TERA Online Southern Arun Vistas Guide

TERA Online Southern Arun Vistas Guide by TirMcDohl

I’ll apologize in advance since this is my first (and last) guide, I just had time on my hands right now. I apologize for this monstrosity. -__- meh
Okay, some might not know this shizz.
For those who don’t, well, here it is.
This is the vista shiz(t) guide when completed gives you 0.1% damage increase
Okay, straight to the point. First, you need to go to cresentia. Pegasus your way there or atlas it. Once there, go to the exit,
Notice the stuff to your right.


Climb dat shiz


Once at the top, climb further.


Pass the trees here


Climb further, and voila.


Next one is Azazel’s labyrinth which can be accessed in a teleport in Cutthroat Harbor.
So go to Cutthroat Harbor and teleport to Azazel’s labyrinth.
Once there, head to the stairs. (hopefully you can see them)


Go to your left


Near the two coconut trees, try to go up there.
Once up, head allllllllllllllllll the way to your left as you can see on teh map (or not) it’s west.
Try to go up a little bit, and when you see this sort of invisible tree, this marks that you’re already near your destination.


The wordcraft’thingy is at the pinkish circle ^


Voila :D
Next one is in Chebika, so go there and teleport near Tenebrous Mines.
Once there, look to your right as shown here, and climb it. (That’s what I did for me though, other people chose the other way around.)
Just try to climb dat shiz up.


Just climb and climb and try to go to the other side, the greener side.


What teh hell did I just create… Quite possibly the worst guide ever… why did I even bother…
meh.. bad idea, fml

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