Hearthstone Arena Card Pick Guide

Hearthstone Arena Card Pick Guide by Bobbunny

Personal picks for the record. Feel free to suggest your own picks in (To add a card, contest a card’s placement), but if you’re gonna suggest, back it up first. Remember, Arena is all about removal, strong drops, and stupid luck. Class specific coming soon.


1 Mana

Young Priestess – My second favorite 1 drop, but probably the best pick for arena. Gives a health buff to a random minion, so all your creatures get to live a little bit longer. Bit of a shame against mages/Druids/Rogues though.

Worgen Infiltrator – 2/1 stealth to murder all the little mans.

2 Mana

Bloodmage Thalnos – If you can’t benefit from spell damage, your deck is built wrong. If your opponent leaves it alive, they deal with +1 spell damage, if they kill it, you get a card! Win-win.

Nat Pagle – CARD DRAW

Knife Juggler – Pray to your RNG gods if you can, but it generally pays for itself if it’s alive for more than a turn. It’s free damage, possibly removal.

Pint-Sized Summoner – If they leave it out, then they have to deal with a potential threat next turn. They either waste their spells or creatures killing it, or you reap a turn 3 Gurubashi Beserker.

Faerie Dragon – One of the best 2 drop 3/2 cards. Generally forces a creature or health trade (Weapon).

3 Mana

King Mukla – It’s a turn 2/3 5/5! Yes, bananas are strong, but they’re gonna have to pay to get rid of him no matter what.

Questing Adventurer – So long as you don’t play this without being stupid (I.E, right into a murloc raider with no cards available to buff it up), one of the most broken cards in the game! It rewards you for literally playing the game.

Acolyte of Pain – It’s guaranteed card draw unless they want to waste a silence on it. At least one card out of it, sometimes more.

Shattered Sun Cleric – Strong early/mid game drop that makes any other creature you have a little bit more beefier.

4 Mana

Defender of Argus – Essentially 10 stats for 4. Gives both a nice boost, and gives them taunt, which is never bad to have.

Twilight Drake – Nurfed, but still strong. Make sure you have at least 4 other cards when you play it, so it’s at least the strength of a yeti.

Chillwind Yeti – Best midgame card ever. Magic number, and durable enough to take a few hits.

Sen’jin Shieldmaster – My personal favorite taunt card. It has enough damage to wipe out lower cost creatures, and enough health to take a few hits from them.

5 Mana

Faceless Manipulator – Cool Ysera, I think I’ll have one too!

Stampeding Kodo – Good for clearing pesky low attack creatures (Mogu’shan Wardens beware!), and good for board clearing.

Gurubashi Beserker – Way too easy to snowball out of control. If they have a few low damage creatues, this guy becomes a monster.

6 Mana

Carine Bloodhoof – Magic number, and is essentially 18 stats for 6. Only reason not to take him would be Ysera.

Argent Commander – Magic number, great for rushing down some extra damage, or removing some pesky creatures.

Sunwalker – Sen’jin Shieldmaster’s big brother. Magic number, taunt, AND Divine Shield!

Boulderfist Ogre – It’s a beatstick. Not much else to describe it.

7-8 Mana

Ragnaros the Firelord – Fat drop that slowly murders your opponent, and anything they send at it.

9+ Mana

Ysera – Best card in the game. Not only is it a bulky card with the magic number (4 for all you plebians), the dream deck is insanely strong.

Alexstrasza – Strong 8/8 drop, that can either save you, or nuke the enemy.

Onyxia – Another strong 8/8 drop, that provides tonnes of little 1/1’s that can easily be boosted with a Raid Leader, or a Stormwind Champion, to wreck stuff.

Sea Giant – Even if they don’t go for a rush down, it’s not exactly rare to have more than 3-4 creatures on at once.

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