MMDOC Gold, Exp and Elo Guide

MMDOC Gold, Exp and Elo Guide by Kommutierung

i thought about a “guide” where you can look up how the gold and experience reward system works.

What i’ve found out already :


– for a win you get 400exp
– Endurance depends on turns.
…..1st turn….100exp
…..2nd turn…100exp
…..3rd+ turn…30exp
That means, if game ends after turn 2 you get 200exp, if it ends after turn 9 you get 410exp (2*100 + 7*30) and so on…
It seems like the maximum of exp you can get per duel is 1100, which is reached after 19 turns.

If you surrender you won’t get the 200exp for the first two turns. So dont surrender! you will lose a lot of experience if you do.
e.g. surrendering after 9 turns will bring you 210exp (2*0 + 7*30) instead of 410exp (2*100 + 7*30)

experience needed for level x (till lvl 90 yet):

per duel you get roughly 650*exp, which means for level 50 you need like 1020* duels

*numbers of course vary quite a bit as it depends on how often you win, how long (in turns) the duels last or if you use exp boosts.


Here it becomes a bit more complicated, so havent found out that much yet.
– for every point of damage you do to your oponents hero you get 25gold (500 if you win against a 20hp hero). What i dont know yet is, if you get more than 500gold if oponent heals his/her hero and you have to do like 22 damage on him/her.

Bonus Gold:
– Courageous Defence brings up to 350gold. Dont know yet based on what exactly.
– Overwhelming Forces brings up to 350gold. Also dont know yet based on what.
– Heavy Onslaught, have to kill lots (guess at least 4) of creatures at once.
– Critical Hit, deal high (works with 7, maybe less) damage to hero with one attack from a creature.

You can only get one Bonus per duel.

Seems like surrendering doesnt influence the amount of gold you get.


was looking at elo last games and it works like this for 1001 to about 1250elo players (havent got any data for different elo yet):

from/to shows your elo differnce to the oponent -> your elo – oponent elo
so if you play against a player with 67 elo less than yours (e.g. 1107 – 1040), look at “from 46 to 71” -> if you win you will get +12elo.

loss: you lose one elo more than you would have won. (if there is no special case like you are at 1003elo, then you only lose 2 because you wont fall below 1001 instantly)

PS: because i havent acquired enough data yet to be 100% sure in some cases the from/to could vary by 1, like +14elo is from 1 (instead of 0) to 22.

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