CrossFire Zombie Mode Strategy Guide

CrossFire Zombie Mode Strategy Guide by Emily_Lee


1. Put a M12s, Thompson or Dual Desperado in your bag.
2. Shoot a few bullets to attract mutants’ attention to you.
3. Switch to a melee weapon.
4. Run all around the map and attract mutants chasing you in a crowded line.
5. Switch to your SMG or shotgun and start spray.


A. Never press “F” until reload.
B. Make sure you are during the “Kill” step 4 or 5.
C. Switch to a melee weapon.
D. Run to somewhere far away the ammo station, and attract mutants there.
E. Press “F”, and make your fastest way to the ammo station.

The key of this strategy is to attract mutants.

Once they are gathered, you don’t need to worry too much about recoil.
You can also attract them far away the ammo station and earn reload time.
Obviously, speed is the most important. Thus, do NOT use any Rifle or MG.

This strategy will help you clear the round 26 and even 27/28 without glitch.
Usually you can win at least one silver box after clearing the round 26.
A silver box may include a Kris or something else you wish to win.

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