Rift Druid/Inquisitor Solo Guide

Rift Druid/Inquisitor Solo Guide by Ahov

note: not really necessary to run this over 61 Inquisitor even in Dendrome, unless you are heavily undergeared or fighting certain elite mobs.

The spec

44 Druid/32 Inquisitor/0 Shaman

Alternatively, 44druid/22inquisitor/0 shaman if you are lvl 50.


Inquisitor: Shroud of Agony, Armor of Devotion, Spiritual Protection
Druid: Aid of the Forest, Fury of the Fae, Spirit of Upheaval, Trickster’s Bluff
Shaman: Vengeance of the Winter Storm


ST melee

#show combined effort
cast combined effort
cast fervent strike

ST ranged 

#show sanction heretic
cast sanction heretic
cast bolt of judgment
cast vex

Soul Drain

#show soul drain
cast fanaticism
cast soul drain


#show vex
cast vex

Other skills to have on your bar

Inquisitor: Harsh Discipline, Purge, Trepidation

Druid: Summon Greater Satyr Protector, Wild Strike, Shield of Oak, Strength of the Fae, Grim Silence, Fae Step


Your tank pet will be receiving all of the damage. He will heal himself + you with Aid of the Forest. This build puts out much better dps than Druidicar, includes Soul Drain, and has the same survivability as long as you are intelligent.

A typical AoE pull consists of you applying Vex on all the mobs to grab their attention, moving toward any ranged or casters as a kill zone, and silencing the extras if necessary. Use the Soul Drain macro for some massive damage. Proceed with Wild Strike spam until Soul Drain is available.

For single-target pulls, your maximum dps-priorities will be Combined Effort>Sanction Heretic>Vex>Bolt of Judgment. I do not macro Combined Effort with ranged abilities due to associated lag. The ST-melee macro includes Fervent Strike for when you are finishing a target off. It is sometimes quicker to kill a mob immediately with Fervent Strike rather than wait for a Bolt of Judgment cast. For an anticipated long encounter, apply Spiritual Deficiency to start.

Try to maintain Shield of Oak, as it is rather nice mitigation. I did not include this in any macros due to slight lag.

Fae Step is very useful at the beginning of a pull. If there are a lot of melee mobs and only one ranged, you can grab the attention of all of them and port directly on top of the caster. This will save a bit of time over a long period.

If you anticipate heavy damage or notice you/your pet dropping, use Strength of the Fae. If you need some extra healing, use Harsh Discipline. If the situation is completely irreparable use Trepidation to fear the mobs, mount up, and run away.

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