Rift Chloromancer Guide

Rift Chloromancer Guide by Ahov


61 Chloro/10 Necro/5 Harb is the basic LBV spec when you have low crit power. The points in necro primarily offer 5% SP. You may also run this as an alternative LGV spec if you are low on role slots.

61 Chloro/10 Warlock/5 Harb is the LGV spec. Life leech is refreshed every time you hit the enemy with Vile Spores. This procs a weaker version of your LGV, providing additional average healing. Combined with +25% charge gain, this is the optimal spec for raid healing. However, if you are stance-dancing you may defer to the 10 Necro spec.

61 Chloro/11 Dom/4 Harb is the Arresting Presence spec. Having two chloros rotate AP can trivialize all trash mechanics. You also pick up Reflective Command, making this a great spec for Regulos.

61 Chloro/8 Pyro/7 Harb is a great spec for high crit power mages, generally when you get several T2 pieces. Another scenario where this spec shines above others is when you are swapping between LBV and LGV during an encounter. If you want higher on-average healing between both stances, this spec is a nice alternative.

**F2P** 61 Chloro/10 Necro/5 Ele is the ideal F2P LBV spec. It maximizes your raw stats without the need for cast-time reduction.

**F2P** 61 Chloro/8 Pyro/7 Warlock is the ideal F2P LGV spec. It draws upon the same concepts as the lock/harb variant except trades some spell power for higher crit chance and reduced cast-time.


One for announcing Wild Growth:

#show wild growth
raid Wild Growth active!!!
cast Wild Growth

Another for CS/Ruin: (aka mobility macro)

#show corrosive spores
cast corrosive spores
cast ruin
cast withering vine

One for spot-healing with Bloom:

#show bloom
cast @mouseoverui bloom

A symbiosis macro:

#show Symbiosis
cast @mouseoverui Symbiosis

And finally a mouseover macro for Nature’s Cleansing:

#show nature's cleansing
cast @mouseoverui nature's cleansing


*Living Aegis
*Living Energy
*Lightning Blade
*Mass Charged Shield (if in reflect spec)
*Lifegiving Veil (if raid-healing)
*Synthesis on tank if you are tank-healing (will assign Lifebound Veil to yourself)

LBV Intro

Lifebound Veil is the Chloromancer’s tank-healing stance. You will activate this by applying Synthesis on a tank. Most of your heals are focused on your Synthesis target. When there are tank-swaps you may be asked to synth-swap. It’s fairly easy; just select the new tank and apply Synthesis again. However, the skill is on-GCD so you may want a burst-heal available since the new tank will receive 0 healing from you during this transition. Note: Synthesis only affects one player at a time. Throughout this guide I will shorten Lifebound Veil to LBV and Lifegiving Veil to LGV.

Normal LBV Priorities (max throughput)

1. Nature’s Touch (3-stacks Boon of Life preferred)
2. Corrosive Spores
3. Ruin
4. Void Life

LBV Misc

There are some times where you will reserve Nature’s Touch for predictable spike damage. Maximum throughput may not be necessary if the heaviest hits come with a delay. For example, Crucia’s auto-attack and bleed on the tank is easily healable with just void life/corrosive spores. For her Lightning Breath you can quickly top the tank off with Nature’s touch, followed by Ruin, and finally a bloom. In most situations the maximum throughput priorities will net you the best results. Of course we should examine each tank “cooldown” one-by-one for their usage, along with other abilities, and I will do so in a later section.

LGV Intro

Lifegiving Veil is a Chloromancer’s raid-healing stance. It is possible to “stance dance” mid-fight with LGV after you’ve been tank-healing for a while in LBV. An easy example of this is Artifex Zaviel; in her regular phase with auto-attacks, the tank damage can be quite significant. However, during the conducer phase she ceases the auto-attacks, and you are a much larger asset to your raid in LGV. It’s worth noting that LGV is much more survivable than LBV because of the sheer amount of HPS you receive from your own abilities.

Normal LGV Priorities (max throughput)

{Beginning of Fight} Life Leech
1. Nature’s Touch (2-stacks Boon of Life preferred)
2. Corrosive Spores
3. Vile Spores

Chloromancer Ability Explanations

Bloom – For most encounters I reserve bloom for an unpredictable spike in tank damage or a raid member who has dipped. As a previous LBV example shows, you can work it into a “cooldown block” of sorts to smooth out spikes in damage.

Essence Surge – Essentially your most powerful ST heal, you should save this for when the tank has dipped below 40% and you expect immediate damage or the damage is unpredictable. An example of when NOT to use Essence Surge is after Regulos’ Void Assault. The tank receives zero damage until the next void assault, and your normal priorities will top them off before the next attack. An example of using Essence Surge as a particular cooldown is Unholy Dominion on Regulos. A player’s health pool is increased to 100k and they begin receiving massive amounts of damage. An essence surge on them immediately after the debuff is sent out may prevent a raid wipe.

Natural Conversion – Converting 200% of damage taken into healing, this only works against spells and does not prevent the initial damage. If the target would die from a normal hit, then Natural Conversion does not heal them and prevent the death. Otherwise, this is a great cooldown for the limited spells in Storm Legion. Crucia’s Lightning Breath is the easiest example, and one Natural Conversion will negate the first tick. This ability does not work on most encounters.

Resurgence – Excellent ST heal-over-time for movement. If the tank is topped off and you need to move, Resurgence is preferred over Bloom.

Healing Torrent/Natural Healing – Useful in LBV if there are no reliable targets to damage with your chloromancer abilities. The first Storm Legion example which comes to mind is any given trash pack. With aoe keeping their percentage close enough, your current target may die, and the next one you tab to may also be about to die. To prevent this annoyance, when I see a trash pack nearing death, I will use my direct heals as necessary. With cast-through-target enabled, you can still use Corrosive Spores as an instant burst heal, even if a mob is nearing death. Another LBV example is if your assigned tank dies, and while they are being rezzed the other tank needs some assisted healing. For LGV there are many scenarios where the raid damage is minor or nonexistent, and the tanks could use some extra help. The easiest example would be the final 20% of Regulos. His Reaving Oblivion is a massive ST dmg channel on one tank, and since synthesis buffs don’t stack, your best options to assist are your direct heals.

Flourish – This is your most powerful aoe heal, and your only reliable aoe heal while in LBV. Flourish may be used to top many people off after an unpredicted spike in damage, or you may work it into a cooldown block for predictable raid damage. An example of reserving Flourish is General Typhiria in Triumph of the Dragon Queen. Her Tempest of Agony can be negated by using Flourish immediately following the first tick, a Nature’s Touch for the next, and a Vile Spores/Ruin for the third.

Radiant Spores – Excellent preemptive healing. Only one chloromancer may apply this at any given time. If there is only one chloromancer, they should be applying Radiant Spores. Make sure the chloromancer with the highest health pool is doing so. Radiant Spores healing is based off that chloromancer’s maximum health.

Reflective Command – Only available with a Dominator second soul; its primary use is reflecting Abhorrent Grudge by Hierarch Kosic in the Regulos encounter.

Void Life – Your “spam” ability in LBV, listed in the normal priorities. This skill is not used in LGV.

Life Leech – Apply this at the beginning of an encounter or new phase for extra dps/hps. It is automatically refreshed via Vile Spores and will proc a lesser LGV heal.

Corrosive Spores – A high priority in both LBV and LGV, I do not recommend reserving it for spike damage unless the delay is a few seconds or less. It procs your veil every second, amplified by the number of targets receiving damage. This makes it an invaluable priority on Kain with the bloodthieves, among other fights. For encounters with targets widespread across the room, it can be wise to use corrosive spores on the add pack, and then switch back to your primary target.

Vile spores – Your “spam” ability in LGV, listed in the normal priorities. This skill is not used in LBV.

Ruin – A high priority in LBV. The travel time makes it generally-unwise to reserve for unpredictable spike damage, and instead you should toss it in for maximum throughput or in a cooldown block for predictable damage. In LGV you can cast Ruin immediately following Vile Spores for a burst portion. Do note that it’s only worth using Ruin in your regular rotation if it’s acceptable to lose a slight chunk of hps. You will gain dps, however. Though this ability is macroed in a previous section, I recommend having it on its own key as well for a burstier heal in LGV as needed.

Nature’s Fury – Your veils proc less healing via aoe damage such as Nature’s Fury. It’s not worth using unless you need the extra dps, particularly aoe damage.

Wild Growth – Charge consumer; an excellent raid dps increase which needs to be coordinated with your other chloromancers, along with any Tacticians. This is because Power Core and Wild Growth are in the same debuff category. Before you attempt a boss, set up a Wild Growth order. The optimized dps can make the difference during progression. To keep the timing as consistent as possible, try to ensure you have at least a small amount of charge to begin Wild Growth with.

Soul Tether – Battle Rez

Entropic Veil – Charge consumer, increases your damage and healing done. This ability can be used in two primary ways: as much as possible, or ensuring you have charge for predicted burst damage. The former is what I would advise in most scenarios. The latter is ideal for very heavy damage, particularly on the tank. You can toggle Entropic Veil for each Void Assault channel on Regulos, and toggle it off to regain charge while he performs other moves such as Crash of Souls or Vortex of Agony. Do not excessively toggle Entropic Veil while your Wild Growth is active, as you may cancel the debuff.

Withering Vine – In LBV this is not used very often. One scenario might be if tank damage has subsided and you feel you can contribute some slight raid-healing; the other would be movement. Withering Vine is spammable and it procs your veil, so if you need to move and your better heals are unavailable, it is better than nothing. I see many chloromancers cast nothing for 3-4 seconds during movement; that is a terrible practice. Not only are you contributing nothing to the tank/raid, your own chances of survival are diminished because your primary incoming healing is your own LBV. For LGV, Withering Vine serves as a great preemptive heal whenever the raid is already topped off. Most raid damage is predictable, and you certainly want Radiant Spores/Withering Vine active before the major raid damage is dealt. If there are multiple targets you can get the direct heal benefits from up to three simultaneously. As with LBV, it serves as a “last resort” for movement. Though this ability is macroed in a previous section, I recommend having it on its own key as well for manual application.

Cleansing Rush – Smart aoe dispel, also heals for a slight amount if it also dispels its targets. Always have this on your bar; cleanses are important in most encounters.

Natural Splendor – Charge consumer; It is an incredible ability to use when there are adds up. Each tick procs your veil, while additionally healing eight players near the target. Note: it is not affected by the aoe-damage veil reduction such as with Nature’s Fury. This is what makes Natural Splendor a very powerful tool.

Living Shell – Minor mana return and personal shield; this is eaten up from regular raid damage. Once the shield is gone, your mana return is depleted as well. This ability is not really worth mentioning, as any mana concerns with chloromancer may be resolved with Stellar Mana Tonics. This type of ability is only useful if you’ve been drained of mana by a mechanic such as Regulos’ Glimpse.

Nature’s Cleansing – ST dispel, not used very often in current raid encounters, but there are a few scenarios. Crucia’s Unstable Coolant may be missed by everyone’s aoe cleanse if the target is out of range, so you may need Nature’s Cleansing to finish the job. On Regulos, adds can apply extra debuffs to tank, so the normal aoe cleanses may not remove Impending Doom (1-shot to tank).

Symbiosis – Major cooldown for LBV, is effectively a 50% healing increase on your synthesis target. I do not recommend using in LBV on a non-tank except in an extraordinary circumstance such as Unholy Dominion in the Regulos encounter, where it is of paramount importance to keep that raid member alive. If there are two LBV healers and the other one dies, you may use Symbiosis on their tank to pick up the slack while they are battle-rezzed. In LGV, there are two major options here. The first assumes there are no LBV healers, which may be the case on many fights. You may rotate Symbiosis as a tank cooldown when necessary. The second scenario assumes there is at least one LBV healer. In this case, do not use Symbiosis on the tank, as the LBV healer’s Symbiosis is much more powerful. Instead, use on raid members as necessary via the provided mouseover macro.

Nature’s Touch – Your most powerful singular veil heal; with both LBV and LGV, for maximum hps you will be using it virtually on cooldown, though with LGV you will probably want at least two stacks of Boon of Life to sufficiently reduce the cast time. As stated in an earlier section, you may reserve this ability for large spikes in damage. You may also reach the fifth stack of Boon of Life and reserve Nature’s Touch for movement.

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