Grand Fantasia Leveling Guide

Grand Fantasia Leveling Guide by lilpandatina

Soo you are in Grand fantasia. Further, you have left Siwa Island and now you are wondering how do I level fast?
If your looking for the QUICKEST way to level the answer is going to be rep Quests, this means killing the same creatures over and over again.

Most likely you will be leaving Siwa at about lvl 10. Go ahead and choose whichever town you want to be near. Buy the quill publishing books from the merchants for some extra cash(since you will be killing the same things normal qsts tell you too). Do all the normal quests until you hit lvl 18..its fairly fast to lvl at this low of a stage. Boss or party quests need a full party, dont attempt to do them alone, and skip the pc qsts for now.

At lvl 18, go to ancient forest and start collecting honey bear meat and fat. By lvl 22, u will have tons of these, turn them in and it will lvl you up to 23 right away, possibly up to 24. This quest also gives off wolf mounts too, so that is an added bonus.

If by chance you are sick of killing bears, u can also opt for fat bat guano rep at red ridge.

At lvl 24, go to southern island and farm crab meat. Just keep doing this rep quest till 30. This won’t take too long, though, you may feel it is an eternity after being there for awhile.

Now at lvl 31, you have options. Either you can stay at southern island, collecting pirate bandanas, or start doing merchant rep right away at Angoya Island. The merchant rep quest is a good choice, since, you can combo it with the sunbird meat rep. Lots of things to do here in Angoya, so you can stay here till lvl 37ish. Further, if merchant rep and the others becomes repetitve it was suggested that at lvl 36 you can go to dragon claw rep, which gives jale rep. But as I said before your basically stuck at Angoya…

At lvl 37, go to bone reef peninsula and farm saber cat tusk claws till level 38

At lvl 38, do pirate rep. collect all the green gun powder kits that drop. Which the kits drop pretty frequently, do NOT throw any away. The rep quests for the gunpowder will FINALLY be unlocked at lvl 40. You can do pirate rep/greenpowder till about lvl 42.

At lvl 42, things will start to get slow, best thing i found was doing Kaslow guild rep, Jale guild rep and head at scorching wind dessert. While doing the guild reps, the mobs that you kill also drop rep items, collect stomach bag of water, and essence of the dead. All of these rep qsts are done by just killing 4 different mobs close to each other. Do this untill 45/46

At lvl 45/46, head to land of sighs and do dragon rep till 48. u can also go for kaslow and jale rep combination with bandit badge rep….but that involves A LOT of running.

At lvl 48, head to misty wetlands and do passenger rep. Grab the Ilya guild rep while doing this. Jelly rabbit crystals drop here too, so u will have 3 rep quests.

At lvl 50, head to lost highlands and do kaslow + jale guild rep while collecting highland deer skin.

At lvl 51-55 Yak rep in Lost Highlands while collecting Spellcaster’s Yak Horns (rep item quest activates at lvl 52, 12 horns per turn in)
You can also do maiden rep in misty wetlands if you do not like yak rep. Personally, I found it much slower if you have an efficient party. However, the map is a lot prettier at maidens and you do not have to worry about the flying guild boss killing you(like at yaks, also the yak map is ugly)

At lvl 55 your going to do spider rep in Blakatoa Range

At lvl 60 ACV dungeon or camp rep, acv has some good blues though so you might want to run it for the money/blues/skills/xp plus you might even get a bear mount :-p

At lvl 61 you move to prism island, your going to want to get both of the camp rep qsts to kill lizards, prairie elks (deer), and wild armored beasts. One quests will be a rep quest for just the lizards, the other with be a map quest for all four mobs

At lvl 63 you have two options, either begin jelly rep in Prism or begin collecting necklaces which you can now turn in and continue to until you hit lvl 66.
SOME classes are able to farm fast exp buy killing just the goblins at the entrance of SMF. Classes which can at this lvl are Clerics, Wizards, Demonologists, Sages.

At lvl 65 congrats you get to class change again and will jump to 66 after doing a small quest.

At lvl 66 you will head on towards Knight Valley. You will want to kill soldiers for the soldier rep along with the guild rep, if you are in a good party some one else can work on the wolves map quest.

At lvl 68 you should now find yourself in Eternal Mountains. Farm the lion lizards rep quest and the bee kill rep quest.

Thanks to the newest patch pt is also now available to run at lvl 68, it is a great source of money. The newest update has lowered it to 150g a run, but when you can race straight to the bosses it quickly still adds up. At level 70 the scroll turn in use to give me half a percent, I dont know what it would give for a lvl 68 and I have no confirmation if they lowered the xp pay out, I will edit if I can get more information on this.

At lvl 70 your leveling and xp will actually pick up thanks to the new maps.

At lvl 70 you will begin crab rep in Oblivion Border, if you have a full party there is a second quest to kill dogs there, you should have about 2 people at dogs and 3 at crabs. Even with a small party of 2-3 the crab rep is extremely efficient compared to the last few levels.

At 71 you can move to winterflake forest there is another repeatable quest, and like the crabs the monsters are all bunched on top of each other. This makes it easy to aoe and also easy to rack up the kills needed.

At lvl 72 you are going to want to do the map rep quest for the map, with one person at each animal except or elks which will have 2. You will want to have a FULL party to do this, if you do not have a full party it would be faster to just stay at the lvl 71 rep quest.
Most people are doing this all the way until lv 75, and even cont. after max lvl is reached to work on master points. It seems the easiest to find a party for atm and the best shared xp.
Each person usually finishes their area at the same time.

At lvl 75 you are now sitting at the cap level, so relax in winterflake and farm yourself some well deserved master points.

Soo you are in Grand fantasia. Further, you have left Siwa Island and now you are wondering how do I make money fast?

If instead your looking for money I recommend doing dungeon runs (the best being CM, EC,OSI,ACV,PT) certain dungeons I did not list because they are not optimal for doing fast for money. When choosing dungeons you want to choose ones that can be done in 5-10 minutes and you can do so by running straight to the bosses. Of course even if you can’t run through they often still yield more money than if you were just doing rep quests.

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