Dragon Oath Guild City Guide

Dragon Oath Guild City Guide by lostgirl

The importance of guild cities.
Guild cities are important for higher levels to earn money and improve life skills as well as researching for recipes for higher level life skills. You can also purchase more 2x exp time with your guild contribution points. Officers will get a weekly salary. You can purchase (with guild points) a guild care buff as well that is based on your level.

As some of you have noticed, once you reach a certain level you will see available quests from Guild City. Some of you must be wondering where this guild city is. A guild city is purchased by a guild paying 1,000 gold. The city will be placed where the purchaser picks. Some maps have npcs marked as City npcs. Each city npc can hold 2 cities. If you are in a guild, you can walk to the city and enter from your guild city npc or you can enter from the guild npc in Lou Yang that you applied to be in a guild at.

Guild Contribution Points:
You can gain contribution points by doing quests within your guild city. Guild city quests are done in loops of 10. The higher the loop level the more points you will gain. So its advised to not drop a quest if you are at a high loop round. You will only gain points for the guild if you do a round higher than 5 on the loop of 10. You will gain contribution points but the guild will not gain points until you reach round 5 or higher, this does not apply to construction or research.
Round 5 = 1 point
Round 6 = 1 point
Round 7 = 1 point
Round 8 = 2 points
Round 9 = 2 points
Round 10 = 3 points

Some quests will not be active until you reach a certain level.

Construction/Government:Construction quests must be activated by the the leader or an officer with high enough rank. Construction cannot be opened unless there is enough guild funds and points from other city quests. So lets say someone does a loop of 10 Expansion quests, you will have 10 expansion points that you can use towards construction. When you have finished construction enough areas, you can then upgrade your government. Each time the government is upgraded through construction, the city will gain a new look. Types of quest: Delivery of letters, pick up of items from npcs, killing mobs for a quest item drop, kill all in special instance.

This quest must be activated by someone with a high enough rank. Research puts recipes in the shops and new items on the trade shop. Requires guild quest points to activate depending on what you are researching. Types of quest: Delivery of letters, pick up of items from npcs, killing mobs for a quest item drop, kill all in special instance.

Military Defense:
Quests from this npc are some what different. Types of quests: They involve assassinating people, finding spies, delivering things, or killing a group of mobs. 
Patrol Order When you have a patrol order quest, stay in the guild city and open your inventory. Click the Quest tab and right click the patrol order. Across the top of your screen you will see coordinates in yellow. Go to those coordinates in your guild city, then right click the patrol order again. A spy will appear, kill him and take his letter. return the letter to the npc.
Assassinating Always be sure to read your quest log, does it say to kill the person or the mob. If it says to kill the person then go into the corner behind the person and go into hide mode. Then kill the person like a real assassin, don’t waste your time with the mobs if you don’t have to kill them! The exp sux from them.

This guy can be somewhat evil sometimes. Depending on your guild city government level, he can ask you for random life skill items. So if you have like a level 4 government, he can ask you for a level 7 herb. Types of quests: Life skill item collection, random material drop collection, kill all mobs special instance, killing mobs for a quest item drop, delivery, or pick up. 

This guy is labeled construction on the map, do not be confused. He is the project quest guy. Types of quests: random material drop collection, kill all mobs special instance, killing mobs for a quest item drop, delivery, or pick up. 

the special instance says to kill all the book worms but they are BEES I tell you! BEES!!!! Types of quests: kill all mobs special instance, killing mobs for a quest item drop, delivery, or pick up. 

This is one of the most important quests besides construction. Maidan is an evil girl that will ask you for materials dropped by mobs. She has asked me for +8 threads and +8 chaceldony numerous times when they government has reached level 4. Her item requests are based on the government level. She also asks you to enter a special instance of slaughtering your own guild npc disciples, which is truly evil! Where does she get all these people for us to kill? Nickname: EVIL CHICK Types of quests: random material drop collection, kill all mobs special instance, killing mobs for a quest item drop, help a class out, delivery, or pick up. 
Help the class She asks you to go to a specific class and help someone fight their way out. If you have a mount, get on it. Pull all the mobs in the guys path out of the way and then tell him to go. If you missed some run in front of him and pull them out of the way. Let him run all of the way out and then follow him out. DO NOT LEAVE BEFORE HIM, or you will be doing it all over again. If you mess up and he stops then get off your mount and kill that one without him touching the other mobs and he will keep going. Or you can use hide mode and toss all the mobs and just kill the ones in front.

There is a special instance where you deliver a random animal to its owner. Its basically the rebel map and all the rebel mobs turned into animals. You take a little sheep or cat or something similar and they fight along with you down the path. He asks for random foods that may or may not be quest items for class quest. This guy can ask for just about ANY food. From lettuce mince to cocoa balls.Types of quests: random food collection, help the lost animal, delivery, or pick up. 

This is the one that everyone wants to do to make money! You must be level 40 + to do this and have a trader title or ranking officer title. you basically buy and sell stuff from your city to somewhere else. Some cities form trading routes with another city or you can trade with the normal traveling trade npcs in the major cities like Lou Yang. Here is a more in depth trading guide:http://do.us.changyou.com/bbs/showth…ighlight=trade . You will keep 20% of whatever you brought back to the city. So the more money you return, the more money for you. You can do 8 trades per day.
Level 40-54 max return 25 gold, 5 gold per run if done correctly.
Level 55-69 max return 35 gold, 7 gold per run if done correctly.
level 70- (current level cap set to 70) max return 45 gold, 9 gold per run if done correctly.
You gain 5 guild contribution points per round. Be sure to not afk with a banknote on, people can kill you and rob you!

Life Skills 
Life skills after level 5 are no longer at the normal npcs. You can upgrade crafting and casting outside with a higher cost of gold but the other skills must be done in the guild city. This includes: fishing, cooking, pharmacy, mining, herbing, planting, sewing. All of them cost contribution points. The higher the level, the more points it costs (example level 6 costs like 100 points, and level 7 costs like 250, level 8 costs like 500). So be sure to help your city grow, you can help yourself grow as well.

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