Dragon Oath Pyromancer Leveling Guide

Dragon Oath Pyromancer Leveling Guide by Avagddu

Pyromancers are the strongest physical damage class in the game. Once they get to a higher level, they become extremely powerful, even having the ability to defeat the Shaolin class most of the time ( without gems ). This guide will tell you how to level your Pyromancer in the lower levels with as much ease as possible.

Level 10 :
Once you reach level 10, you can become a Pyromancer. Make sure that you have the skills Endless Palm, Thunder Clap, Supreme Strength, Flare, and Chilling Blast in your shortcut bar. Go to your quest master and accept the quest to go help Dun Huang. Next, go to Dun Huang and complete the quest by talking to Collector Tsao. Accept his next quest, then talk to Wen Yang. Accept the quest to help the Uighur Princess and the quest “Wish”. Eliminate the sand wolves and then talk to the Princess. Next, go get the prize from Wen Yang, and go to Shing De Zhao and Vermillion in order to finish the other two quests. Accept the rest of the quests and do the two quests “Broken Warrior” and “Sand Panther” until you can get the two quests “Revenge” and “Start the War”. Finish “Start the War” by clicking on the quest information’s given coordinates, then go fight Lori Li around Jade Pass. Pick up the bag and go to the other side of Dun Huang with “Lori Li’s Head” and give it to Wen Yang. Keep following the quests until you get to level 15-18.

Level 15:
Once you’ve reached level 15, go back to your class and talk to the quest manager and get the ques to go help Mt.Sanctity. It’s the same drill as earlier, keep doing the quests avaliable until you’re level 20.

Level 20:
Go to Master Zhao in Da Li to ask him for the “Dead Valley” quest, which is called “Give A Hand”. Keep reading the instructions of the quests, they’re not very hard until later, when you fight the 3 Bosses. Try to not fight the Dead Valley Guards, and kill the bosses as fast as possible. Later, when you fight Cruel Tuan, be careful of his damage and watch your health. After you’ve finished the quest and taken whatever rewards you picked, go find a party and do something called “Thief Raid” which is a party quest. You need at least 3 people to do the quest, and you should ask over the world chat for a party. Thief Raid only comes at certain times everyday, so you check the event schedule. Your leader’s class has to be the same place as the Thief raid. For Example, if the Thief Raid is in the Lotus Order Headquarters, your leader of the party has to be of the Lotus Order class. Do these Thief Raid or ( as some people call them, “Ganef”) quests until level 30.

Note : One you’re level 30, you can start doing a quest called “No One Escaped” with a party of 3 or more. Although, you can keep doing Ganef forever, because the level of the “Dogfaces” is brought up the higher the level of the party. Because of this, the experience also goes up.

Second Note : If you can’t find a party and you aren’t in the mood to grind, you can do some class quests. Once you’re a higher level, the quests get more rewarding, and at times can give a few thousand experience per quest, as well as give you some odd rewards after doing a certain amount of quests.

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