Dragon Oath Pets FAQ

Dragon Oath Pets FAQ by Dacchei

What is the best pet for (insert class)?
-To me, what class you are matters very little for what pet you get. What matters more is the skills that end up on the pet. This is because physical attack pets and spi attack pets both have ranged attack (they both attack from your side). In the beginning, the pet you have will be temporary. You’ll want to replace it with a better pet when you hit L65-75. Therefore, try to find a pet that will learn a buff that helps you out, therefore a parrot (which learns intelligence buff) would be useful for taoist/lotus/minstrel and a mantis (which learns strength buff) would be useful for any of the melee classes.

Later in the game, you’ll teach your pet skills that suit whatever class your playing or your playing style (PvE pet or PvP pet). So don’t worry too much about pets in the beginning.

What’s the best pet mood?
-The best mood for a pet depends on what type of pet you have. In general, brave pets are best for those that are physical attack, while timid pets are best for spirit attack. The reason behind this is because physical attack skills are cast most often by brave pets and spirit attack skills are cast most often by timid pets.
-So to determine what pet mood is the one you want, check info of the skills your interested in. The mood necessary for that skill will be stated in the skill description. For example, Ice Charm is cast most by timid pets while Counterattack is cast most by clever pets.
-Pet moods are picked at random when they are caught or bred. Breeding two pets that are timid does not mean that the 2nd generations bred will be timid as well… There is currently no way to change a pet’s mood.

What’s the difference between the different Rares?
-The biggest difference between the rares…is the look :P lol
-Besides the fact that higher level rares look better, generally higher level rares also have better talents then lower level rares. However this is not always true. Sometimes a Rare L3 will have better talents then one that is rare L4

What is Growth Rate?
-Growth rates…to this day I’m not sure EXACTLY what they affect. All I know is that the stronger pets have higher growth rates. So yes, you will want a pet that has a growth rate (GR) that is higher then normal. However in the beginning, don’t worry too much about it.
-Growth rates range from:
-Growth rates from breeding are predictable, not random. They work like this:
Normal+normal= normal
…and so on. So by the GR of the pets you are using you can figure out what the GR of the 2nd generations will be.

How many skills can a pet have total?
-Total skills a pet can have atm is 6. These are 1 manual skill and 5 auto ones. Later pets will be able to have 7 skills, 2 of which are manual.

…That’s enough for FAQ I have noticed about pets…

Importance of Pets

In a lot of games I’ve played, the use of pets was often simply for the looks or for some small benefits… (buffs, extra damage, picked up items, etc.). In Dragon Oath, pets are ESSENTIAL to all players. Not only do they provide buffs for their masters, they add a significant amount of damage in addition to the masters damage. Pets also are important for PvP because they not only add extra damage, but they can also get rid of negative states and cause negative states, etc. Pets can be adjusted for PvE or PvP by changing their skills and so on.

PvE based pet: IMO, a good PvE pet will have a lot of attacks and debuffs. Some skills that could be added would be Smash for Physical attack pets and Ice/Poison/Thunder/Fire Charm for spirit attack pets. Also, AOEs are often popular for PvE pets (Some of these are Ice Storm, Forest Fire, Claw). Some debuffs are distract and weaken.

PvP based pet: This type of pet will vary a lot depending on how you play. Having at least one or two attack skills is important but some of the other skills that can be added to help out alot are the following:
-Penetrate: This allows the master to see invisible assassins. However, if your pets level isnt high then you will not be able to see high level assassins. Also, you cannot see high level assassins if you do not have adv penetrate.
-Possession: This skill causes your pet to stop another player/monster from moving for a short period of time but also immobilizes your pet.
-God’s Blessing: Makes master invulnerable for a short period of time. Master cannot use skills or attacks while in this state.

These are just some of the many skills that a player can put on their pet to help them out during pvp.

Pet Skill Info

Above I mention several types of pet skills that are used, but I guess some more info about pet skills would be useful. First off, there are 2 types of skills: manual and auto. Currently, pets can only have one manual skill. This skill is activated by the master by clicking on it on the hotkey bar. All the other skills are auto skills that are cast by the pets themselves.

When teaching pet skills manual ones will obviously replace the previous manual skill. However, for any other skill when you teach a pet a new skill it has a chance to lose any of auto skills it currently has. This makes teaching skills a risky endeavor and can be really costly, especially if good skills get replaced by other good skills. On the plus side, if you manage to get all the skills on your pet that you want to be on there, adding adv skills will just replace the old non-adv one. So start teaching new skills to your pet by using normal skills first then adv ones.

Pets generally stop learning new skills by themselves around 50-60…however I have seen a pet learn a new skill at L84 and I’ve also seen one get taught a new skill at L89. So anything is possible…though the chances are very small :P So try getting a pet to learn new skills at lower levels versus higher ones.

Pet Selection

Since you have many pet slots, most people have more then one pet that they use. (You get an additional pet slot at L21,41,61,81)

An example of pet selection would be the pets I use:

Currently, on my character, a Lotus, I have two main pets. My first pet is a Dragon. I use this pet for PvP and PvE because it has strong attacks, buffs, debuffs, and an AOE. My 2nd pet is a polar bear. Polar bears are stam-based pets that have high HP. Because of this, I put the skill ‘Adv Blood Sacrifice’ on it. Using this skills takes the polar bear’s HP and returns some of it back to the owner’s mana. Being a lotus (who have healing skills), this is a extremely useful skill. (however it’s useful for almost all players because it allows them to spam skills).

(To understand the pictures better, I recommend going to the first link I listed above…in there LadyEnfinity explains what each part of the pet window mean)

By selecting pets based on your character helps enhance your character and make it better overall. The pets that you can use vary depending on what level you are. Here are some of the most popular L45-65 pets:

-Tigers: These are strength based physical attack pets that learn skills like smash and strength boost by themselves. They are great for melee because of the buffs that they learn by themselves, however since they have good damage they can useful for anyone who needs an attack pet.
-Boars: These pets are physical attack based that have talents that are high in strength and decently high in stamina. They are popular because of a the skill they learn called ‘Dedication’. This skill takes HP from the pet and transfers some of it to the master’s HP.

-Icy Silkworm: This pet is popular for those who perfer spirit attack pets because it’s the first strong spirit attack pet you can get. It gives intelligence boost which is useful for spirit attack players.

-Polar Bear: This is the first strong stamina pet that becomes available to players. It also has the skill ‘Dedication’, like the boar, but it has much more HP then the boar so it is often used to heal more then the boar is. However, since its HP is much better, it’s attack is much worse so people usually will just use the polar bear to heal and then have another pet to attack with.
-Peacock: The peacock is the 2nd higher level spirit attack pet a player will be able to catch on Pet Island. It is often used to replace Icy Silkworm since it’s talents are generally stronger.

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