TSW HealTank Build Guide

TSW HealTank Build Guide by KaTarina1

Solid Healtank All Nm’s 6/6 + NY Raid + Lair Raid
NY : healtank/Solo heals
NY : Leech/tank-solo heals
Lair Raid : healtank/Solo heals

i’m Gonna Start How to build Healtank Deck: Chaos/Blood
1- http://www.tsw-builder.com/#45v51141…43412245416a43
2- http://www.tsw-builder.com/#45v51141…45351464466a01 <- this
3- http://www.tsw-builder.com/#45v51141…43823464466a43
4- http://www.tsw-builder.com/#45v51141…51955464316a43
Differents Passives likex2/3

Actives Ability’s
2.Blood Shield
3.Exquisite Corpse,Shortcut Name~>(EC)
4.Chaotic Pull(impair)
5.Helter Skelter (impair) Or Illusion or Infusion
6.Cold Blooded(Elite)
7. Discord Rising(Expose)
8. rocketjump Or Whip

3-Rapid Shield
4-Knuckle Down / Mad SKills / Closer / Sanguineous / Hot Iron
5-Shoot ‘Em Up
6-Ebb And Flow
7-Coagulation & Clotting
8-AUX passives

Let’s Talk about Elite Passives

1-Coagulation: Increases The Effect if Barrier By40%, When you Using (CB -Exquisite Corpse..)

2- Clotting: Whenever You apply a Barrier, You gonna Have Beneficial Effect That Increases The Amount of Damage You Current Barrier (Can Absorb “%”)Per sec For (5 sec)+Stacks of physical Protection 30+(5 times)=150physical.

Coagulation Vs Clotting:
Clotting have 10/20%+ More Barrier Than Coagulation When You have the buff of Clotting (5 sec) ~ Absorb
For Example: when Clotting On as 2000k Healrating:
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 620
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 802
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 984
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 1166
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 1348

1500 Healrating:
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 366
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 513
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 660
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 807
increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 954

Notice : Every second for 5 seconds, When Clotting Barrier Crit , Next Barrier Increases More Power , Like : Same HR
(Critical) You increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 611.
You increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 793.
(Critical) increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 1133.
You increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 1315.
You increased your Barrier(Clotting)to strength 1497.

Can Be more Like ,2200+ Strength ..When tick Crit if DA up.

More info:http://forums.thesecretworld.com/sho…75#post1646675
Coagulation: i prefer Coagulation For Some Bosses Like,UR-Draug / SH 6 / HF ..High amount of Damage, But You can Use Clotting or Coagulation.

Clotting sometime Can’t Absorb high DMG at start, you need abit time for ticks barrier (Ur-Draug can Breaking Your Barrier if it low ), you need More Time for Clotting Ticks to Absorb more DMG.

But clotting with high Barrier = Amazing DMG absorb but need a seconds to make it higher and if Crit barrier. And ofc Clotting better than Coagulation but depend on bosses.

i prefer Coagulation for First time healtanking.

And What’s About Stats ?
There is Different Stats as Healtanking Like: ( choas with 319 Hit )

~Beginner healtank Stats:
http://joakibj.com//tswcalc/#weapon=…,4,1,0,4,0,0,0 <– Without Any Signets & Make sure to use * HP Pure Anima *

Sustain/Normal Healtank Stats :

professional Healtank Stats:
http://joakibj.com//tswcalc/#weapon=…4,1,0,4,0,3,88 <- use Brawler passive&HP Anima

i Recommended Beginner Stats,i healtanked ALL Nm’s 6/6 By Beginner stats, You Can change Some stats if You need.

Notice : Dont Worry ABout NY Talismans, You Can healtank Without em if you dont have them.

I Prefer Coney/Charm for healtank, the rest i prefer Custom Talismans with Signets.

Normal Passives
1- Knuckle Down: Only Effect on Your Builders “Direct heal” (10%)

2- Sanguineous: Whenever You Place a Barrier , you are Healed for (x) “Depend ur Healrating” ,
Whenever You Builder(Blood Shield) / Consumer (EC)/Cold blooded, but sometime i dont like it.

3- Rapid Shield: Increases Heal/Barrier of (Blood Shield “Builder”) By 7.5%<–You can use it Or Not .. You Can replace it.

4-Ebb and Flow: Increases The power of Barrier By 20% but Reduce the power of direct Heals By 10% , So With Elite Passive (Coagulation) 60% and -10% Direct healing o.o ? Hell Yeah 60% Free Barrier For Sure This passive, Also -10% not Big Big Different .. More Absorb Better Since you Can heal your Self easily.
and With CLotting increases More Barrier Effect, Like EC Can dissipate 900/1200+(At start) With Crit tick instead of 600/900 with Coagulation ( Depend on HR + Crit pawa )

5- Mad skills: You Can use it(if you need More Crit)

6- Closer : More Dissipates + Heals On Exquisite Corpse.

Notice: You Should Use Afflict /Expose /Agitator “Passives”100%

Crit Rating For Healtank
Crit rating/Crit chance
0 /5%
324 /11.9%
429 /14%
548 /16.4%
689 /19%
750 /20.1%
diminishing returns For Sure , So this is All about Crit Rating. Really Really you need Crit Rating since only 1DA in grp and 15%+ fine.

Healtank Aggro Problem ?Why i lose Aggro? Ohh God i dont know the Rotation for Healtanking ;(

LoL Dont Worry,Listen To KataSama :P
Healtank Rotation
How i Build Alot Of Hate Generate
More Aggro Like Reg Tank :O

1- Escalation with Passive : As Healtank ,Escalation Generate 5/10/15% OVER

2- Blood Shield Builder: Generate 2/3%+(Normal) & with buff: 6%+

3- Exquisite Corpse: Generate 6/10%+ Up to(Normal)& wid Buff : 16%+

4- Cold Blooded: Generate 80%+(By 5 persons)

5- You Can Hold Aggro Even with 10k DPS

Rotation is
When You start to Pull The Boss *1st Rotation* :
1- Use Cold Blooded
2- Discord Rising For Exposed The boss Fast
3- Escalation For Afflicted 5 sec x2 timez
4- Exquisite Corpse for Barrier/Heal
5- Builder Blood Shield x1
7- Exquisite Corpse x1 Time
8- Blood Shield x2 Time
9- Exquisite Corpse
Then Repeat
You Generated Much of Hate & You fine

Poeples : How Can i Over Heal some inc DMG ? And About Ur-Draug .. Hitting me Hard .. i cant breath Why ? im doing Same Rotation but im My HP always Low ;-( WHY ? Katasama Help Please :<

Katasama : Sure i’ll tell You how to Survive when u fight with Ur-Draug Even with 300 Block ^_~
1- Make sure you have Illusion + Passive
2- 1active impair +1 Whip impair

When You start to Pull
Ur-Draug :

use Cold Blooded then Discord Rising ,Exquisite Corpse , Esclation for Afflicted
builder Blood shield ,EC ,Blood Shield ,EC ,Escalation ,Blood Shield ,EC ||And Save Illusion if You can Or use it if you had ( Big Trouble to Survive)

When Draug Start Casting ” Cosmic Sundering ” impair it. Draug Gonna Cast Slam , Dodge Away and Heal Your Self , Time for Free Heals .. And Your Cold Blooded still on CD Arround 14/10sec ..Use Your Kickbacks (crit Rating or Block) then, Esclation x2 , EC, Blood shield, EC , Illusion, Cold Blooded ,Then Repeat.
Make Sure always Save 1point of Blood Resource for incase.
http://www.twitch.tv/np_katarina1/c/3139633 <– Draug

Notice : if You have Karma Curio<- Help Alot , 2nd impair Save it When You are in Trouble Like LOW HP, impair his Cleave at the end of cast then Heal Your self , you have 2sec to Heal ur Self abit for 3k HP :>
You Can use Energy Drink – Healing .. 2k HP free For ya or Barrier Prevent 2k+ DMG.

Katarina1 Advice:
if You wanna Healtank
Make sure No Prussure at all
No Stress,Trust on Your Self (Y)
Deadly Aim Help For You to Boost Some Heals + Crit Barriers.

i Prefer: Order/ Temperance /Security /Ablation

You Need builds For Some Bosses ?
You Can Use Coagulation Or Clotting : “Elite Passive” But for First time healtankin use Coagulation.

UR-Draug + Machine Tyrant + Aleksei-Chetyre (SH6) :


DR.Klien (Ankh 2) :


Orochi’s (Ankh 3) : Make sure to use
[Plethron Epipen – CC Breaker] if u got Chain (Slow Movment speed) + SOH


Dimensional Arachnid “Spider”(Ankh 4) :


The Colossus, Melothat & Dr. Klein ( ankh 6 ) :


Alpha/Prime & The Ascendants (HF 3/6) :


Facility : You can use Elite Passive “Rapid Getaway” For Fac 6


Hell Eternal : Use Elite Passive ” Contortionist “ & Same Healtank build but use Illusion for only 3rd + 5th Bosses. “Sleight of Hand” For 4th Too and Replace Helter skelter. Use “Anaesthesia” impair for Last boss, You need atleast x3 impairs and Replace “Discord Rising”

DW 6 : Use “Provoke” after concussion Cast, Replace Helter Skelter.

SH 4 : Replace Helter Skelter to Hematic Rites ( you can Shield Grp from White Circle attack )


Infusion Active ? How i can use it ? and When ?
Infusion Why underused ?

Infusion is : Build 3 Blood Resources & Remove Your Own Barrier And Gain a Beneficial Effect That Will Cause Your Next Barrier to Absorb 30% More Damage. This Ability Can only be activated when you Have a barrier.

KaTarina1 Secret ? :
Infusion + Cold Blooded
“fusion Time o/o”?

FUSION Like this “Click”

ColdBlooded 40% Less Damage Take While Channeling + Infusion30% + “Ebb And Flow 20% ( Passive)” = 50% and dont forget your Elite Passive “Coagulation 40%” & Absorb Barrier from CB dont forget =100% Barrier, or with “Clotting” 110/130/160% So basically You’ll Survive Like a BAWS.

Umm 110/130/160% Not Enough to absorb high Damage ? LoL you Greedy then. Check this one :
Infusion + ColdBlooded & [Energy Drink – Barrier]Prevent 2k+ at the Same time = Have fun with Absorb.
~This Tactic is the BEST for 1.8 ABSORB High DMG even with HF + Absorb Full Penetration Attack. So you Absorbed 100%+ DMG and still Your barrier Enough to absorb 2nd hit.
That’s How Fusion Work :
Ur-Draug 5.6k dmg Absorbed “Click”

congratulation You Became a super saiyan1

I prefer Infusion For Hard NM Bosses Like Draug/HF. If you wanna use this tactic you should know when you gonna use it at start or 2nd CB rotation.

If you wanna Use Infusion, Make sure to use Infusion Faster, When boss Break your barrier you cant use Infusion Since you need a Barrier. So builder / Infusion / ColdBlooded = GG wp.


ColdBlooded & Infusion & Ablation epic signet ?
Combo Wombo ?

ColdBlooded : 40% Less DMG.
Infusion : 30% More Absorb.
Ablation : 5 hits against you do 25% less damage When your health is below 50%.
Plus+ Elite Passive.


How i can Heal My Self Soo FREAKING Fast ?
1- [Energy Drink – Healing] + [Karma Curio]
2- [Ambrosia – Blood]
3- Infusion

So Spam Exquisite Corpse ?
Exquisite Corpse Cost x2 Blood Resources.

Imagin : Blood Resource x5 you have, use EC x3 timez then Use [Ambrosia – Blood]x5+, and use x2 EC Again then builder & use Infusion+x3 / x2 EC again. So i think You did 7 EC in a ROW.

Dont forget with [Karma Curio] + Energy Drink = Yelling on the boss and say “Kill me if You can” :P


Hot Iron “Passive” Worth it ?
EC with 2200 Healrating = 437 Heals
Hot Iron on EC = 679 Heals and if EC crit heals ? i Tried to play with it and it work Very very well.

Hot Iron good For Hard Fight to over Heal some DMG and more Heals.


1.8 Patch Healtank Nm’s easier like before ?

Totally 30% Harder Because there is Only 1 Deadly Aim for you and Grp. So Your Heals Gotta Be low without Critting.
You can Use “Mad skills” Passive if you Really Need more crit. Crit Rating Important for Healtanking Now Like you need 15% to 20% + Anima Crit Raiting.

Crit power Arround 40% to 50%. But You Can remove one Passive only for Brawler and use more crit Rating instead of Crit power.

Block Rating 550/600/650 enough for you as Healtanking. But HF Require More Block 800 maximum.


Pistol/shotgun :
Since Pis/sg can do Da/BS only Once, So another Pis/sg dps Can use Drone/Flak Jacket For you & he has x2 Free Slots. He CAN SUPPORT YOU if you need some SUPPORT!!!

Do i Need to Kite bosses ?
Yes But Not all of them.
Kite’s Require :
1- adds
2- HF 2/3/4/6 http://www.twitch.tv/np_katarina1/c/3010268 /http://www.twitch.tv/np_katarina1/c/2867342
3- HE 5
4- Ankh 3 “Orochi’s” http://www.twitch.tv/np_katarina1/c/2867238 <– if you Dont kite ” Welcome To Anima Well BABY “

5- Ankh 4 : you can kite Spider arround the Car from Right side if your Actives on CD and you Cant survive, Go there and Kite.

If you want to see How to Healtank Nm’s Perfectly : Twitch Highlights/My Youtube Channel


Or You Can Watch it Live in my Other Thread :

I Hope You Learned Some, Hope My guide useful. Good Luck With Healtank in Nm’s
Thanks All For Reading, if You need More information Tell Me PLease .. i hope i didn’t forget somthing for Healtank.

“Best Wishes”
” Sry for Bad english xD “

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