Dragon Nest CN Artillery PvE Guide

Dragon Nest CN Artillery PvE Guide by RyanKNIGHT

Ok,so this i my first guide so don’t be too harsh on me guys.I will start with the basics.Why Artillery and not Sniper?Well its simple.Artillery(atleast since the t4 transform) can turn all phy atack of the archer and bm tree into magic based ones,which means that you will do good dmg with magic and with phy,while most snipers would lack the magic dmg,which leads to lower dps ofc.Artillery is a hard class to play needs good timing on your eva and iframes skills,but when you get used to it realy pays off.

Now the skill build:

So the archer tree basicly max hp,dodging skills,and get twin to lvl 20 atleast aka max but you can get it to 121 with costume which is the leap lvl for its dmg.Leave the owl eye buff,get the 0 sp one.The perm 20% crit chance realy helps,because with arti you will have hard time reaching crit cap without sacrificing dps

Bow Master:
Max frag arrow great dps at lvl 16,leave swift at 11 since you wont see a big diff in the attack in lvl 16(given that you have skill earrings).Next get rapid to 11 since at this cap the leap can’t be reached since it can get to lvl 15 at max even with skill acc.I chose to left Guided arrow at lvl 1 since i don’t use it to dps.But you can easily drop siege stance and arrow shower and get guided to 6 or more.Now for the phy skills get ACS(aerial chain shot) to 16 with a skill neck,its worth it trust me.Its gonna be your best dps on par with rapid shot.Now about the buffs get longbow mastery to max lvl then get a ring with + 1 longbow too since if your atack is high those 2.6(if i remember correcly) will make a big diff.Max bulls eye and get fake and triangle shot just for mobility a.k.a. at lvl 1.And max your sylphs aid and your int and agility buff at max lvl its 18% agi and int so its alot.

Max everything here

Now the gears:
I would say everything comes down to the player,so it can be changed depending on your playing style.I personaly went with magic suffix on my bow and tent on my quiver because i like to solo nests and stuff,and full int on the whole set and acc.If you wanna get vit and think you just need a bit more surv its up to you.Get agi+int+hp pot works best with crit dmg and ofc hp.Int,vit hp is ok too.

Well i went with the usual magic,windswept,fatal,heathy,life,ultimate(final dmg),wise and the last one if you can find a good defense plate maybe with 3rd stat.

Skill plates:
Rapid Shot 20% dmg,Swift Shot 20% dmg,Frag arrow 20% dmg,Aerial Chain Shot 20% dmg

here are my stats clean,with sylph it gets to 21611 or something like that
Btw pls refer to Saurus’s thread “Damage transfer”

Arti are good at bugging with their skills,saurus exlains it all.The combo i use to bug is sylph+guided arrow+ immediatly ultimate or you can use detonating arrow instead of ulti.And its important that you have a ready suffix to be triggered,because if your triggered your suffix on the weap before that it won’t work.

Well thats pretty much it,I hope i helped someone and if you have questions feel free to ask

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