Asda 2 Attack Mage Skill Build

Asda 2 Attack Mage Skill Build by Vnoj

Hi Guys and not Ladies, I am a mage.
I have been playing asda2 for the past week.
NOTE: This is my build (Hybrid good for PvP/ PvE), Not Yours. If you do have any recommendations please share in a reply.
If You Wish To use my build, Then your a citified Beast.

Here are the introductions.
This game we have sowel system, I particularly interested in only intel and stamina.
(if u spam skills then also add some spirit)

Skill guide:
1st Job: Magician at lvl 10, we could add up to 31 skill points.
1. Magic Blade. 3/3 Ur basic attack, max it
2. Fireball. 7/7 Finisher should be maxed
3. Aura of Darkness. 7/7 The one hitter should be maxed
4. Ocean of Fire 6/7 Good for mobs
5. Minor Heal 0/5. Let the healer heal. or use the little pots.
6. Eagle Eye 1/1 extra spell range.
7. Increase Strength. 0/7 Leave This To The Warriors
8. Increase Dexterity. 0/7 Agility For Archers
9. Increase Intellect. 7/7 This Should Be Maxed.

2nd Job: Wizard at lvl 30, we could add up to 30 skill points.
1. Blazing Earth 0/7. fires of hell
2. Meteor 4/7. crash down, vary recommend u max.
3. Burn 3/3. burn
4. Dream Dust. 0/2 1 target to sleep unnecessary or PvP 1v1 add 1/2 (see skill 11./ 9.)
5. Art of Intelligence. 0/5 unnecessary gives intell
6. Roar of Spirit 0/5 unnecessary gives spirit
7. Counter Recovery 0/2 wasteful skill
8. Cursed Recovery 3/3 Oh Skittles Yea Max This,
9. Shadow Cloak 0/1 U Cant see Me Good For PvP 0 or 1 (see skill 11./4.)
10. Staff Training 5/5 Extra Power Maxed.
11. Shadow of Fear 0/1 Frighten surrounding enemies 0 or 1 (see skill 9./4.)
12.Summon Demon 7/7 Quick Skill
13. Increase Stamina 7/7 Extra Health
14. Increase Spirit. 0/7 each maybe u should use 1 or 2 spirit sowels x
15. Increase Luck. 0/7
Note: 29 skill points have been used, Skills 4./11./9. are all basically skills to avoid. just use the
the last skill point on which ever u think is best.

3rd Job: Pyromaniac
Update Soon As im not there to test skills, please do leave recommendations in a reply on
which i should use. thanks

Rare/Hero At your Lvl Range, + 10 and up Recommended if you want to be the best.

Rare/Hero weapon +10/+20 Recommended If You Are Interested To Steal Aggro or Be A PvP Beast.

OK Thanks And Please Leave Feedback If and If Not did a superb Build

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3 Responses

  1. zzzz says:

    Your right you dont need minor heal..but you dont know the combo of dd’s ..if you want extra damage from summon demon should cast blazing earth first..blaze then summon..summon get extra damage..

  2. Crowell says:

    ty for this guide, I haven’t played this game yet and it seems like since mages have low hp like in all games…u should get the heal spell :P

  3. Selena says:

    well you said, not ladies. SO this guide is not recommended for me?

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