Dragon Nest CN Saint Support DPS Build

Dragon Nest CN Saint Support DPS Build by Tarkel

I didn’t get get-up attack, since it’s not so critical for me. Atm the only place I needed it was ProfK Hellmode. Rest no problem.
Charge volt: maxed for DPS. It’s a huge dps skill, but it also has a problem of needing to be close to the target, while a priest would prefer to be the furthest away possible, to monitor the situation.
Shield block lvl2: just the bare minimum to survive if shit happens
Heal maxed (+1 and -cd plate): No need explanation
MaxHP maxed, aerial evasion maxed, damage reduction lvl0, since it applies only to physical
Bare minimum MP regen, more than enough for the purpose.

Lightning Relic: LVl11, EX and -cd plate. SP constrains. Would max if possible.
Healing Relic: maxed (+1, +EX, -CD plate): no need explanation
Cure relic: maxed + -cd plate. EXTREMELY important in GDN and Typhoon to have this on field at all times. Especially in typhoon, since every attack of the final boss applies electrocution.
Bind Relic: prerequisite.
Miracle: lvl2 for now. Will probably return to lvl1 and invest that SP into the getup attack for DDN.
Lightning bolt: prerequisite. I don’t see it grow that much for Saint. Needs EX to be really super DPS.
Mind Breaker: prerequisite
Chain Lightning: lvl11 best damage/SP ratio
Detonate: Maxed, since it’s the highest growing priest skill (over 10% per level)
Holy Burst and Grand Cross: bare minimum for a little s-armor break
Buffs: maxed, with +1 on the physical/magical attack one

Holy shield: maxed, +1 and +duration plate. One of the most important skills.
Shock of Relic: lvl1. Bad growth.

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