Hearthstone Shaman Bloodlust Summoner Deck

Hearthstone Shaman Bloodlust Summoner Deck by Brand

Hello everyone im really new to the game and on my 6th day i got star master by only playing shaman, the deck that i used is all about board control and the excessive use of summon mechanism and by turn 6-8 finish the enemy hero with bloodlust, also i would like to mention that this deck contains no epic neither legendary cards.

Lighting bolt (2)
Rockbiter weapon (2)
Leper gnome (2)
Stormforged Axe (2)
Faerie Dragon (2)
Flametongue totem (2)
Knife juggler (2)
Feral spirit (2)
Hex (2)
Lighting storm (2)
Flesheating ghoul (2)
Imp master (2)
Mana tide totem (2)
Razorfen hunter (2)
Bloodlust (2)


Try to use Leper gnome on first turns of the game to kill a creature or attack the enemie before using his 2 damage deathrattle.

Use Rockbiter weapon and Stormforged axe to gain control on the board by using it on your hero you take the damage of the creature that u attack but it worths since all we need in this deck is board control.

Use knife juggler along with imp master on the board for infinite usage of knife juggler passive try to get a healing totem from shaman hero skill when Imp master gets low.

Try to summon Flesheating ghoul before you sacrifice your Imps, boars or totems to kill enemy minions.

Save Hex for tough minions

Use bloodlust on turn 6-10 to buff your board to finish off the game.

Other cards that u can use in this deck:

Whisp is a 0 mana cost minion with 1-1 but buffed with blood lust becomes 4-1

Forked lighting

Lava burst

Unbound Elemental

Windfury is great to finish off the enemy hero but since your minions have low HP you only use it for direct attacks.

Elven archer is great to combo with hex or with knife juggler to take down cards with 2 hp

Please give me your feedback about your tries using the deck and how to improve it.

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