Rift Fun Leveling Guide

Rift Fun Leveling Guide by Capped

So this guide is aimed at showing players how to keep their first 2-3 alts fresh and exciting with as minimal grind and repetition of content as possible. I hope you enjoy it and that its helpful to you!

So lets list at the 4 main ways of levelling (regardless of speed, they are all similar enough).

-Instant Adventures.

Assuming you enjoy doing all of these things, that is alot of content to sift through.

There are alot of zones and even content in RIFT that you’ll never fully complete or wont even touch on your first alt and even after your second there are things to do, i have provided an indepth example below but im going to do a short summary of how to keep things fresh and fun with bulletpoints here.

-If you are still levelling your first alt i recommend not “branching out” and doing a little of everything if you want to level another alt soon, you’ll get the feeling of having done it all when you’ve only tickled the surface of the content, it will still be enough to deter and bore you however. (Jack of all trades, Master of none is appropriate here)

-When levelling a second character, do content you missed out on and find ways around repeating that you have. For example zones you might have missed, dungeons you didnt run (there are ALOT of pre-SL ones you might miss.) and use things like PvP and instant adventures to level past zones you quested through on your first alt.

-Take it slow. If you find levelling your alt a chore, stop. You will end up burnt out and stop playing RIFT less and less because of it, you want games to remain enjoyable for as long as possible right? Go play your main, do something else. Just stop playing if you find it boring.

-If your finding one form of content boring, do another! Theres no harm in re-doing a zone you enjoyed if PvP is boring you! (Scarlet gorge <3)

-Time. Leaving a month or two between levelling alts can be beneficial, you wont remember the content so vividly and it will help keep it enjoyable.

-Some people like to level more then one character at a time to keep things fresh, smash things with your guardian warrior in instant adventures then log to your defiant mage to blow up those scum guardians!

-The opposite factions offer alot of different and varied content even within the same zones. This is especially useful for a third alt.

PvP / PvE servers themselves hold a completely different feel – Getting ganked (by someone your level!) in Moonshade Highlands because your quest mob is right next to an enemy faction hub or getting into grudge matches with a rival leveller are both thrilling, frustrating and rewarding (when you finally make them rage-log.) I spent two hours just dueling somebody once. PvE servers offer a much more relaxing atmosphere, you’ll be doing many more zone events and RIFT’s with players and having a good relaxed time in general.

-If you’re at your 3rd or higher character changing up the content you do often is a good way to keep things fresh, switching from a dungeon to questing to pvp to IA then back again while you play keeps things different and entertaining.

Lengthy Example

Im going to use my first character as an example and then lead with how i can keep content fresh on my next 2 alts while levelling. So lets get started!

Examples of what i missed on my first char are:
Freemarch + Stonefield (i was guard.) All of droughtlands and shimmersand + half of stillmoor. (talking about SL later)

-I did zero PvP and very limited dungeons and instant adventures 1-50 (dungs and IAs i didnt touch after 50 too.)

Storm legion is a tricky one, there are 2-3 areas for you to level in at all times and two continents to choose from. It is 100% possible to EASILY level 50-60 on one continent alone – giving you two characters worth of content before repeating anything at all.

So my second character has these options to keep content completely fresh and new.

-Dungeons (havent seen any Pre-SL at all.)
-Instant Adventures
-New areas (Droughtlands, Shimmersand, Rest of stillmoor + Defiant starting areas if i choose to roll deffy)

-New continent.
-Instant Adventures

So to achieve a 2nd alt at 60 with fresh content you would have to “juggle” alot more then you did the first time to keep it new. So a “levelling route” i could use for my 2nd guardian character would be

-Level to 10.
-Participate in IA’s / PvP
-Start doing dungeons
-Continue with dungeons / Instant adventures / Pvp to ~36 (really not that long and the 3 forms of content are more then enough)
-New areas (Droughtlands, Shimmersand, Stillmoor – Might slightly repeat some stillmoor content.)
-New continent in storm legion + IA’s

That is likely 95% fresh, new and different content throughout my second character. As you can see my levelling method was different, 1-36 involved absolutely no questing and after that i was questing in all the areas i had left / missed out on before while taking full advantage of instant adventures for different content in the same areas.

So that is 2 characters at level 60 with completely fresh content. Once you reach a third alt, you start to recycle content you have done before. Unless you are willing to roll on the opposite faction (highly recommend it, you visit areas you havent before in zones and do many different quests although alot do repeat and overlap)

-With a 3rd alt of the same faction you are going to be repeating content but to keep it from getting dull and boring, do it all! Mix and match everything you did on the first and second characters to prevent it from feeling like a grind. Do a pvp, queue a dungeon, do a few quests then jump into IA’s. Dont keep mindlessly grinding the same levelling method over and over if you dont enjoy it!

-With a 3rd alt of the opposite faction, you again have access to alot of new content such as:
*two new starting areas for 1-30
*New quest hubs, story quests and locations you are sent to. (its also interesting seeing how the different factions interact if you pay attention to some of the quests.)
You will end up recycling content at this point too however, follow the above to keep things enjoyable!

I didnt factor in Rifts / invasions / zone events because these are already things that disrupt the “grind” of questings and instant adventures, they help inject some excitement and fun to them and are completely optional (although often always done!)

You could use them as a form of levelling but they are more commonly and easily used as a sort of “side quest” so to speak.

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