PokeMMO Get Exp During Cooldowns Guide

PokeMMO Get Exp During Cooldowns Guide by fredrichnietze

first off this is ONLY for wild Pokemon assuming you have already beaten all the usual trainers and have beat the Elite 4.also this is assuming you will be training for a while and not just 1-2 fights. also the exp given in this guide will NOT be the lucky egg values, if you want to know the lucky egg values then multiply the exp by 1.5.

first off the tangela patch, it is often considered the “best” place to train exp. the tangela’s you find there are lvl 17-28 giving out 403-664 exp with a average of 533.5 exp. because tangela is the only Pokemon there, the average exp/encounter=533.5. now it gets difficult. the next on my list is kindle road on 1 isle. the encounter’s are as follows.

  • 30% ponyta lvl 31-34 with 673-738 exp
  • 25% spearow lvl 30-32 with 248-265 exp
  • 10% fearow lvl 26 with 833 exp
  • 10% geodude lvl 31 with 380 exp
  • 10% meowth lvl 31 with 305 exp
  • 5% persian lvl 37-40 with 782-845 exp
  • 5% rapidash lvl 37-40 with 1014-1097 exp
  • 2.5% psyduck lvl 34 with 388 exp
  • 2.5% slowpoke lvl 34 with 480 exp​

if you do the math that adds up to a average of 544.3 exp/encounter.

next on my list is cerulean cave. cerulean cave is divided into 3 different levels (1F, 2F, and B1F) in order to save space i will just add in the results without bothering y’ll with the math but i used the same formula from above. Floor 1 = 1036.21 exp/encounter, Floor 2 = 1113.255 exp/encounter, and Basement Floor 1 = 1068.71 exp/encounter. meaning that cerulean beats tangela patch and kindle road. floor 2 is the best average exp/encounter found so far. in other words cerulean cave > kindle road > tangela patch. i will do the math with the rest of the isle’s and other popular area’s. then i will edit in the results.

credits go to…..

  • squall and his guide for the encounter rates
  • psypokes.com for it’s exp calculator (if only i found it hours earlier)
  • MrMasonMan for the above calculator
  • Anjoman for confirming that ditto’s transformation’s do not affect exp
  • and callaway for talking this over with me

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