Rosh Online Leveling Money Making Guide

Rosh Online Leveling Money Making Guide by Izuna



This is my Guide.

Ive used this method many times.

Works Best at Weekends for leveling Up!

Works Best on working Days for Profit!

Fastest Level up is on

Suggested items/Knowledge:

Having Fleta Weapon/Armour Could make Leveling easier.

Having Teleport scrolls can make moving between maps faster and going to Town to sell items.

Having Buffs potions can make leveling faster.

Having haste and wind potions can make moving and leveling faster.

Using Rosh Guide can make leveling Faster.

Disabling Auto loot on Rosh Guide will make leveling 70 % more faster(You can watch over your bot and pick up decent loots manually)

1-20 level :

Step 1.


TYPE AT SHOUT CHAT!! : | “Looking for master ” – And wait until some one invites you.

Kill Spiderlings until Level 5

Kill Owlbears until level 7

Kill Horn Boars Until Level 10

Step 2.

Go to Lucas – And Finish the Class Advancement quest –
TAKE Sample Wings of Chaos from Clear List!

Now go to Maul Bears – Kill them until level 20.

Now go to Lupinel using Berneo warp.

Now go to Tempteron.

Leveling 20-35 :

Buy 300+ Average Hp Potion from Useable item NPC.

Now head out of the city gates and go up along the path.

Find a good place with alot of White Hound Spawns.

They will give decent EXP.

Kill them until level 35(Using Rosh Guide makes it easy)

Also you make pretty decent carat while Leveling on them.

They drop Lucky Flowers.

5th Armour and Weapons.

And merchant able items to sell to NPC.

You can make up to 400k+ there.

Now Go to Consigment Sale and Grab as many 34 Level Armours or Weapons as you can.
35-43 :

From here on process will get a little bit slower but you will get more Fleta Energy and Drops.

You start to get money from here on.

Go to peltrok.

At 35 level Try get as much P defence as Possible.

Stock up on HP Potions.

And Head to Winged Vipers.

There is a spot near Goblin Strikers it has a good spawn.

Kill Winged Vipers until 45 Level.

Here on you will be grinding these for Ancient Stone of Knowledge – These sell for 25-35k each.

DISJOINT ALL HIGH/ARCH Weapons! – Some will fail , but Ignore this – Since They take alot time to sell at Consigment.

DISJOINT ALL Great Armours from loots – If you get Armour item with 90 P def Option – Put it to Consigment for 150-300k – This is one of the few items that will sell eventually.

YOU will Get alot Enchant scrolls – Keep them if you want or sell them to CS.

SELL ALL WHITE ARMOURS WEAPONS TO SHOP – They have the worst Disjoint rates!

SELL ALL Random Items to SHOP!

Stay there until 43 Level.

At 43 Level Head to shop!

Buy the best 43 level Armours And Weapon that you can afford.

Also +3+4 all your gear.

If have enough carat Buy Rainy and Earthern Runes from Consigment.

Put them on your armours.


Stock up on Potions!

Stock up on Peltrok teleport Scrolls!

Go to Guild Manager and Make a Guild for Storage Space! – costs 66.1k If you Expand it – very good thing to keep Grinded Items in.


At 43 Go to Gruja Village!

Start Killing Monsters inside there.

Disjoint all High/Great/Arch weapons!

Disjoint all Great armours!

Keep the 90 p def armours and Put into Guild Strorage!

Collect or Sell all Enchant scrolls.

Sell All White items.

Do all this until level 50.


Further Notes.

If run out of Bot You can buy Rosh Guides from Consigment.

When reach level 50 – Transfer all your items and profits to your Main or keep this character as a main and level Beyond 50.

If not Main then Xfer all items and profits.

Then Delete the character and make a new one.

Repeating the process.

Also the Lucky Stone that you get from level 20 can be used each time you make a alt to make +7+++ item if Lucky.

You can use the ASK that you grind to reinfroce your items.

You can Trade ASK for EOV and make PK items weapons/Armours and even Chaos Wings later.

On average you need to make 3x 1-50+ ALTS for 600+ Eov.

But every time you finish an ALT DELETE IT – since you further hold no use for it , also it will make server data base more clean.

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