Wakfu New Player’s Guide

Wakfu New Player’s Guide by JerryDB

Hello, this is a long time overdue.

Before you read on I may give information some may deem as spoilers that they wanted to find out for themselves. So read at your own risk.

This is my attempt to make a rough guide to help new players as a very long introduction to the game. I will update this from time to time, my words here are not absolutely perfect and they may well be room for improvement or in my experience my beliefs may be based on wrong assumptions.

To play Wakfu firstly you will be to create an Ankama account and download Wakfu. On the menu type in your username and password. Now due to Ankama decision you will be automatically assigned a server based on your location. To change server you will have to contact Ankama support who should supply you with a new account for the server of your choice.

There are currently six servers:-

  • Aerafal (French speaking)
  • Remington (International English speaking)
  • Elbor (Spanish speaking)
  • Amara (German speaking)
  • Nox (English speaking North American community)
  • Dathura (International French speaking)

Some servers have their its own official forum and Community Manager. Remington & Nox servers is the legend akaTroyle. Nox and Remington also share the same forum.

Deciding on what class to pick?
This is 100% up to you, I have been playing a very long time. All the classes are good they all have good and bad points. People can spend years arguing over the best class so what I like to do is think what do I want to do within the fight.

I personally went for an Eni because everyone loves and needs healing, also I can do a moderate amount of damage when I solo.

What nation to pick?
Again, this is 100% up to you, people can argue night and day.
Nations also give extra damage bonuses bonta air, brak fire, amakna earth and sufo water.
I went bonta because there is no option on this can to go neutral or no nation.
You can change nations at a cost of 25,000 kamas I do not know where the npc is though.

Now Plan! You character build
I will try to keep this as short as possible, as a new player you may not know understand all the aspect of the game to make perfect decision but I will give some general advice.
If you do not know what to level, in terms on special abilities or characteristics point level nothing, yes you heard me correctly if you level nothing you can not make a mistake. The game rarely offers a chance to reset your special abilities or characteristics so don’t fall into the trap of “I messed up my build “. Now you could test every ability until you learn what they do, I would simply level the one’s where the description make sense, the best one’s for an Eni is Expert Healer +40% to heals (nothing beats that for a water eni at least).

A massive help in deciding builds and class is base damage.
This is quite simple, look at a spell at level 100 lets take Eni’s healing word mark 38 base damage at level 100 3 ap.
So at level 100 with 6 AP you could use this spell twice So 38 x 2= 76 damage/healing.
Good you understand.
Now in an overly simplified view 100 base damage equal roughly 400 damage at level 100
Anything above 100 base damage I deem as good damage, some close range classes and push towards 200 base damage. Lets ignore resistances. This is simply for all classes(some classes +/-)
100 base damage +0% damage = 100 damage
100 base damage +100% damage=200 damage average level 30
100 base damage +200% damage=300 damage average level 60
100 base damage +300% damage=400 damage average level 80
100 base damage +400% damage=500 damage average level 100 (yes people can get a lot more)

How to work out combo’s look at your choose classes, look at spells in terms of level 100 then look at their AP requirement. It is possible to get 12 AP but you wont get more than 300% on an average class. Lets look at eni’s Sadist mark at 38 base if I went 9 ap that would be 38 x 3 = 114 lets say I have +300% damage = 456 healing/damage a turn not bad.

How does resistance work?
Its very simple it just minus’s your +damage.
For example 100 base damage + 200% damage -200% resistance you will hit 100.
So damage is stronger than resistance, this is why many players focus on this on their character.
Now say a monster has 400% resistance the minimum you will hit is the base damage of your spell in my above example I hit 114 with healing word even though the monster has more resistance then I have damage.

If you have the time try to read other people’s builds, or ask a high level player for advice as a build is just an opinion.

Characteristics, for me I like to keep these simple I usually go 1 base AP and 1 base MP then all the rest to improve my damage%, look at other people’s builds if you want to learn more.

Level trapper!
Before I start the tips section I would strongly advise learning and level the trapper profession.
The trapper profession allows you to spawn your own monster this isn’t so you can be a eco-lover this is much more for yourself and your group. Lets say you was killing a certain monster with a group size of 300, once all the 300 mobs are gone you have to leave the area instead with trapper you can plant your own monster mobs . The size will be slightly random however certain maps part of the map will tend to spawn bigger mobs have fun finding out where.

Learn to play the game solo, like any game it is going to take you some time to learn as this is a tactical game it may take a little longer than a first person shooter for example. I have played with people who leeched all their level so at level 100 did not have a clue what they were doing.
I clearly understand we all have to start somewhere bare in mind its a turn based game. Also soloing teaches you to play in a completely different way, it teaches you much about your own class, spells the good and bad about your class and so on. I used the words learn to play I never said play alone until you quit, recently lots of new players have been telling me I can not solo, its boring and other untrue statements.

Ok you just started the game, you have 100s of monsters to fight a whole world to explore you have 5 spells if you went mono element and 5 active passives to master.

Do you turn as fast as possible because its a turn based game this will help you, others and maximise your time.
Try to learn and unlock all your spells even the one’s that are not in your chosen element as all have some tactical benefit.
Use short cut keys (not if you have fat fingers) change “End turn” to something quick but that can’t be pressed my accident like F1.
Change the short cut key from delete (give up) to something else.
Also if you need to go for a short period of time especially while playing in a group doing a dungeon please shout BRB or AFK the amount of times fight get started without people is quite amazingly bad. Especially when they just said R (Ready or Aie!) or ready 30 seconds ago.

The thing to do after you have picked class and nation.
Get 10 citizen points more details can be found here this is to get your citizen bonuses, these are bonus for various stats but they was so easy to get, get the citizen points ASAP>

There may not be milions of people on this server but there is more than one person you will be able to play with. The main tip here is to find the right guild personally I put massive importance on this I would read the Guild section of the forum related to your server. So you know what you are looking for in a guild so getting searching . A common place for players within each nation are the market places for example 5th Avenue in Bonta.

This is the main grind of the game, but at the end your awesome so get started already!!

Press M and bring up the mini-map in the top right it tells you the recommended level for each area overall its quite good. Now fight some thing, I am not going to tell you everything. So lets say your an iop I would suggest do not fight long ranged monsters why? you will find out.

Fight what is easy to kill.

How is exp worked out? very simple its done by the level of the group and then for every member of your group to get +10/20% (not 100% what the bonus is). From my experience say you fight a gob solo it gives 1,000 exp , if you did the same fight with a group of two you would get more than 1,000 exp so I always try to fight in as big a group as possible. As long as they don’t take forever on their turns you should be laughing. Also you could try to be social and omg have fun playing with other people who knows?.

Also don’t worry about group size the main thing to think about is can my group kill X mob within a decent amount of time.

The best exp is out in the world and not inside dungeons generally speaking.

Realistically getting levels if you play with others can be done quite quickly, so I would suggest don’t bother wasting your time doing 50 Royal gob dung’s for that Royal gob set, instead I would use what you can. P.S many guild or even players may give gob sets to the right people. It might also be quick to make/mine kamas and buy your starting sets over farming for them.

Kamas and earning money
To read my guide on how to make money please click here.
The main ways mining ore’s then mint them into to kamas is the obvious way.
Selling resources and equipment the best way to price check an item is to use Wakfu element and look up the server you are on. For example type in gobbal hat Wakfu Element will then tell you the recent prices which the item sold at, so you can see if someone currently selling the item is selling at a fair price or not.
Learning a profession and making item/consumables and selling those.

I would suggest doing a little bit of mining until you have 100 kamas with that money sell resources and hopefully make more money. Or use the 100 kamas to travel to the different islands and farm the sets you need. How to travel to other nation and islands find the boat in your nation usually located at the back/last map then use that.

Other stuff
If you feel the game is lagging and its not your internet, quit the client as soon as you can and load it up again.
Go to the options, Game/tick the box “allow interaction with the left click I find this much more comfortable.
If you experience a bug, log to the character selection screen should fix most bugs (do not do this during a fight).
If you get stuck anyway, or your cheap (like me) and want to save kamas then zapp back to your home nations type /suicide then press enter it should kill you, and you go back to your phoenix statue.
When you start a fight with a group and you are not sure everyone is in your fight. Look at the left hand side of the screen, the players who in a fight (hopefully your own) will have two crossed swords next to their name. So shout at the person not in the fight, sometimes you may need to pm them quick as group chat does not make a sound.
The classic mistake most people make fighting against close range monster is they keep running towards the monster. This is pointless let monster come to you, the AI is not super advanced to drag out the fight in psychological warfare .

What to do with yourself?
Dont ask me, I dont know what to do with myself .
Jks’ this is sandbox game so the limit is your imagination (well to a certain extent).
Here are some suggestions.

  • Get all the zapps and drago-turkey expresses on the game
  • Travel and fighting within all the different islands and nations + fight all the different monsters
  • Get some tokens and then go to the troll fair
  • Take part in the mobile arena’s
  • Look after the eco-system and help the government
  • As a new player you can try to get a government position (people mainly use long standing friends or people who have done a good job before)
  • Get max. level currently 140
  • Get the best equips this is a never ended process really
  • Worship me (as your server god)
  • Have fun, so find your own path to enjoyment

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