Wakfu Anutrof Multi Elemental Build

Wakfu Anutrof Multi Elemental Build by iiNoted

Hello everyone, my name is iiNote and although I’m not from neither Nox nor Remington, I’ve decided to share with you my current Anutrof build, cause I’ve been coming around here pretty often to check on other people’s builds and they have helped me build mine, so here’s my pay it forward:

This build is an all around build, it deals a great amount of damage and drops pretty nicely (Can reach 300PP with mines).

I will add-up pictures and what not later, once I have them but I wanted to start with the basics.

The Build

This is what my anutrof will look like at lvl 125 (Currently 116). There is also this option to have if you don’t have the shovel and ring of the other build, in a way is also much better since you reach the 10AP.

I personally use both depending on the situation, if I see I will be using more fire/water I prefer the shovel with 1AP.

And this would be my end game build once I reach lvl 140, but thats a long way to go…

For the stats I get:

1AP, 1MP, 1 Range, 19 Critial Hits, this can change its all on the taste, I for one LOVE alot of critical hits and seeing as I already have nice elemental damage and resist I don’t see too much need in having to pump Strenght, Intelligence or Luck, a good stats to pump would be Dodge though, its your choice really.

The Spell distribution can be seen in the link I left up there.

The Specialties

For the specialty spells (No idea how they’re called in english I’m from Elbor by the way).

I start off in this exact order:

1.  Treasure Tracker: 20
2.  Geology: 10
3.  Prime of Life: 9
4.  Drhellzerker: 6 (You don’t really need it at 9 since its just 2pa cost at the start, and you save points for other specialties).
5:  Mine Mover: 9
6:  Phone a Friend: 9
7:  Not dead Yet: 10 (Even with this at 10-11 it procs ALOT)
8:  Faking it: 20

In the end you’ll have one point left you can use it where ever you feel like, I used it on “Not dead yet”. Also consider that this build is for lvl 125, 125+ can pretty much max “not dead yet” and “Drhellzerker” and still have points left.

With this build I reach 400%+ damage on all 3 elements, I also get 300PP with 30pp Candies, and have a decent HP and Resist not to menion Very nice Critical Hits so you’ll see those pretty often, has a decent range too.

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