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MechQuest Dropship Guide by forumlogin

Note: to get to a certain section of my guide, use the the Search Function (First, hold the Control button (the “Ctrl” button under the Shift keys), then while holding the “Ctrl” button, press the letter “F” on your keyboard. Then copy and paste the section you want to go to by copying and pasting the text in brackets (Ex: [DSG1]. then press the “Enter” button (The biggest button on top of the right Shift key).

Table of Contents
1. Introduction [DSG1]
2. Welcome To Mechquest! [DSG2]
3. Some Tutorials to Gameplay [DSG3]
4. The Equipment [DSG4]
5. The Missions [DSG5]
6. Progress Log [DSG6]
7. Credits and Thanks [DSG7]

1. Introduction

Welcome to This very special guide! This guide covers an pivotal part of your game experience, the Dropship. Not long ago, the Dropship has been lacking missions and other essentials to your start, but that’s definitely changed. This guide, intended for helping New Players, will help you with completing the Dropship missions.

2. Welcome to Mechquest!

As the title says, Welcome to Mechquest, new player! This game is a Spin-off to the popular games that AE made, Adventurequest, only, instead of Swords and Spells, there are Giant Mechas and Ridiculously Large Lasers. The dropship is your first Stop to Soluna City, where many Adventures are yet to unfold, and your story is about to be told! Now, get ready to take on the path of a Hero of Soluna City!

3. Some Tutorials to Gameplay

Before we actually play the Game, you need the know at least how to play the game! Move around by clicking parts of the game screen. You should probably talk to Captain Sys-Zero, and doing some tutorials before actually playing. I’ll just summarize the important details.

1. How to Equip Items:
This can be found in Tek’s tutorial, “How to Equip Items”. Go all the way to the left, and talk to a Girl with Pink hair, if you wish to find her.
Your inventory of items can be accessed by clicking the Equip button on the tool bar menu. There are 6 spots where you can equip items on your mecha: Head, Front Arm (FA), Back Arm (BA), Front Shoulder (FS), Back Shoulder (BS), and Mod (You will learn more about them as you progress in the game. If the weapon you want to equip is un-compatible with your mecha, it will show up in red text, like this. If you want to equip a weapon, click on the weapon you want to equip on your mecha, then press the equip button, and vise versa to un-equip. Equips can only equip on the spot they are assigned to work as, for an example, Front Arm weapons only equip on the Front Arm slot, and nowhere else. If you’re practically loaded with items, get more space by first selecting the item you want gone, then pressing the Trash Recycle button.
Or, you can head to a shop selling weapons if you wish to sell weapons back or mecha if you want to sell mecha back. Sellback is usually 10% of what you bought the item for. Click the item you wish to sell and click the “Sell” button where “Equip” would normally be.

2. How to Battle:

This can be found in Tek’s tutorial, “How to Fight”.
Hop into a battle by pressing the Battle Button for a quick skirmish. The goal is to get your opponent’s health to 0, but if your health reaches 0, then you lose the fight. Each mecha uses energy on every attack, and can regenerate a certain amount of energy, depending on the mecha you’re using. (in this case, probably the Newbatron V1). If you have no energy, you can’t attack, and you must skip your turn, to regenerate energy, in order to attack. Just don’t skip too much, only when needed. The weapons you can equip do a certain amount do damage, depending on what weapon you’re using, and after you use the desired weapon, you must wait a couple of turns before using that weapon again. This stage is called Cooldown, or cooling. Cooldown can be decreased by using your turn, or by skipping your turn. As like damage, Cooldown and energy usage can be very different between weapons. In battle, you will have a weapons menu. Use a weapon by selecting any of your weapons you equipped on the menu. The ones that you can’t use are in black, and will say, “Cooling Down! X turns left!”, where x is the turn of Cooldown number. This is how you fight!

3. Special Battle Topics:

This can be found in Tek’s tutorial, “Special Battle Topics”.
Now that you’ve gone through the basics, it’s time to move on with details. Stats can be explained here, Mecha Stats however, are different. Each do the Following:

Power Boost: Increases your damage output by a certain amount, or by the weapon’s special number of boost. If this stat goes negative, then you deal less damage.

Attack Bonus: This vital Mecha Stat increases you chances to hit your opponent. If this stat goes negative, then you have more chances to miss your hit.

Dodge: This Stat increases your chance to dodge a hit, taking no damage. If this stat goes negative, then you’ll dodge less.
Hit: Effect Unknown

Crit Chance: This stat increases you chance to hit big, and I mean as in Double damage big. You always want these happening, as they do the most damage, of all, and that won’t ever change, ever. If this goes negative, then you won’t be ever making Crits.

In addition, Stun Resistance, controls how often you get stunned. The higher the number, the less chance you have of being stunned. The lower the number, the more chances you have to skip your turn. And Specials are times when a weapons special effect kicks in. They can vary from stuns, to Extra damage, to Nerfing. The Initiative a number generator that decides if you go first or not. Generally, Luck and Reflex Stats help you win the initiative, but not by much. But hey, a little can do a lot, right?

Those are the Basics of Mechquest! Now you know how to play.

4. The Equipment

You can’t just get weapons if you don’t know where to get them! Head over to Tek.
You’ll see more of her, but go up to Tek, and when you are talking to her, there is a Shop interface on the right of her face. Or, from then on, directly warp to her by pressing the “Shop” button. There are 4 types of shops: Non-Star Captain Shop, Star Captain Shop, Nova Gem Shop, and Verified Shop. Players can go to their respecting Shops. Here are the weapons you should get:

Non-Star Captains: Get the Smokey Flamethrower at level 3. This weapon packs a punch with an Automatic Fire DoT. More info on DoT’s can be viewed here. Just don’t get both Front and Back Versions, as the extra damage doesn’t stack. Also, there is the N-Uber Missile (FLX-N). Excellent damage, with semi-low energy usage.

Star Captains: Get the Rare Monthly Mecha, as it’s a god for its level. As for weapons, get the Icy Starfires, as they do a DoT AND an EDoT, and at level 1-5, an EDoT has potential to destroy all your enemy’s energy. when you’re level 3. Remember, these don’t stack either.
Or you can just stick with defaults for your Monthly Mecha. It might be enough. Remember to test it!

Nova-Gem Buyers: Get the KRN-160 Rocket Chainsaw at level 3. This does so much damage, but you can only use it once. But by then, either your enemy is down for the count, or it has severely low HP after you’ve used it.

Verified Guardians and Dragonlords: You MUST get the Crusader’s Shining Repeater at level 2. It does more damage than some level 3 weapons, and that’s saying something. Just be careful of the 20 energy it uses.

5. The Missions

Part 1. Arrival
You are a Fighter Pilot, who is going to Gears University. You have with you, a Standard Gears Edition Newbatron V1, and 2500 Credits. You should first talk with Captain Sys-Zero(Hmm…. What an awfully familiar Name. Have I heard of this name before. No, nope, just a coincidence! Or maybe not….).
Anyways, the first mission you should do, is The Intruder.

The Intruder:

Sys-Zero will tell you there have been reports of a stowaway in a section of the ship. He’ll tell you to search the area. You’ll borrow Sys-Zero’s Energy Blade, just in case. Walk around the sector, until you find a hideous, purple looking alien. Walk to him, and go into your first energy blade fight. This guide, Energy Blades, Fights, and Uniforms will give you insight detail on these types of fights. Defeat him, and Sys-Zero will tell you that the enemy you just fought was a Shadowsythe Pilot. After some script, you will earn 75 credits for braving the mission.


Apparently, a ship crash into a planet that is literally crawling with Shadowsythe Forces. Clear out the area, so the Patrol team can get the ship out of the planet. Walk around in you mecha, and find 4 Shadowsythe Baddies. After showing the Shadowsythe a lesson, Sys-Zero will tell you that the ship has been saved!


It’s just another Battle Button, only you will fight a random Shadowsythe instead of a random enemy. I advise you to do this until you reach level 5, as the next quest will have a very hard boss.

Distress Call:(Star Captaincy Required for mission!)

Sys-Zero will tell you that you must help a ship is in need of assistance. Navigate through an asteriod field, and try to not lose too much, or if you can, none at all, because at the end of the mini-game, there is a Mothership Dipertia. Just hold down the Mouse button to auto-fire at the Mothership Dipertia’s Tailsack, or that gaint red thing on it’s end. Also, watch out for it’s electric Pulse-Tazer tongue attack, and don’t run into it, as both actions will make you lose HP like an anchor. Kill the Mothership Dipertia, and the Mission will end.

Strange Blip:

Worsh picked up a strange blip on the radar, and Sys-Zero will tell you to go investigate. You will, after the Cutscene, fight a level 3 Rifle Master. I advise you to not do this quest until you have done the following:

  • Get a Better Mecha (Not strictly necessary, especially for NSCs, but it could help)
  • Reach level 3 (At least. Most of the decent weapons are unlocked here)
  • Have some weapons equipped on your mechaAfter these precautions, fight this guy, win, and you will be finally able to land the Ship. Welcome to Gears University, where your epic story is about to unfold!

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