Wakfu Flames Enutrof Guide

Wakfu Flames Enutrof Guide by Niddhoggy

The fire Enutrof is a very powerful build, despite of being underrated. It has an area of effect power comparable (if not superior) to Cras, as their spells tend to cover large areas when aimed at mines. The fire path also does not lack in dropping potential, on the other hand, it’s the best farming build as it can use water spells to pouch enemies and area of effect ones to finish off them fast. They are difficult to build though, that’s what probably prevents people from going fire.

With the information present in the French forum about the Enutrof changes, I can assure you that due to some changes to Hot Magma, passive and active skills, the fire build is going to be even stronger after path. I’ve been fire for a long time, and I’m only going Earth because I am always changing builds (that’s perfectly normal for me haha), one day I’ll be back to fire once again.

Which spells to level?
I found this picture that clearly shows how the Fire Enutrof works. Every single spell has a specific range restriction, which means that you should use each one of them for a specific situation. You can forget one of them though, or all your spells will be way too low at level 110. That’s why I suggest leveling from 3 to 4 fire spells. That’s what’s special on them, you do not use the same boring spell the entire battle. The fire build is an opportunist build.

  • Fusion: very powerful fire spell, in a critical hit build you can easily bypass 900 damage on critical hit at 110, it’s a main spell if you want to have advantage not only against many enemies, but also against single targets.
  • Meteor: a great skill that should also be leveled, mainly after the patch as its range is going to be modifiable. Meteor is far the best area of effect spell of the game if used correctly, due to its high damage for its low cost and freedom of line of sight.
  • Ember: another great skill but it’s optional to level it. It’s good if you find yourself around enemies way too often, as it can deal decent damage to surrounding targets.
  • Firedamp Explosion: another optional skill, I suggest you to always choose between Ember and Firedamp (I personally prefer ember, as I use meteor for area of effect damage).
  • Hot Magma: very useful and powerful spell (even stronger after patch). However you should always use it wisely or your WP will run out too fast. With the change to Hot Magma, it’s possible to bypass 1500 damage on a triple combo with critical hits (Hot Magma + Ember +Ember), though it’s very difficult to do so, your average damage will be around 800-1000 with that combo at level 110.
  • Rascalry: this is an optional spell, I use it to pouch targets and deal some damage at the same time. I can still reach 180-200 damage on critical hits, as I’ve invested on them. It’s a very good spell to stack treasure hunter and gain prospecting at the same time.
  • At 110 you should have four fire spells at leevel 70-80 and one water (optional) at 65~70.


  • Geology: that’s the first passive you have to level. With the update it becomes more effective as at level 20 it spawns up to 4 mines around you and other 8 around the map. I do not suggest to put all your points from level 1 to 21 on it, as you may need other spells such as Mine Mover of Drheller meanwhile. So I suggest to slowly increase the level of this skill.
  • Mine Mover: main skill to move mines and get some benefit from the area of effect damage. Mostly useful at 9, when it only costs 1 (or 0 MP if you have Not That Old leveled).
  • Not That Old: +40% chance of gaining 1 MP when a MP based spell is cast. What’s better than a free MP cost for Mine Mover and Ember? It’s optional though, as there are lots of spells available to level.
  • Treasure Hunter: well, I can’t say much. It’s an essential passive for every Enutrof.
  • Phone a Fhriend: primary spell for Fusion users, Drheller is far the best allied member you could have, I do not know if a level 9 Drheller is needed after the patch though. You may want to keep some points to level other skills.
  • Prime of Life: optional, I never maxed it, but with the dodge bonus it brings, It may be worth it maxing it as a Fire Enutrof. The main issue is that we really do not have many points to distribute.
  • Faking It: it’s useful for every build, but as you know… we lack points. I wouldn’t recommend focusing on a passive that only works when you die though. It’s better to avoid getting killed instead of investing 100 points in a spell while you could just level another more important skill. It’s not useless, on the other hand, it’s pretty damn nice, but you know… there are better skills that could be leveled.

Characteristic Points

It’s possible to invest your characteristic points in many different ways and consequently create different builds. I personally like the Critical Hit build, as fire spells do nice damage on critical hits with maximized effects (scalded, burning, explosion). It’s also good when you choose to use spells of other branches, like Rascalry, as critical hits indirectly boost the damage of all branches (since you have the same chance to get a critical hit with every spell).

  • Build 1: +1 AP, +22% Critical Hits, 32 Dodge: This build is for maximized critical hit chance and some dodge. You are able to have up to 92 basic Dodge if you count Not That Old and the Dodge Scroll. Reaching past 100 with some equipment and even 150 or more with prime of life (if leveled, which is difficult due to the lack of points).
  • Build 2: +1 AP, +1 MP, +18% Critical Hits (+25 spare points at 110): this is my build as MP points are very important for every Enutrof. However, with that new Not That Old, it could be ignored, as you can basically ignore the cost of Mine Mover and Ember if lucky.
  • Build 3: +1 AP, 131 Intelligence: it’s good and effective as you do not rely on luck to deal damage, in the end you’ll be doing in average the same damage, but I find it always better to have some crits as I also can cast spells from other branches. It’s up to you J
  • Build 4: +1 AP, +1 Range, 20% Critical Hits: this is my favorite build as with the new meteor it’ll be possible get some range with that spell. I recommend it. Think about having 3-4(even 3-5!) range with a spell that costs 2 AP and deals 31 damage at 100, doesn’t require line of sight and can deal damage to several targets, enjoy it!

7 or 8 AP is not needed at lower levels, as you can basically use Fusion and Ember and still deal decent damage. Also, Hot Magma grants a decent damage for 6 AP. The 10 AP build is only viable after level 100, as you’ll have to rely on Makabra Weapons to reach this AP bonus.

Equipment and Gear

Level 1-50: any fire gear is good enough to improve your damage, there’s no special gear in order to level. Try to always get the highest level gear though. Some pretty interesting fire sets are:

Zinit Stalagmote Set

Prespic set (for wisdom and faster levelling)

Level 54: Imperial Gobball Set, good set for leveling before Infernal!
Level 65: Duke Whelkington Set, a good hybrid set, I’d wait for 67 though!

Level 67:
 Imperial Drheller Set + Kama Set: great combination! Excellent prospecting and damage bonus, you’ll find yourself keeping that set until the end of your days, it’s a very good combination to farm dungeons and mobs, as you can get past 150 prospecting with it, range bonus, mp bonus, AP bonus and critical hits.

Level 71Magmacrak Set or Lunar Set or Keep the level 67 Gear!

2 options, Magmacrack Set (expensive and rare). The Magmacrack set will be your set until you are able to purchase a moowolf set or drop it, I recommend it as it’s the cheapest 4 parts – 1 AP fire set that we have right now, it’s essential if you’re going for a 10 AP build. You also can combine it with Doziak Eppauletes and Helmet later on for prospecting and damage. If you can’t afford it, go for Lunar Set, it’s a good critical hit set that gives AP and some wisdom (I prefer Lunar, later on at 90+ I’d for magmacrack).

Level 80Dark Hurl Set, that’s another pretty damn good fire set. You will not be able to have past 120 prospecting bonus though, as It has a hat and an epaulets (cannot wear Doziak). But if you’re going for damage, it’s the best set. Plus it’s another way to easily reach 10 AP.

Level 92: If you can afford a Moowolf Set, get it as soon as possible and be the hell on earth (literally).

Shovels are good for those who do not aim for 10 AP. 8 AP builds are perfectly fine. 10 AP is more oriented for damage, but 8 AP ones can have better prospecting, dodge, MP and range bonus. I suggest getting the Makabracards if you are going for 10 AP/crit as you can get a decent bonus and wear a dagger on the second hand, on the other hand, you can just go for a 8 AP build.

Spell Combos

  1. Meteor 5x
  2. Meteor 4x
  3. Fusion 2x +Meteor
  4. 1xFusion 2x
  5. Hot Magma + Fusion 1x
  6. Hot Magma + Meteor 2x
  7. Hot Magma + Ember 2x
  8. Ember 2x + 2x Assassin #1337’s Daggers
  9. Rascalry 4x (on different enemis) = +60 Prospecting if you’re standing on a gold Mine.
  10. Firedamp 2x + Ember 1x
  11. Firedamp 2x

Let the Enutrofs rule the world!If you have something to add, please, post it so I can make this guide better.

NOTE: Hot Magma is not as strond as I said anymore. I need to update this guide, I’m doing it when I have time for it!!!

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