Planet Calypso Society Member Guide

Planet Calypso Society Member Guide by Thaddeuss

Rank Capabilities
Electing a New Leader
Disbanding Your Society
Creating a New Society

This information is generic to all forms of hierarchy in Entropia on the assumption that all forms of hierarchy have the stardard 6 ranks.

In my example i will be using the Military Hierarchy Template as that is what TKoC uses.

So First off their are 6 available ranks in the military hierarchy


Capabilities available to each Rank
(tested and verified info)

Each ability that is gained at a particular rank is also available to all higher ranks as well.


-Able to read the society information page
-Add other members to their freinds list from the members list.
-View other member’s info as well as their own member info.
-Vote on leadership of the society.
-Set your own avatar to electable or unelectable as leader.


-Gain the ability to type and save messages in their member info description.


-Can promote Recruits but are not able to demote or dismiss them.
-Can offer society applications in person rather then going to the
society terminal to apply.


-Can now promote Recruits and Privates but is not able to dismiss or demote anyone.
-Can now read the society Log.


-Can edit the Society information page.
-Turn on and off public rank info, public member roster, and accepting members.
-Can now change the society hierarchy template
-Can now promote Recruits, Privates, and Sergeants.
-Can now Demote or Dismiss Recruits, Privates, Sergeants, and Captains.
-Can now view and accept Society Applications.


-Can promote, demote, or dismiss any member of the society.
-Can begin the society disbanding process.
-You lose the ability to leave the society. A new leader must be elected before you are able to dismiss yourself.
-Can set or change your Society’s attitude towards other Societys.

Electing a New Leader

A new leader can be elected 1 of 2 ways:

For you to win the election you need to have the majority (50.1%) of the votes. This is calculated from the whole society so if you have, for example, 100 members you will have to get 51 votes. 24 hours after you have received 50.1% of votes you will become Leader.

New society members will auto vote for the current general, making his position more stable. It is however very difficult to elect a new general by getting more then 50.1% of the votes in larger society. For instance in a society of 20 people u only need 11 to vote, in a society of 100 u need 51 active members to vote.

or option 2:

The current leader must set themselves as unelectable which will automatically make the person with the 2nd most votes, the leader after 24 hrs.

Disbanding Your Society

Only the Leader of a Society in this Case the General has the ability to start the disbanding process.

If you select to disband Your society the whole society will be closed in 7 days. All members will be informed as soon as you have started the disbandment. If you during this time change your mind you can unclick the choice and the disbanding process will be stopped. You always need to click OK for the change to start or stop.

Creating a New Society

Anyone can create a new society regardless of time spent ingame or skill.

A newly created society remains in a pending state for seven days after the initial creation before it is accepted as a official society of Entropia. During that time the society leader must recruit and keep a minimum of at least 4 members, otherwise the society will be automatically disbanded after 7 days. At least 5 members (total) must be in the society by the end of the 7 day qualification period. This means 1 leader and 4 other members.

The society creator has the ability to change the society name at any time. If a spelling mistake is made in the society name or the society leader decides to change the society name. It will take 7 days for the process to be completed.

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