MechQuest Soluna City Guide

MechQuest Soluna City Guide by AoW


Welcome to Soluna City. This is the hometown of everyone in MechQuest. This city links every planet in the game. This city is constantly expanding. For those of you who have just landed there is so much to do so let’s start with GEARS University.

Main Screen

This is the screen you start on. On this screen there is Teks and the entrance to GEARS University. There are also people you can battle that have the Newbatron mech equipped. If you go straight up you will see the bill board. There are several things to do here. First is the C-Mail this gives you hints about how to proceed in the storyline. Next is the news screen. This provides information about the current release. Next is the map screen this shows all the planets. You can visit them in any order except for Lagos. To get to Lagos you have to complete Gark. After you beat Gark you can then visit Lagos. Now on to the job section.


Mecharoni Pizza

This was the first job ever released. There are 20 ranks total to achieve. The rolls start at 6 and cap at 72. There is a uniform that adds 5 to rolls. And then there are 4 hats. They unlock at positions 5, 8, 14, and 17. The hats give a roll bonus of 1, 2, 5, and 15 respectively. When you hit deliver pizza one of two things happen. One thing that may happen is you may fight a ShadowScythe or Rusty Rat. The other thing that may happen is your mech appears on the screen. When you walk across the screen you fight a random enemy. After that you deliver a pizza and you could get some extra credits (usually a number less than 10). Don’t worry about the enemies because they only scale to level 3. There is a quest called Order 66. You fight a level 5 rusty rat that is as strong as a level 8 enemy. There are three shops that unlock at position 10, 18, and 20. The shops that unlock at rank 10 and 18 are weapons shops. They are the Sauce and Recipe shops. The weapons in the sauce shop have no specials. At rank 20 you unlock a mecha shop that has the revived Pizza Mechs. They were updated with new specials some time ago. Here are the ranks

  1. Dish Washer
  2. Pizza Delivery Pilot
  3. Cheese Runner
  4. Lead Dough Stretcher
  5. Pizza Topperator
  6. Pizza Pirate
  7. Pizza Assaultist
  8. Heavy Cheese Specialist
  9. Flower Power Ranger
  10. Tomato Blaster
  11. Prank Call Assassin
  12. Slice Sprinter
  13. Advanced Pepperoni Cutter
  14. Pizza Delivery Knight
  15. Pizza Top(ping) Gun
  16. Pizza Delivery Crusader
  17. Sauce Commander
  18. Elite Pizza Transport Technician
  19. Head Seasoner
  20. Deep Dish Commander

Specific Hospital

This is the second job you can take. In this job there are 32 ranks. When you hit emergency there are 4 things that may happen. One thing that may happen is the autopsy quest. This is a famous farming spot you can gain several levels by doing this quest. This quest is a minigame where you click on an organ and drag it to the red dot. When you complete this quest you earn an amount of credit equal to the number of sides you hit. If you hit 0 sides then you get 100 exp. and 500 credits. If you hit one side then you get 80 exp. and 400 credits. The amount continues to decrease by 20 exp. and 100 credits for every side you hit. The next thing that could happen is you fight a ShadowScythe unit. A third thing that could happen is a quest where you walk across one screen and fight a ShadowScythe unit to deliver supplies. The final thing that could happen is another minigame. In this minigame, you move a helicopter with the mouse and shoot by clicking; you have to hold the helicopter in position to rescue doctors then bring them back to the repair truck. After time is up you fight a ShadowScythe. When you volunteer the scrubs are unlocked. At rank 12 the doctor’s hat unlocks. When you reach rank 20 the doctor’s uniform unlocks. There are two shops in the hospital. They are the Gift shop and the EMT shop. The gift shop has weapons and the EMT shop has the revived Valkyries. The gift shop unlocks at rank 12 and the EMT shop unlocks at rank 30. There are two quests in the hospital. They are the Nano quest and Shadow base quest. The Nano quest unlocks at rank 30 and 31 respectively. Both of these are required to complete the hospital. In the Nano quest you learn about the ShadowScythe virus, and then you go inside this patient and fight 4 germ things and then a ShadowScythe scorpion. After you beat them you go to rank 31. In the Shadow base quest you click around on a map and then go to the base to rescue a brain surgeon. After you rescue him you have to go back to the base and destroy it. After you complete this quest you rank up to rank 32. Here are the ranks

1. Volunteer
2. Candy Stripper
3. Intern
4. Bedpan Scrub
5. Scrub
6. Disorderly
7. Orderly
8. Thermometer Master
9. Masseuse
10. Nurse’s Aid
11. Physical Therapist
12. Emergency Medical Technician
13. Research Assistant
14. Lab Technician
15. Researcher
16. Counselor
17. Trustee
18. Physical Care Assistant
19. Registered Nurse
20. Head Nurse
21. Physician’s Assistant
22. General Practitioner
23. Cosmetic Surgeon
24. Pharmacist
25. Dermatologist
26. Optometrist
27. Anesthesiologist
28. Orthopedic Surgeon
29. Pediatrician
30. Neurologist
31. Resident
32. Chief of Staff

Soluna Police Department

This is the third job available. In this job there is a ton of energy battles so completion of energy blades 101 will be helpful. You are a Police Officer and you check out strange werewolf activities. There are two things that can happen when you go on patrol. The first thing that can happen is just a single mech battle. The next thing that can happen is a mech battle and an energy blade battle. As you rank up you come across clues that will make sense as you get more. When you get clue 8 you will go to falcon reach and as you get more clues you see a tower being built. When the tower is complete you get to go undercover as a wolf. Answer the questions the wolves ask you like a wolf would. If you don’t answer them correctly you fight in an energy blade battle. After you find out their plan Sherriff Duncan blows your cover. So you fight in an energy blade fight. Afterwards go to the Knife and Spork and fight off the werewolf and then you have stopped the pie shipment. Afterwards the wolf gang is mad at you so fight off the wolves and then enjoy the werewolf mecha it is great for lower level players. Here are the ranks and the weapon shops.

1.Crossing Guard
2. Hall Monitor
3. Neighborhood Watch
4. Rent-a-Cop
5. Rookie
6. Traffic Officer
7. Meter Maid
8. Flatfoot
9. Police Officer
10. Patrol Man (or Woman!)
11. Peace Bringer
12. Officer of the LOL
13. The Fuzz
14. Enforcer
16. Inspector
17. Super Sleuth
18. Super Trooper
19. Gumshoe
20. Investigator
21. Detective
22. Highway Patrol
23. Bobby
24. Mountie
25. State Trooper
26. Deputy
27. Undercover Policeman
28. Sheriff
29. SWAT
30. Police Captain
31. Police Lieutenant
32. Police Chief

Soluna Museum

This is the fourth job you can take. This is the second longest job in the game next to the ghost hunting. In the jungle, you have to fight a dinosaur or ShadowScythe mecha. Then you have to enter the temple and avoid traps (there’s a hint button that tells you what to do). Afterwards, you must fight a ShadowScythe pilot in an energy blade fight. Walk up to the stone and either you get the ice crystal, or you do a random roll for a Triceratops fossil. The desert is much the same as the jungle, you fight a mecha, then you have to go inside a temple, only this time there’s no hint button and only one trap, where you have to move forward to escape the flames. Then there’s an energy blade fight and you have to touch the middle flame and then stand completely still. Afterwards, you get a fire crystal shard or a you randomly roll for a triceratops fossil. In the ocean, there’s only a diving minigame, a mecha fight, an energy blade fight, and another mecha fight. Afterwards you get the Pearl of Katchoo or a random roll for an Itchyosaur fossil. The shops unlock after you get 8 pieces of the first fossil. The weapons are pretty good for there levels. The mechs are unique and are unlocked after you complete the first fossil. The mechs have high HP and low EP and EP regen.
here are the fossil pieces:


1. Ancient Ruins Revealed
2. Ice Crystal Shard
3. Triceratops Right Toe
4. Triceratops Right Foot.
5. Triceratops Right Shin
6. Triceratops Left Toe
7. Triceratops Left Foot
8. Triceratops Right Femur
9. Triceratops Left Shin
10. Triceratops Left Femur
11. Triceratops Torso/Fire Crystal Shard 
12. Triceratops Tail
13. Triceratops Neck
14. Triceratops Shoulder
15. Triceratops Right Arm
16. Triceratops Left Arm
17. Triceratops Right Hand
18. Triceratops Left Hand
19. Triceratops Jaw
20. Full Zardasaur Skeleton Completed
21: Pearl of Katchoo
22: Icthyosaur Torso
23: Icthyosaur Hip
24: Icthyosaur Right Arm
25: Icthyosaur Left Arm
26: Icthyosaur Right Backfin
27: Icthyosaur Left Backfin
28: Icthyosaur Right Fin
29: Icthyosaur Left Fin
30: Icthyosaur Tail
31: Icthyosaur Neck
32: Icthyosaur Right Backfin (What?)
33: Icthyosaur Jaw
34: Full Sharakasaurus Skeleton Completed

The Art museum is right next to this job this is where you can buy the top ten artworks each month. If you want to submit your own art go to this link

Mysterious Emporium Ghost Hunting

Out of all the Jobs this is the longest and in my opinion the worst job ever. This job starts with you letting all the ghosts out when you go to get these mysterious glasses for Mysterious J. After this you have to go catch all the ghosts. This is done by buying mysterious J’s ghost hunting arms. When equiped while you are fighting the ghosts when they glow red use the arm and there is a certain percent of caching the ghost. If you capture the ghost you when the fight. Each level requires a certain number of ghosts to catch. When you reach rank 21 you join the mysterious club. There are a series of missions you have to complete. After you are level 20 you will get acess to the ghost hunter mechs. If you go outside you can upgrade these mechs by turning in 13 ghosts to the stranger and buying a doom cell. This turns the ghost hunter into the Hunter Eidolon. Here are all the ranks for Ghost Hunting.

1. Skeptical Spook Investigator
2. Spirit Chaser
3. Haunt Hunter
4. Casper Crusher
5. Spook Smiter
6. Ghost Trapper
7. Banshee Banisher
8. Ghost Hunter
9. Ghost Beater-upper
10. Supernatural Sleuth
11. Spectre Spyer
12. Poltergeist Plucker
13. Ghastly Grizzler
14. TAPs Dancer
15. Chain Rattler Silencer
16. Ghost de-Shell-er
17. Apparition Attacker
18. Spectre Spooker
19. Phantasm Farmer
20. Paranormal Investigator
21. Club Membership Applicant
22. Club Membership Applicant
23. Club Membership Applicant
24. Club Membership Applicant
25. Mysterious Club Member

Gears University

How do you start? To start at GEARS go to the lady (Admina) with the exclamation point and click take exam. After some dialog you will fight the University Test, it has 55 HP and 100 EP. If you don’t beat it in three turns it automatically destroys itself. Then you fight some Lv3 enemies. Nothing happens if you beat them, you just get more money. After you are accepted there is much to do at Gears. The first thing to do is join a house. There are three houses that are all different. All the houses are covered in the How to Choose the Right House for You guide. Then there are the classes. There are three classes and then a class to train your stats.

Energy Blades 101

There are 35 ranks to achieve. You get new weapons every 5 ranks. The class requires you to give up 1000 credits. This class is very important since there are a lot of energy blade fights and you need a high damage energy blade. Here is some more info on the class from PD’s guide


At rank 35, you are also given access to the “Nova Blades” Shop. This contains the Phantasm Scimitar, the first buyable and permanent energy blade.

A higher color in this class will also increase the difficulty of enemies in energy fights. Higher colors also give access to certain items found in Light’s Sabers, explained later.

The weapon rack can also be found at the Museum. All weapon rack items are temporary, and are unequipped when putting on a uniform or logging out.

List of Weapon Rack Items
Rank 0: No Belt, Access to Default Laser Sword (1-8, OR damage of previous energy weapon)
Rank 1: Lily White Belt, Access to Sword (1-8)
Rank 3: Access to Energy Weapon Training Uniform 
Rank 5: Old Yellow Belt, Access to Tanto (2-6)
Rank 10: Crushing Orange Belt, Access to Machete (3-9)
Rank 15: Envious Green Belt, Access to Sai (1-10)
Rank 20: Little Boy Blue Belt, Access to Kama (1-12)
Rank 25: Brown Noser Belt, Access to Axe (4-12 SC-Only)
Rank 30: Crimson Red Belt, Access to Double Saber (5-14 SC-Only)
Rank 35: Master Black Belt, Access to Partisan (5-15 SC-Only)Phantasm Scimitar (8-24 NG)

Mecha Combat 101

In this class you will fight battles with special conditions. No shops unlock when you beat this class. Here are the battles in this class
Class 1-Fight one enemy
Class 2-Fight two enemies without healing
Class 3-Fight three enemies without healing
Class 4-Fight a Teacher’s Assistant
Class 5-Fight two enemies without healing
Class 6-Fight three enemies without healing
Class 7-Fight a Teacher’s Assistant – warning don’t use ballistic weapons, they will do no damage.
Class 8-Fight two enemies without healing
Class 9-Fight three enemies without healing
Class 10-Fight four enemies without healing
Class 11-Fight a Teacher’s Assistant- warning don’t use laser weapons, they will do no damage

Advanced Combat Theory

A much harder version of Mecha Combat 101. These enemies have advantages. At the end there is a shop with weapons that have bonuses against shadowscythe. These are the enemies and the special effects they have.
Class 1- Advanced Runehawk – reflects 30% of criticals
Class 2- Advanced Mystraven – can’t be stunned
Class 3-Advanced Wolfblade – lowers your damage by 50%
Class 4-Orbo – has max accuracy
Class 5-Hugh Munn
Class 6-Slitz – can’t be stunned
Class 7-Floaty – lowers your damage by 60%
Class 8-Hover – has max accuracy
Class 9-Rusty Rat – reflects 50% of critical hits
Class 10-Hugh Munn
Class 11-Orbo – reduces your damage by 75%
Class 12- Slidz – can’t be stunned
Class 13-Floaty – has 50 defense and your damage is nerfed 50%
Class 14- Hover – max accuracy
Class 15-Hugh Munn
Class 16-Rusty Rat – reflects 60% of criticals
Class 17- Slidz – 50 defense and lowers your damage by 75%
Class 18-Rusty Rat – Reflects 75% of criticals
Class 19-Hugh Munn be aware there is an energy blade fight here

Mecha Piloting 101

In this class you train your stats. Star Captains can train 6 points per battle while non-star captains
can train 5 points per battle. The enemies in this class have the same stats as you.

Dean Warlic Quests


At some point you will receive a c-mail that tells you to go to Dean Warlic’s office. When you enter his office he will tell you that Sys-Zero has been captured. Then he sends you to Tibattleonia. You fight two enemies then you get healed. After that you fight a kaiju scythe nothing to difficult. Then you get to watch a video. The video shows the Soluna defenses being wiped out by the ShadowScythe.


In this mission you fight two ShadowScythe and then sys-zero the repair truck will fully heal you 5 times. Sys zero is a little difficult to beat. before you fight him you learn the ShadowScythe have taken control of his mind.

Meet the Kingadent

After that mission the Kingadent has a mission for you. The problem is you don’t have a car to get to the white castle. So head over to Pointimech and buy the van for 10,000 credits. Now go to the white castle and a minigame will start. Just avoid the cars and you win. When you reach the castle, the Kingadent wants you to go to the moon. He says there are rebels on the moon. There is but one problem the starship doesn’t work.

Starship Parts Quest

Head back to Dean Warlic and click on starship parts. There will be several objects. You have to do this quest until you get all the parts. After you get all the parts there are weapons at the end of that quest.
One important thing to note is after you complete this quest you can go to any planet in the game.


To start go to the moon via the billboard or the starship. When you get to the moon click on the powercell quest you have to do this quest until you find 10 undamaged powercells. Don’t worry about time since the power cells save. Meaning if I find one then logout I have 1/10. After you do this quest you have do this mission one more time to find the black box. Watch the clip and then continue to the next mission.

Rebel leader

After completing the powercell quest, the kingadent sends you after the rebel leader. The rebel leader is strong but when you get her health down to a certain point the Shadowscythe come and destroy her mech. Then select rescue the rebel leader to save you some time. Odessa tells you that the rebels are the Soluna defense force. Then you discover that Slugwrath is the traitor. He then sends a Shadowscythe Centaur to destroy you. After you defeat it you and Odessa go back to Soluna.

Cure Sys- Zero

In this mission you have to drive your minivan and dodge cars and a mech until time runs out then you have to fight a bloodhound mech. This mission has the roll system like at the Mecharoni Pizza. Beat the roll 10 times and then do the quest 1 more time. Watch the cut scene and Sys-Zero will be healed. If you’re having trouble go to the Hospital and equip the uniform and hat because they give bonuses on the roll. Also if you hate the driving minigame do it once and then hit skip and you will go straight to the fight with the bloodhound

Surprise Attack

In this mission you have to fight a Shadow E3 5 times. Not every battle will you fight a shadow E3. You could fight any of the Shadow E series. A way to complete this quest quickly is to eject if you don’t fight a Shadow E3 since you recievea full heal after every battle. The enemies scale up to level 20


This quest is just for fun. At the start there is a roll, if you pass you start the quest if you don’t you fight a shadowscythe enemy. After that there is a minigame.

Boss fight

This is the final quest Dean Warlic gives. In this quest you fight Slugwrath and then watch a cut scene. After the cut scene we need a new leader, so Odessa is named Queenadent and then you are named a hero.


In this shop there are the Shadow E2 models. They have a body weapon. They can’t equip any weapons at all

Soluna Outpost

This mission can only be accessed after you beat Lagos,The Kingadent and are grand champion on planet 51. This is a rather simple mission. You learn about the M’era and how they were destroyed by Korin’s Dragonoid. After the race fled to space the ShadowSycthe attacked them. After that you go and fight three ShadowScythe enemies. When they are defeated the second part of the mission starts immediately. You are now aboard the M’era ship and it is crawling with ShadowScythe. You will need a good energy blade. After you destroy the ShadowSycthe you will learn that the M’era are gone. This is the first mission of the Dragonoid Saga so this guide will help you. After you beat that mission the M’era weapons unlock

Soluna Outpost

Teks Mechs

Tek sells some low leveled mechs. She also sells upgrade for the Skullcrusher mech. You can also find the Star Captain Monthly Mechs in Teks shop. She also sells ammo for certain weapons.


You can find the Cinemech one screen to the left. You can get free credits or nova gems by watching ads. The amount of credits you get is based on your level. You can get 5, 10, 25, or 50 nova gems by watching. You can only watch the ads ten times a day.

Knife and Spork

The Knife and Spork is a challenge area. There are 10 challenges with each challenge being stronger than the last. This is one of the most famous farming spots. You can buy mocha-cola that increases your health for 24 hours. Here is a list of challenges with rewards, number of enemies, and enemies. Please note you can encounter any of enemies in the challenge more than once. This is setup as
Challenge # # of Battles Totals Earnings Level of Oponents and earnings per battles. refer to the list of enemies below

Challenge 1: 5 Battles. Total Earnings: 50 EXP, 1000 Credits
-Level 3’s: EXP Gained: 10. Credits Gained: 200.

Challenge 2: 6 Battles. Total Earnings: 60 EXP, 1200 Credits
-Level 5’s: EXP Gained: 10. Credits Gained: 200.

Challenge 3: 7 Battles. Total Earnings: 210 EXP, 2520 Credits
-Level 8’s: EXP Gained: 30. Credits Gained: 360.

~3rd Place Shop opens after Challenge 3~

Challenge 4: 8 Battles. Total Earnings: 240 EXP, 2880 Credits
-Level 10’s: EXP Gained: 30. Credits Gained: 360.

Challenge 5: 9 Battles. Total Earnings: 630 EXP, 5670 Credits
-Level 12’s: EXP Gained: 70. Credits Gained: 630

Challenge 6: 10 Battles. Total Earnings: 1250 EXP, 10000 Credits
-Level 15’s: EXP Gained: 125. Credits Gained: 1000

Challenge 7: 11 Battles. Total Earnings: 1870 EXP, 13090 Credits
-Level 17’s: EXP Gained: 170. Credits Gained: 1190

C1: Diner Contestants1-5: Level 3
C2: Diner Contestants6-10: Level 5
C3: Diner Contestants11-15: Level 8
C4: Diner Contestants16-20: Level 10
C5: Diner Contestants21-25: Level 12
C6: Diner Contestants26-30: Level 15
C7: Diner Contestants31-35: Level 17

–Diner Contestant1: Default Newbatron V1(100HP, 50EP)
–Diner Contestant2: Default Battle Hammer(140HP, 70EP)
–Diner Contestant3: Default Katana V1.0(120HP, 60EP)
–Diner Contentant4: Default Battle Hammer(120HP, 60EP)
–Diner Contestant5: Default Battle Hammer(140HP, 70EP)
–Diner Contestant6: Default Volt Thorn(100HP, 100EP)
–Diner Contestant7: Default Hunter Wraith(120HP, 80EP)
–Diner Contestant8: Default Battle Hammer(140HP, 70EP)
–Diner Contestant9: Default Gingerbread Mecha(150HP, 80EP)
–Diner Contestant10: Default Gingerbread Mecha(150HP, 80EP)
–Diner Contestant11: Default Kurosawa(140HP, 90EP)
–Diner Contestant12: Default WolfBlade(160HP, 80EP)
–Diner Contestant13: Default RuneHawk(140HP, 100EP)
–Diner Contestant14: Default MystRaven(150HP, 90EP)
–Diner Contestant15: Default Rebel Mecha(180HP, 90EP)
–Diner Contestant16: Default HammerHead(200HP, 100EP)
–Diner Contestant17: Default [Unknown Mecha from Frostvale](200HP, 100EP)
–Diner Contestant18: Default Bunzilla(200HP, 100EP)
–Diner Contestant19: Default MystRaven(150HP, 150EP)
–Diner Contestant20: Default Doom Witch(180HP, 120EP)
–Diner Contestant21: Default WolfBlade (220HP, 110EP)
–Diner Contestant22: Default RuneHawk(200HP, 200EP)
–Diner Contestant23: Default MystRaven(210HP, 120EP)
–Diner Contestant24: Default Candy Elf(205HP, 105EP)
–Diner Contestant25: Default Tyrant(280HP, 90EP)
–Diner Contestant26: Default WolfBlade(290HP, 130EP)
–Diner Contestant27: Default RuneHawk(270HP, 270EP)
–Diner Contestant28: Default MystRaven(280HP, 150EP)
–Diner Contestant29: Default Shadow E3(290HP, 160EP)
–Diner Contestant30: Default WolfBlade(290HP, 130EP)
–Diner Contestant31: Default Rebel Mecha(300HP, 170EP)
–Diner Contestant32: Default Rebel Mecha(315HP, 180EP)
–Diner Contestant34: Default Rebel Mecha(300HP, 170EP)
–Diner Contestant35: Default Rebel Mecha(315HP, 180EP)

Star Captain Club

This is where star captains can go to get weapons mechs and quests. There are three floors in the club.

Floor 1

The first floor just has the assault mecha game. That is where you type in an id number and you fight that person.

Floor 2

The second level has the weapons and mechas. The weapons in this shop are for the lower leveled player, except for the Icy Starfires. These weapons go up to level 32. In the credit mech shop there is one mecha the level 3 Volt Thorn. If you upgraded when the game first started then you get access to the Knightron series. In the Nova mecha shop there is the level 5 Kurosawa. Also on the second floor is a shop that makes certain NSC mech SC and can equip 2 mods.

Floor 3

On the third level there is the extreme challenge and the flying minigame from the dropship. The extreme challenges are 4 challenges of 12 battles. The enemies have the same hp as the enemies on extreme in the battle button. The enemies are just random enemies from each zone. The rewards are the Kelvin heads. The kelvin heads have a chance to reduce your cooldown to zero. The Kelvin 75 has a 25% chance to reduce cooldowns, the Kelvin 50 has a 50% chance, the Kelvin 25 has a 75% chance, and the Kelvin zero has a 100% chance.

Shopping District


This is where you can change your hairstyle and hair color.

Lazer Eye for the Space Guy

This is where you can equip all the uniforms you have unlocked. The shop doesn’t have the vampire and ninja uniform. You can also equip the hats you have unlocked.

Lights Blades

This is where you can buy permanent energy blades. Certain weapons are only unlocked when you reach a certain rank in the energy blade class. Here are the weapons and the ranks. Weapons in this color are SC only.

White Belt
Vorpal Short Blade
Energy Burst

Orange Belt
Antiquity Blade
Relic Sword

Blue Belt
Light Flayer
Energy Razor

Black Belt
Broken Blade
Brute Blade

Nova Gem Blades
Energy Reaper
Soul Sapper


For nsc there is not much to do but go to another planet. For sc you can decorate the ship with items. You can buy these items from the shop onboard the ship and from war’s. One important thing to note is action figures. Action figures give extra credits like the enemies from the war.


Not much to cover here. This is where you buy the car to go see the Kingadent in the storyline.



Do I need moon reputation to continue in the story?

No you do not need to gain moon reputation.


How many powercells do I need?

You need 10 powercells then do the quest to unlock the black box. The number of powercells is displayed on the cmail.


How many times do I have to do cure Sys Zero?

You do the quest until the required roll number reaches 68. Then do the quest one more time after that roll to cure him. The hospital scrubs give you a boost on the roll.


Why are all the starship pieces broken?

This quest is one that requires luck to get it like the powercell quest.

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