be better with 4 pc, still at 3 pc T2)

Buffs : Eldritch Armor, Lightning Blade, Luminous Weapon for AOE, 3 Archon Auras, Charged Blade up as much as possible

The basics behind this spec are covered in Valvalval’s 61 Harb guide. This is a great place to start if you plan on playing this archon build as it will make things much easier after a bit of practice with the spec.

Macros :

Spam macro

#show storm’s fury
cast storm’s fury
cast storm slash
cast Withering Vine
cast searing vitality
cast break free

Eldritch proc macro

#show vorpal slash
cast vorpal slash
cast volcanic bomb
cast earthen barrage
cast spark shower
cast vile spores

Ranged macro (not used often but something to mash on while stuck in a situation where you’re at ranged)

#show Volcanic Bomb
cast volcanic bomb
cast earthen barrage
cast spark shower
cast vile spores
cast withering vine
cast Searing Vitality

Pre pull : 5 stacks of pillaging stones and searing vitality (full energy), archon auras, charged blade, and buffs!

Opener : Ashen Defense, Crumbling Resistance, Blazing Light, (should be close enough to the mob at this point) Piercing Beam. I don’t use illuminate as this can be handled by the bard.

Flaring power (or later after the opening rotation if requested)

Mash storms fury macro until Eldritch proc, vorpal slash macro on Eldritch proc, back to mashing storms fury macro. Put up charged blade when it falls off. Lucent slash when blazing light dot is about to fall off

For AOE, swap to Luminous Weapon and hit Lucent Slash. If you will be AOEing a long time it’s good to tab through your targets and put up blazing light on each one. Lucent Slash hits like a truck in this spec compared to 61 harb. If you see more than one target start cleaving like crazy …. but remember to keep those archon buffs up

This particular build doesn’t take patrons rage, and here’s the reason why. Eldritch armor procs greatly reduce the GCD on these spells… try it. Make Eldritch proc and hit your auras back to back. You can get them back up in less than a second.

So far I’ve only tested this spec in TODQ (works on all fights) and grim brothers (works very well if you understand the fight and your responsibilities) Not only does grim brothers have you in range most of the time, since your archon auras fall off very often if you run two archons, you can get them back up with your first Eldritch proc very quickly.

This is a pretty bare bones guide as it only gives you a basic understanding of harb. I would suggest reading the guide above first and learning that first, and playing this will be a cakewalk.

Any feedback is welcome and if you’ve spetd more time than me with this spec or have any ideas on builds let me know. I feel like the 4 pt chloro build is the best as the int buff has 50%+ uptime and with tier 1 gear you should be above 7k SP most of the time.

I will update and leave my own thoughts as I get more experience myself.

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