Wakfu Organising Dungeon Run Group Guide

Wakfu Organising Dungeon Run Group Guide by JerryDB

This guide is aimed at new players which the basics of group organisation.

First thing decide what you want to so and if its possible make a unanimous decision.

Make sure you have MORE than enough keys also disconnections happen at the best of times.

Who ever has the most keys should go in last.

If it is possible try to know what is needed to complete the dungeon successful do you need an eni? (it doesn’t hurt to have one). In general terms you need a certain amount of damage done per turn per team to complete various dungeons.

Invite people with the understand that they have MORE than enough time do complete the dungeon once, if people need to do something it is best everyone does it BEFORE starting the dungeon if possible. Leaving during a dungeon is the result of poor organising and play style (leaving your friends to make the dungeon harder TY).

Bare in-mind people may not have done the dungeon before or may be missing zapps so as a group leader don’t sit outside the dungeon saying “are you there yet!” instead meet them at a zapp they have and bring your team together. I will be quicker for someone to following someone who knows where they are going rather then keep pressing Map every 2 minutes.

If you are simply doing a group to fight a certain monster it is even easier, just get everyone at the right location.

Being group leader, I would not call them order but instructions, so instruction your members on the best course of action. Now a certain times a party member may be better suited to be in charge for example if you made the team but have never done the dungeon. Other times someone who doesn’t know anything will try to get everyone to do what they want personally I am rather sharp against such players as we all wanted to do X and they joined last so majority wins.

It will of course be up to you how you deal with people, good luck.

Further points
If you have to go , thank everyone for the group then leave as without you leaving other people can not be invite thus they can not do another run.
If you are going to be a long time do not join the group. You can always join on the second or third run.

IF ITS POSSIBLE SPECIFY TIMES!! for example I will be 20 minutes while I eat my dinner instead of just brb. So then your group knows if they decide to wait for you they also have 20 minutes before the next activity so the group can use its time better.

Talk be social that is one of the main aspect of an MMO who knows you might even have a laugh.

These are not rules to be followed merely guidelines to hopefully improve people’s organisations skills .

For anyone have problems finding a group please pm me JerryDB

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