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DragonFable Basics Guide by Hopeful Guy

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{SC1} Getting Started
{SC2} Base Classes
{SC3} Storyline
{SC4} Equipment Suggestions
{SC5} Farming 
{SC6} Other Classes
{SC7} Stats
{SC8} Staff
{SC9} The Hidden Touches
{SC10} Credits

VERY IMPORTANT WARNING: Several sections of this guide, especially Storyline, contain spoilers.

Getting Started

What you need to know if you are just starting DF if you came from AdventureQuest is that, even though it is set five years before AQ, Dragonfable IS NOT AQ. I cannot stress this enough. Expect things that have similar plots as AQ to be different. If you didn’t come from AQ, then you should know that DF is updated on a weekly basis so it is very fast moving for an online game. Every update usually involves a quest or two and most certainly new equip-able items. This makes it very hard to keep a guide such as this afloat but, alas, I, being a fool, will try. Dragonfable is revamping the art and music, as the GUI has been revamped and music has been added to many places, as well as new interns like True Mortal and Dracelix changing the appearance of several items. Of course, if you’re a new player, this will have little effect on your game play, but veteran players will have a different game on their hands in the near future. The current level cap is 80, but be prepared for a raise every year. One of the main attractions behind AE games is their membership plans. For a one time payment of $20.00, you can significantly increase your experience of the game. If you have $20.00 lying around, I think it’s a worthwhile purchase should you decide to stick with the game.

One of the interesting things about AE games is that the forum posters have a larger than usual influence on what the staff puts into the game. This is unusual in a lot of online games, so if you want, you might just get something you think is a good idea into the game… Within the game, Gold is used as the usual currency, with Dragon Coins being the more valuable, pay-to-get monetary unit. If you have enough money, a player with Dragon Coins is statistically better than all others in the game, even if that player doesn’t have a Dragon Amulet. Experience in this game is gained relatively quickly with a level up every few hours of farming at higher levels. The game contains many quests and objectives suited well for a casual player, but also has many elements that hardcore gamers can occupy themselves with. Most of these involve farming in some way. Farming, by the way, is the act of doing anything over and over again for some reward. There’s also an awesome storyline that you will love playing through.

Well, I think that is about all you need to know before starting the game, so lets delve in!

Base Classes

When you first start off your Dragonfable adventure, you will be asked to make a new character. You will be asked to name him/her. Name him/her something that you will like for a long time, because name changes cost DCs. 1000 of them to be exact. Specify their gender, after which you are asked to choose the base class of your character. STOP RIGHT THERE! Think about this choice as it will affect your game play throughout the game. You can change it but it costs, like the name changes, 1000 DCs. To help, here is my compiled information about the base classes:


There are some who say these guys are nothing but thieves, and some who say they are lesser ninjas. Whatever you think of them, they are a solid choice for beginning the game with. Rogues use daggers and claws as their main weapons. If a rogue uses a dagger or claw, he uses two, producing normal damage results with two hits on a regular attack. However, if a rogue were to use a sword, staff, wand, axe or mace, they would only have one attack with it, effectively cutting their damage in half. This is obviously a large disadvantage so don’t go buying that huge two-hander. Aesthetically, the class looks quite pleasing to the eye, just some of the attack animations look off. For instance, when going into stealth, the player simply becomes invisible. They have an accuracy plus attack, but the boost is so minuscule you probably won’t even notice it anyway. Their Stun attack does no damage, which is inconvenient, but it is three turns long and includes a damage over time effect. The only things left to say are that they have an MP attack that should be far more useful and their multi attack is metal damage. Other than that, a decent choice for a starting class.


The grizzled and tough veterans of the battlefield. These guys (or girls) are a good choice for first time players, and remain solid throughout the game. They use all the ”heavy weaponry” like swords, axes and hammers. When using these weapons, they have full damage. But when using others like staffs or wands, they retain the same animation, but loose attack power. Warriors look quite good on the battlefield, but a lot of their animations for their attacks are the same. This can get repetitive to look at after a while, but it’s counterbalanced by their tendencies to shout out humorous quotes during certain attacks. As far as useless skills go, they have their lot too, though not quite as many as the rogue. To start, they obviously still have the mana attack skill that is common among base classes and ais useless at the moment, but they do have a few unique useless skills. They feature the multi and accuracy move along with the rogue, but Unlike any other class, they have a weakening skill. Said skill only weakens the monster by 20%. This could be useful on higher damage monsters, but you will most likely use a different class for them anyway, so it ends up fading into obscurity. Other than these few defects though, the warrior is an excellent class and is very much a good choice for a beginner.


The arcane masters of space and time, who bend reality to their will. These guys are the underdogs. I don’t recommend starting with them because they are rather odd compared to most other classes. Their skill acquiring is rather out of sync as they acquire four skills at a certain level, then none for a few. Mages specialize in using staffs and wands to concentrate magical attacks. When using any other kind of weapon, besides scythes which I will go into soon and, oddly enough, daggers, they cannot use magic, putting them at an extreme disadvantage. They do have plenty of decent combos, but it takes so long to set up the combo that the enemy will probably already be dead anyway. They also have a mana regen skill, but it only regenerates 1% of your mana every 3 turns. Yes you read that right, 1%! The robes, being quite possibly the biggest MP eaters out of all three base classes, could probably use more than 1% MP recovery… however, despite all this the mage is definitely not a bad class; it’s multi has no cool-down which is very helpful. The class is just challenging to use effectively and, as such, though it can work, is not recommended for beginners. Why not use it as a secondary class?


PLEASE NOTE: This section contains spoilers. If you wish to find out about the story on your own, please do not read this section. 

PART 1: Prologue 

Our story begins with our hero looking out on the horizon in a bored fashion. After being named, classed and gendered, he (I will refer to the hero as a he from now on to make story telling easier) is promptly confronted by a large red dragon who says he would like to fashion the hero as a delectable snack if not for its master’s orders. Just as you are ready to fight, a reasonably attractive woman walks off the dragon’s back with a small teddy bear, um, thing here called a moglin. The lady is carrying a black box with a dragon symbol on it. In case you didn’t notice it’s a plot device. They exposit that they are trying to get this box to Oaklore keep, a knight’s stronghold in a tree. So naturally, the hero stalks them through the forest. Why? Because he’s bored of course! along the way we get to punt the moglin we learn is named Twilly, the woman climbs over a pile of logs away from the keep for some odd reason and we continue on to the conveniently placed Oaklore keep that we had not noticed until now was right under our noses. Within the keep, many opportunities arise to preform various tasks for a perceived reward but none are important to the plot. You tell the guard captain Rolith that you saw the woman, now revealed to be named lady Celestia, has gone into the forest. The captain sends you in after her to make sure she doesn’t get hurt.

Eventually, you do get to the lady Celestia and confront her oppressor. In this case, a scrawny, not very experienced and cocky heir to the throne named Drakath. No not the lord of chaos, no not the huge undead dragon, a scrawny warrior wannabe. So, after you promptly kick his butt into orbit, you should notice in the background, a sneevil is stealing the black dragon crested box. Conveniently named, the black dragon box. The lady Celestia is rather distraught at this whole predicament, so she requests that you recover the box. Before you do that though, you need to make it to Falconreach, so you go deeper into the forest to get there. Once you are in the forest, many inconveniences happen upon you including a small moglin named Zorbak sicking a bear on you, a small group of bandits attacking you, and a roadblock which you have to go around. After all this you should be unimpeded until you arrive at the bridge, at which point your character breaks the fourth wall and a large hydra appears to oppose you. I really hope you have a fire or energy weapon with you here because otherwise this guy is very hard. So, after you repair the bridge with the hydra’s face, check out a few of the shops and such in Falconreach, we’re off to the story.

PART 2: Falconreach: Total War!

Once in Falconreach, a plethora of wars occurred, many having to do with the story. The first is the Friday the thirteenth invasion. At the end of this war, we see the evil mastermind for the first time, the Necrotic Blade of DOOM. Oh, and Sepulchure too… in this war we learn that there is a nefarious plot to do something sinister in Falconreach, and the victory at the Friday the thirteenth war was part of the plot. Though this didn’t add much, it introduced our main opposition. No not that n00b Drakath, Sepulchure, the DOOM knight.

The second story integral war was the Ice Dragon Invasion. In this war, a mysterious frost has engulfed Falconreach and a series of chilly enemies are set out to turn it into a ”townsicle”. At the end of this war, we found Frostscythe. A dragonmaster with a home-made dragon amulet and a superiority complex. He’s here for an orb. Apparently Zorbak also has a connection with him. After a long and hard battle, you break his dragon amulet, making his dragon useless to him. He tells you that you are defending something in the town, yet we don’t even know what it is. Now that’s a plot point if I ever saw one.

The last story integral war before the Dragon Egg Saga is The Invasion of the Eyes. In this war, a strange assortment of eye themed creatures had run amok and were invading the town. What is it with Falconreach being invaded? Anyway, the boss to this war releases a flurry of very desirable story information. He lets the hero know that Sepulchure is not the ultimate bad guy in the story. He told us the object Frostscythe was referring to under Falconreach guardian tower is very powerful, and that we are the only ones who will be able to use it. (You got the touch, you got the power!) He told us that Sepulchure was once a hero much like ourselves who went awry when he lost something dear to him, and that he sought more power to prevent that from happening ever again. He basically became a huge emo until he found the Necrotic Sword of DOOM and used it. It made him stronger but corrupted him, he is now more armor than man. He also told us that the DOOM weapons (The skull staff of DOOM, the twin blades of DOOM and the shadowreaper of DOOM) which appeared a few years ago are among the most powerful weapons Lore has ever seen (shocker). They are apparently spirits of pure, unadulterated darkness that crossed over into our world. They bound themselves to weapons to protect themselves, and anyone who wields one will eventually be corrupted.

That’s pretty much it for pre-dragon egg war mcguffins, on to the next part.

PART 3: Amityvale

Before we go on with the dragon box, what do we have? Halloween! (Cue applause) But not just any Halloween, a story centric Halloween. We travel on to the small town of Amityvale, where we find a decrepit old town with a town hall full of grumpy people. They are all arguing over what should be done about recent monster attacks around the town. They complain that several of their townspeople have disappeared without a trace. Ironically they are all named after horror movie villains. They are upset that no one is doing anything about these attacks, not even the ”crazy paladin in the graveyard”. They make a reference back to the first Friday the thirteenth war, which you can check out by the statue in Falconsnest if you feel like it. So after that whole kerfuffle, we go talk to a rather conspicuous little girl standing in the street. We are asked to recover various trinkets for her from various horror movie spoof locations. All are puns by the way. At the end of all these quests for Thursday, we learn that we must defeat her grandfather in order to, um, well I’m not sure really but I’m sure Thursday has a good reason… so we continue along the road until we meet a mysterious necromancer who we have apparently met before when she tried to kill us. She says that we can try to cross over to the Amityvale guardian tower where Lord Frydae XIII is hiding, but we will fail. After testing this theory, we find it to be true, so we elicit the help of the necromancer who we have apparently met before and she says all we have to do is beat a single werewolf. When we do this the path to the tower becomes clear.

Once at the tower, having fought through a bunch of ghouls, we confront the vampire lord himself. He gives us loads of information about his family relations, he tells us that he wants to take over the world by vampirasizing everyone, that Twilight is a book series that is enjoyed by girls aged 12-18, that he forcibly overtook the Amityvale guardian tower and turned all the guardians into ghouls, that the necromancer we have apparently met before is working for someone else (gee, wonder who that could be…) and that the guardians of this tower took something from it that contained great power before their defeat. He then gives you the choice of becoming a vampire or not. Unfortunately, vampirism is a bad thing. After he runs away, but not before a good whipping, we finaly have completed Amityvale. After doing that and snagging a few equips we have learned a great deal about undead in Amityvale. One thing to note is that you can get the good guest Artix here twice. Surprisingly, this is technically not bug abuse. So now that we’ve done all we can do here, it’s time to get back to getting that dragon box.

PART 4: Dragon Egg Saga 

This one’s a doozy. What’s even more insane is that this is all one quest line… So we get to Sure Would Forest, and sure enough, we see a ranger with a sneevil in a trap holding the black dragon box. Said ranger is named Robina the Hood. At least here she is… anyway, you clearly want the box, but the voluptuous ranger refuses to give it to you without getting something out of it. First, we assassinate a troublesome bandit who has been stealing money from various security tight venues, steal his money back and give it to Robina to plant on the monsters. Yes everyone, you can thank Robina for the gold you steal from monsters. After we steal the money, Robina actually gets us to plant the gold. If I were the hero I’d probably just take the gold but, then again, I’d probably end up with an arrow in my back… after giving it all away, we must hunt down the pieces of a vaguely explained artifact called the Quad Force. This is a pun by the way. Once you gather the pieces, you may either fight Gananana, which is also a pun, or continue with the dragon egg quest line. Of course now, Drakath decides to be a jerk and ninja-ports over with a new accomplice. Krakhith to be exact. He really isn’t too hard. Once they are disposed of we open the box and find inside *GHASP* absolutely nothing! Dun dun duuuuun! We find out that this is because the darn sneevil dumped the contents out at the sneevil dumpsite. We take a look and see that within the box was, indeed, an egg of some sort. We are then left with a TO BE CONTINUED screen.

This is the part of the saga where the saga went on hold for a little while to service a new villain. We saw a cut scene of Drakath speaking with a new villain, an insane pyromancer whose head is on fire named Xan. He claims that if Drakath wants Falconreach destroyed, he could do it in a week, and thus, the first ever losable war in AE history commenced, and we lost. In the middle of the war, Xan had taken king Alteon and we needed to find him. When we found him we learned that all 500,000 of his knights were defeated, even Rolith. We got a nifty cape from him too. Afterward, Xan left us demolished, demoralized and utterly defeated. We learn that his power comes from his pyronomicon. After that he leaves to have a ”meeting” with Warlic and leaves you to die. Of course you don’t but you now realize the might of Xan.

Also about this time, another war occurred. The Beach Invasion Vacation. This war was notorious for being a hard one. The plot goes that Xan and the necromantress from Amityvale, by the way this comes before the Amityvale saga so this is also the first time we see her, meaning this is when we met her and she tried to kill us, are invading Falconreach for some sinister unexplained reason using “stealthy” monsters, even though the necromantress kindly explains to us that they are all on fire. The middle of this war was rather uneventful, but at the end, the Necromantress thought that we killed her entire army, and leaves in a huff. Xan however reveals that the actual purpose of the war was to plant a spy in falconreach. This is the first time we heard about the spy.

So now we come to the part where it is really recommended that you get to at least level ten. Why? Because these monsters are some of the few that do not level scale past level eight. This means that every level you are beyond eight, the easier the quest will become. Even at level ten though, this quest will be rather difficult. Be prepared to die a few times. So we go to the aforementioned dump site, kill a few monsters, crack a few puns until we finaly get to the egg. What do we do there? We stall of course! While stalling though, a very rude vultragon interrupts us and steals the egg. How inconvenient. Now we go to the next part, we go meet Valencia.

Once we meet the surprisingly attractive rare item hunter, no, unfortunately it isn’t me, it’s Valencia, we have a long conversation with her in which she breaks the fourth wall and makes a matrix reference. Humorously, she also encouraging posting your characters back story on the forums even though this is actually an illegal action on the general chat. She then tells you that you are destined to become a dragonlord and exposits the existence of a white dragon box. We learn here that the egg is in fact a dragon egg! Now then. Once we have the conversation out of the way, we can focus on taking out the ultra vultragon that so rudely took our egg. The hero shimmies on over to the nest on mount moordoor, which is also a pun, to smack around a few vultragons and we finaly get our egg. Along with four other eggs that look exactly the same. So as Valencia suggests, we take the eggs back to Twilly.

Twilly tells us that a very powerful mage named Warlic might be able to help us here, so we go over to see him. After battling the epically huge amount of lag in this zone we finally get to Warlic’s tent. After explaining the situation, we step into his tent. All is not as you expect in here. After having many altercations and conflicting perspectives and a very large sunny side up egg, we learn that there is one dragon destined to destroy the world, one destined to save it and that we need to get a summoning tome. Unfortunately, it’s at the end of his tower. So now, we climb up his tower wall, which is much easier than one would expect, fight through hordes of dirty laundry and finally get the tome. Now what? We need ingredients. We go around collecting various things, some are hard to get, some are easy. Now, once we have the ingredients, it’s time to summon the DOOM kitten. It sniffs out the magical membrane or something then we have to fight it. This is the first hard boss fight you are likely to encounter if you are following the story. It is HIGHLY recommended that you have a good light weapon. After ridding the world of the kitty, it’s FINALY time to put the egg in its proper location, and wait for it to hatch.

Veteran players can probably remember waiting a ridiculously long time for the dragon eggs to hatch, but luckily for you, that statue must be a time compressor or something. It’s ready to hatch! BUT WAIT! While veterans were waiting for their eggs to hatch, some egg nappers came and took the eggs away from us. The Chaos Weavers! First things first, we beat them up real good but of course, they refused to admit that. They invaded because they wanted to eat us apparently. They were under the impression that we wanted to eat them… also, it is us who allegedly attacked them first by dropping a large statue of a dragon holding an egg onto their city square. This notion is of course absurd as we were unaware a city was underneath our own. That’s right, they didn’t take the egg, it just dropped through the ground. Man, they sure don’t make ground like they used to… unfortunately, they still wanted to keep the egg. Of course, afterward everything works out fine and we find out that this entire war was a plug for the Spider Man movie which came out that year. Go figure. This was also when we learned the exact date of our eggs hatching.

BUT WAIT! Um, AGAIN! Around this time, ANOTHER plot point interrupted the hatching. Ash sets forth to find you because he found something of terrible power. Or so he says. Turns out he was right. When we follow the little Archknight-to-be we see, above the hills, Sepulchure’s terrible flying fortress for the first time. Zoom over to Sepulchure’s view and we see, inside, Sehulchre has the white dragon box. Guess Drakath wasn’t so useless after all. But how could this be? We recieve a letter from a place called the temple of four winds saying that Drakath had broken in and stolen the white dragon box, wounding many priests in the process. So we go down there, save the priests, they give us the whole “one dragon to destroy the world, the other to save it” speech at which point we realize there is nothing we can do to get the white box back. Back in the flying fortress Seppy is rather mad because Drakath was supposed to steal both dragon boxes. It is heavily implied that he’s punished and that’s that. Now we could FINALLY get to our eggs hatching.

At the hatching of the eggs, we are subjected to many laughs as we recall the ways in which we tried to make the egg hatch. Then we switch over to Sepulchure, who is sitting in front of the dragon box. Switch back to us and our egg begins to crack. Switch back to them (man how many switches are there in this thing?) and Seppy’s egg finally hatches. In a shower of rainbows, bubbles and smiley faces. Needless to say, he got the wrong dragon. This doesn’t irritate him in the slightest though as he instantly undead-ifies his dragon and names it Fluffy. Switch back to us and our egg is finally hatching. It hatches just as you would expect it to. In a huge cloud of sinister dark smoke that releases an evil spirit upon the world of unspeakable power. Then it eats Twilly. He gets better though, don’t worry. Of course the icing on the cake is that the dragon remained asleep for a year until it FINALLY woke up and we could use the most utterly uber pet in the game.

And that’s the dragon egg saga. Things really started picking up from here.

PART 5: A blast from the future, Willowshire and Warlic

Once the egg has hatched, Lady Celestia calls us… somehow… and we get on over. Apparently we need to use our dragons to help save BattleOn, yes the AdventureQuest town, from the Exodus Titan. This was back when AQ was in the middle of the devourer saga and they were fighting a war with the exodus spawn. So Artix, Cysero and a new character we haven’t met yet named Zhoom come back to the past in a time traveling phone booth to take you to the future so you can fight a huge exodus creature in the first titan fight in DF history. After that’s done with, everybody forgets about everything and all returns to normal.

Now that we have our dragon, we can tackle a large amount of tasks that we couldn’t before. The first of these is when we learn that a huge dragon named Gorgok is attacking a small town named Willowshire. When you get there, you see that it is too late to save the town, but you can still save what appears to be the stone orb from the guardian tower. So you go inside, beat up a few dravirs and finaly get to the tower basement where you find the mcguffin and get on outta there. One thing to note is that there is a shop on the bottom floor that sells the guardian blades. They aren’t particularily good weapons but they are required for training the guardian class. After the orb is retrieved, it’s time to take on Gorgok. You beat him and take the orb to Valencia, who promptly takes it from you with no regard whatsoever about the future.

But it’s time to take a break from the plot and focus on everyone’s favorite insane pyromancer Xan! Xan is out attacking a small mining town called Lymcrest for as of yet unknown reasons. Once you save up the elemental essences for some reason, we head on over and see just what’s going on. Turns out Xan has actually turned the city’s river into molten magma, cutting off the towns water supply. Personally, I would like to know what town doesn’t have a back up water supply, but I digress. Warlic decides that he isn’t going to stand for that sort of nonsense and promptly sends you after the purest spring water ever, conveniently placed in a spring not too far from your location. First you get through the mountain pass, then get the water, then you go ahead and charge head on into Xans fortress. We learn a lot about him here, that he hates Warlic because he set his head on fire forever (to be fair, I would probably be pretty miffed if that happened to me), that Warlic apparently stole Xan’s girlfriend Jaania and that Xan and Warlic used to be chem buddies. After Xan sends a series of fire monsters for you and Warlic to beat, he pits the two of you against each other. You defeat Warlic, but no! It was just a copy! The real Warlic pushes Xan into the fire and takes the pyronomicon. After that there is a titan fight with titan Xan and he is cast away forever… OR IS HE?!

PART 6: Sho’ Nuff and the Sandsea 

Now we start the main plot of the whole game. Immediately upon arrival at Sho’ Nuff the hero learns that the pirates and ninja of the isle are fighting over what’s called the wind pearl. You are sent to end the fighting. The interesting thing about this place is it’s the only place in the game that has the same story, but played from different sides. You can choose either the pirate or ninja sides. The two plots are largely the same though, so it makes little difference which side you chose. The first quest for the pirate side is where we find out how everyone can breathe underwater, oopsie! The first for the ninja is where we test out a new ship and run it through a blockade, unfortunately sinking it in the end, oh well. Then the two plots converge. We delve into the ruins of Kordana. Once we find Kordana herself, we see she’s just a hologram. Of course our characters have no idea what a hologram is so it’s basicaly just all magic to them. She says that we are currently in a ruined Battlemech. Why yes, this whole thing is a mechquest crossover! How delightful! Apparently reality also had to be reset after some huge battle or whatever. We learn here that the wind pearl is actually the wind orb, shocker, and is gone. Indeed, it was stolen by Drakath. What could he possibly want with the orbs? Seppy wants all the orbs apparently, it all fits into his grand master plan for world domination. After we get out of the ruins, we go to the Sneevil ninja training dojo to see if they know anything about the wind pearl and Drakath. After beating up Okuchi no Okami, we learn his location and confront Drakath and lose. No really, no matter how hard you try, unless you are really lucky, you’ll lose. He promptly escapes. Here is where the plot gets different between the pirate and ninja factions. For the pirates we battle a crazy captain who turns himself into a Braken and for the ninjas, we fight Okuchi no Okami who releases a huge monster on the village. However, it’s only on the ninja side that we see what happens to the wind orb. It apparently flew off on its own free will and we have no idea where it is at the moment. Oh well, at least Seppy doesn’t have it.

Now we’re off to the desert where we see a lizard with no name. Here we meet a person in a dark robe. At first, he tries to sell you said camel, um, thing, but who comes riding in from the horizon? Zhoom! He saves us from the dastardly corporate marketer and tells us that the man is a no good rebel. Zhoom says he reports all rebels to the king Sek-Duat XV. BUT WAIT! We learn from a rebel that the resistance is actually fighting the corrupt king and that they can lead us to the light orb which is right here in the sandsea! What a conundrum! So, while appearing to help Zhoom capture some rebels while actually letting them escape, you find a lead to a rebel contact within the Oasis inn. You take back the lead and enter the inn where we learn that the entire dynasty of Sek-Duats has abused the power of the light orb to take control of the sandsea. This means that the hero must off the emperor and steal the orb from inside the palace, a difficult job with Zhoom on your case all the time. Of course, to get into the palace, you must first prove yourself worthy. So you go defeat a huge mummy dragon in the first invite-your-friends fight. Then we’re in the palace. In the palace Sek-Duat has a bunch of quests for us to do, the first of which is a political assassination of a threat to his master plan that he tricks you into preforming. In the second, he asks you to retrieve an apparent rebel traitor. It turns out to be the rebel you saved from Zhoom. He says that Sek-Duat is going to use the souls of 100 of the rounded up rebels to resurrect his lost ancestors. We also learn that the rebel we saved is apparently a jerk. So after we deal with that we still have Zhoom breathing over our shoulder so what do we do? We fight him! Sek-Duat asks us to take him out because he thinks he’s a rebel. So we head over to the lizard prison where Zhoom happens to be waiting for us. So we fight him multiple times until we get to an imperial assassin, who we fight, and then we finaly convince Zhoom to join our cause. With the ranger behind us we delve into the palace basement where we find out that Sek-Duat XV is actually Sek-Duat I through XIIII and beyond. How is this possible? Sek-Duat is actualy a thousand year old lich, who knew… So we beat him, we get the light orb, give it to Zhoom, fight a dune reference and that’s that.

PART 7: The Necropolis and Dragesvard

And now we get to my favorite zone. We overhear that Artix has found out where the darkness orb is. Inside a city of the dead. Unfortunately, he found out about this place because all the undead were attacking a nearby town called moonridge. We go there to help out and find strange, different looking undead; once we finished the war, we see the main perpetrator was *gasp* the mysterious necromancer whom we have apparently met before! Dun dun duuuun! Zorbak apparently has the hots for her too. It is here we learn of the necropolis’ true purpose. It’s a school devoted entirely to teaching necromancy! Interesting to note is that this is also the first war to feature a minigame, a standard that would be followed for all later story centric wars. So we save moonridge and they celebrate in our honor. The celebration is cut short, however, when a large undead skeleton pops up and kidnaps a little girl with a body part obsession named Sally. You quickly dispose of it and who walks in but the Lady Vayle. This is a person Artix has vague memories of. She commends you on your strength and abilities, then the mayor tells you how to get into the necropolis. How he knows this is never quite adequately explained but, hey, what do I know? So now we take Zorbak’s old student ID card and get into the necropolis, destroying a few undead on the way, as we infiltrate various faculties looking for the orb until Noxus, the leader of the entire necropolis, decides to make his move and build a huge army for Sepulchure. Artix explains he might know why this is, so we delve into his past. In here we see how Artix tried to save Vayle, how she was corrupted by the power of the darkness orb, by the way, where is it? In the basement of the Amityvale guardian tower! Which for some reason opens up to an underground cave system… and what happened to the entire village they lived in while they were away. We learn that Vayle’s brother finds out that something strange happened to Vayle, evident by the tiny wings she has, that he doesn’t let Artix see Vayle ever again, that the Lady Celestia has ridiculously long hair and that she was Artix’ paladin trainer, the end. This really didn’t explain much besides the fact that Noxus has the darkness orb but whatever. Now we get to the part so many people were waiting for for such a long time. We play through Artix vs. the Undead in DF. In the quest we learn that Vayle is actually the mysterious necromancer whom we have apparently met before! OMGplottwist! And now, we have what I personally dub, the most epic war in DF history. No not the sandsea war, the Assault on the Necropolis. Origionaly, this war only had 500000 waves to it. After how many people beat so many waves in such a short time they had to add another zero behind that! So after we destroyed, and I don’t mean beat, I mean utterly destroyed the undead army, we faced Noxus with some epic music to go with the fight! So we beat Noxus, Vayle ran away with the darkness orb and it’s another job well done.

Now we head off to the frozen north. No, unfortunately we don’t find Santa Claus. We do find Galanoth however, a character many people were pining to be in the game. Turns out he’s chasing a fire dragon named Akriloth who killed his entire family, and last he heard the dragon was here in Dragesvard. So we help the charismatic dragonslayer on his quest to slay dragons. He needs to convince the townspeople that he is, in fact, a good guy. He beseeches you to check out the previous home of an ice dragon that is now inhabited by a tribe of intelligent penguins calling themselves the Killy Willies and the location of the last human settlement which is now inhabited by a tribe of armored polar bears named the Ursice Savages in order to bring back any strange artifacts we might find. We find a chakram here, a large throwing star. We take it back to Galanoth and he tells us that it belongs to the ice elves. We go over to the ice elf HQ to find out what they were doing in an ice dragon cave and a human town. We get caught and thrown in ice elf jail where we learn that the ice elf queen Aisha is trying to take over the world using the ice elves. We try to counter their army by allying ourselves with the Killy Willies, the Urice Savages and another new race called the Tuskers. After this we learn that Aisha is actually a dragon in disguise, and she sicks her army on us. A very interesting war occurred here. it had three fronts for us to fight on and three different upgradable weapon series. After that we take out Gary the ice elf and his master and we face Aisha. After we beat her, we find that she had the ice orb so we take it and that zone is now done.

PART 8: The Three Wars 

All three of these events marked major turning points in the history of Dragonfable, and all had very epic wars attatched to them. The first of these three is the most dramatic and touching moment in DF history. There was not much humor here but it was very nearly tear jerking for many people. This is the storm. In the beginning, Nythera, Warlic’s assistant, asks us if we can preform a few ”small” tasks for her. We gather magical reagents for her and find a dragon amulet chest with a few good fire weapons in them. Then she reveals her true feelings about Warlic. She explains that he is taking too long to teach her the magic she rightfully deserves. You see, she’s half dragon, and as such has plenty of dragon magic that Warlic will not let her use yet because she is not ready. She’s also 200 years old. We go back into her past and see how she angered the elemental avatars and how she was ”grounded” for a thousand years because of that. Then she puts her plan into action. It seems she is finally fed up with the whole deal and, as such, kills Warlic. Yes you read that right, she kills Warlic. She then revitalizes the avatars anger in her and causes them to invade Falconreach. We were at war. During this war, a cutscene of Warlic’s funeral occurred. This is where everybody was so stricken. Even though we knew Warlic would be better, the scene was so touching that it caused many people almost to cry. Afterwards he got better of course, we lost the war though. Warlic went and redeemed Nythera and got rid of the elemental avatars and everything returned to normal.

The second of these three turning points is actually at the end of the energy orb quest line. In this line we learn that the energy orb was last seen around a gnomish town named Popsprocket. I think that’s a pun, but I’m not sure. Once we get to Popsprocket, we find out that the town is in the middle of beng taken over by robots. Yix, the gnomish spokesperson, sends you solo into the barricade to fix the damaged town matrix and drive back the Cyclons, the robots made by Balthar who are invading. Once that is finished, Yix remembers a weapon that can defeat the cyclons. It’s in the experimental tools tower which is close to where the pipe lets out. So you charge past mecha-gryphons and get to were the tower should be. But where’s the tower? Look up, look waaay up. That’s right, Sepulchure’s here and he stole the whole darned tower. He is now afloat over the city. So in order to barricade yourself further, you prevent all the doors from opening. Sepulchure doesn’t like this so he sends his undead army which is supplied by someone different now apparently, and you have to plant a bug on a flying eyeball in Seppy’s flying fortress. After this is done we find out that Seppy is indeed after the energy orb. By the way, we never talk about the weapon again. Ever. So now that we know what he’s up to, we can stop him. Unfortunately, we have a war on two fronts to fight so we must elicit help from more heroes of Lore. We start by going to the guard captain Rolith who gives us an army of togs. An inside joke about how he always makes quests involving the creatures. We also go to the sneevil king and bribe him with many boxes to get an army of sneevils. What do sneevils and togs put together make? Sneevil togriders! Then, after making a terminator and a 2001 parody in one quest, it’s time for war! The entire story of this war would take pages upon pages to retell so I will say this: we won a VERY close victory. Afterwards, we confront Balthar. Turns out all the cyclons were actually so intelligent that they denied the need for such a feeble master and locked the innocent Balthar away. Then it turns out that Popsprocket is a transformer, yes the entire town transforms. Huh, didn’t see that one coming… and so we have secured the energy orb without even seeing it once.

The third and final of these turning points is probably the most hyped quest line in DF history. The great fire war. It all starts with Yulgar’s old assistant, Konnan. No, unfortunately, he wasn’t a barbarian. He beseeches you to save his family from the fire dragon who we were trying to pursue in Dragesvard. Akriloth has apparently been going on a killing spree. Also he is confused about his gender. Konnan begs you to prevent his family’s home from being demolished by the raging dragon so naturally we go to get rid of Akriloth with the help of our titan dragon. Unfortunately, he’s impossible to beat. This time he’s REALLY impossible, there is absolutely no way you’re beating him. So we come back, tell Konnan the bad news and he gets angry at us. Very angry at us. So he leaves, never to be seen again… OR DOES HE?! In the mean time, we need to find a weapon powerful enough to kill Akriloth, so we seek out the ice scythe. Unfortunately when we find the scythe, the very greedy owner Izotz shatters it claiming that if he cannot have it, no one can. So what are we to do now? We rebuild it, better than it was before, longer, better, faster, stronger. We built the ice claymore. Now that we have this weapon, we can fight Akriloth. Unfortunately, he has built up an army in our absence. This is where the crux of the great war is, all three of the wars. In this war we fought. And fought, and fought and fought and FOUGHT. We fought for freedom, humanity and for fun of course. After we killed Akriloth, a new threat appeared. Remember Konnan? Yeah, he’s back. More importantly, remember Xan? He’s back too. Turns out Xan is training Drakonnan in fire magic because they share a common enemy, the hero! He teaches Konnan the ways of fire, how it is unlike all other elements, it breathes, has life but takes life, is as beautiful as it is deadly. Yeah, he doesn’t say any of that, we actualy just get a rocky montage, but not before another war could start! This was a very unique war, as it was the monsters truly invading us so that we could not tell how many monsters were attacking us. We won though, don’t worry. Next, Drakonnan had perfected his art and went after us personally, burning down our brand new settlement of Battleon. Of course we decided we weren’t going to let this happen so we attacked them. Thus the third war. Yeah, i wasn’t there but it sounded epic, and I could tell that we had the best defender metal farming ever seen with us fighting regular waves ON OUR TITAN DRAGONS! This was unheard of since the first Halloween war in Amityvale, and even then it was a bug! Anyway, now that Drakonnan’s fortress is almost empty, we can go take care of him. BUT WAIT! The ice claymore has run out of power! So what do we do? Reforge it! We got ourselves the vanilla ice katana. Which is definitely a pun. So, we stop Drakonnan and we think the fire orb is lost with Akriloth, so, in the perspective of the hero, all is well. However, everything is not actually so peachy keen. Turns out Drakonnan denied his teacher’s teachings and overtook him. This made Xan very angry. Angry enough to help the hero defeat him, but also angry enough to reveal to the player that this whole time he’s been in cahoots with Sepulchure. DUN DU DUUUUUUUUUUUN! As we see, Sepulchure now has the fire orb, Drakonnan is subject to much misery, and Xan has somehow resurrected Akriloth with the fire orb. The fire war is not over, it is just beginning…

PART 9: Getting Our Feet Wet 

We have recently learned that the water orb has been located. We don’t know where exactly it is but we can safely assume it’s someplace rather damp… shortly thereafter we learned that there is an underwater city in Falconreach Bay. It strongly suggests the presence of the water orb. Plus Aquella is there too. After that we see what is assumed to be our antagonist this time around. Davey Jones himself! No, not from the monkeys, Davey Jones is an undead pirate captain who is looking for his locker and has captured Aquilla untill he finds it. The next couple of quests revolve around us trying to find Davey’s ransom, until we finaly just decide to hang the sense of it and just attack Davey anyway. Why we didn’t think of this earlier I’m not sure, but whatever. We travel to confront Davey but we fail this attempt utterly and are forced into insanity. Through this we learn the real mastermind is the ancient leviathen Kathool Achoo. Also, our characters have waking nighmares… might want to get that checked… by now the entire town has gone three sheets to the wind and Kathool is influencing us to bring Aquella to him. After clearing up a few questions about the water orb by going to the old guardian tower (turns out Aquella felt guilty because she thought she spelled the doom of her race but that was actually Davey’s handywork. We also find out that davey is privy to the location of the water orb, the entire reason we came here and got messed up in this whole kerfuffle in the first place.) We FINALLY get to actually fighting Davey himself. Unfortunately, he’s now uber powered. After getting him out of the way with two of his former crewmember’s help (the only ones who remained sane), we fight Kathool, who was trying to force Aquella into being his personal body guard, on our dragons in a deceptively easy fight. Of course, the characters don’t know where the orb ends up afterwards, but the player is privy to that info! Guess who has it! That’s right, Sepulchure! Also, curiously enough, this is the only zone that didn’t have a war involved with it.

PART 10: SoulWeaver vs DragonMage

We have two sagas here. The first one is one of my favourites. We’re in the Town library, when suddenly we find a book that is a lever. We use the lever, and it turns out to be a secret passage into Ravenloss, city of the Chaosweavers. So THAT’s why the library was so cold! After digging around a little bit more we find a purple glowing portal in Southern Falconreach. We use it, and we get into Ravenloss, one of the most dark, creepy themed areas in DragonFable, and also one of my favourites. We meet Tomix, the SoulWeaver, who can teach us how to weave souls, giving us a really awesome class: Soulweaver. When Tomix was learning (at SoulWeaving academy?) he tried weaving with the Headmaster’s spirit looms and let out lots of Corrupted Elemental Spirits. He nearly died, but Aspar supposedly saved him. He’s, I believe, supposed to be the Elemental Spirit of Valor. He’s tracked them all down, EXCEPT Greed, Lust and Envy. We find out about Greed’s plans to use the Judgement Wheel to make him all powerful, but the wheel lies behind the Equilibrium Gate, which is locked and requires 8 keys to open. So we go questing for these keys, and on the way we meet several interesting NPCs. The first is Riadne, Arachnomancer Adept, who studies Chaosweavers. She tells us about the Chaosweavers’ mind sickness changing them from SoulWeavers into the half-spider, half-men they are now. The second is Izaac, the archaeologist. He’s Tomix’s childhood friend and has recently befriended Riadne. Third on the list is the Greedling. He’s like a mini-Greed, and he’s cute. Unlike Greed, we don’t kill him because he’s so innocent. And last is Vaal, the omniscient. He will be antagonist of Tomix’s Saga part 2. Greed enslaves lots of creatures and embodiments and sends them to war with us. We also have a war with the Chaosweavers! We win the war, but too late; Greed has got through the Equilibrium Gate and wished. But the Judgement Wheel decides that the wish is not a good one, and weakens Greed. We utterly destroy him and get a cliffhanger ending, where Aspar has ‘E’ in his eyes and Lust hints that someone is not who they seem to be. We don’t get to beat Lust, but Tomix’s Saga part 2 will be about Envy, who is hinted to be Aspar. Then there was Darkness Orb part 2, where the Darkness Orb had fused with Vayle’s soul. Tomix simply weaves the orb out of her soul and you put it in the bank.

Now, onto the DragonMage. As you may have guessed, this is Nythera’s saga. To get started here, you must dodge the most annoying bug of all time. DO NOT use the Quest Log (that chest on the right of the Dragon Amulet) to teleport to Warlic and Nythera’s zone. Use the travel Gryphon that you can get on the Falconreach noticeboard instead. If you use the Quest Log, you will only be able to see the quests up to the Storm War, so you can’t see this entire saga. Once you eventually get started, Nythera is told by Warlic that she has Void magic, as well as the Dragon magic she knows about. So Nythera travels to the Void to start learning. Elysia guides her to the “good” Void dragons, the Creatioux and she meets the leader, Elucidas. She doesn’t like the fact that Elucidas is still restricting her, so she runs away and ends up back in the Void, where she meets the Decadere, the “evil” Void dragons. Warlic then completely hands her over to Elucidas for training. Elucidas gives her the dragon powers, and she tries to beat a Decadere. She loses, and is sent back out of the Void. Nythera then asks Elysia’s parents for knowledge on dragons, and she takes on a Decadere Youngling, which she beats. She is now ready to learn Void magic, but she can only learn from an ancestor. So she journeys to Death’s Realm and meets Azhura, her ancestor. She teaches her all she can. Elucidas then tests here, before she goes into the Void and beats the Head Decadere, Decair. She calls for the Decadere and Creatioux to unite. And then we get this: “See Nythera’s story continued in AdventureQuest Worlds!”

PART 11: The Origin of Bacon

“In Bacon Origin, Valencia has recently learned of a hidden element: Bacon! You’ll seek out a wise old man who knows about it, but instead, you’ll find Mount Beeflympus and the Chickencow god, Zeuster. He’ll tell you about Elemental Bacon, but only after you complete a series of tasks for him. Along the way, you’ll round up animals for Aria, fight a giant minotaur, and even have a near brush with Death himself! Are you prepared to find out about one of the best-kept, deep-fried secrets of Lore? Or are you Chicken…COW!?” n advert from Daily Dragon issue #124. After doing tasks for Zeuster that resemble the Twelve Labours of Heracles, wondering whether you’ll ever get to know about the secrets of Bacon, Zeuster eventually tells you how bacon was summoned to Lore. Except that he’s completely wrong; Bacon came to Lore over 1000 years ago. So that was a complete waste of time.

PART 12: Earth and Entropy

Groan… not another commercial break. Oh well, here we go. “Looking for a hero to save Willowshire! The once great town of Willowshire has fallen to the power of Gorgok, a mighty earth dragon! You must defeat him and learn of why he attacked the town. Along the way you meet an old friends father, a shape-shifting girl, a pair of unkillable golems (which you must defeat) and a guardian who will tell you the origin of the elemental orbs!”. Right, if I may carry on uninterrupted, we already know about the first part of the Willowshire saga. The next bit involves a history of the orbs, and why Zeuster was completely wrong. Lord Valorus was at the meeting of Avatars delivering the Orbs to mankind 1000 years ago. Lord Valorus had the Earth Orb, but he dropped it and it broke. He picked up the Stone half, but a girl called Fae picked up the Nature half. The reason Zeuster was wrong? There is a chef, holding the Bacon Orb. So Zeuster didn’t create bacon, but he thought he had. Anyway, moving on, Valencia’s dad, Trey Surehunter, wants the orb for his own evil purposes. We track down Fae, but we meet En and Tropy, who reanimate every time we kill them, stronger, and cause decay. After beating them 5 times we are forced to run away with Fae. Meanwhile, there’s more bad news. En and Troy merge with Gorgok to become the almost unstoppable Entropy Dragon! But we have evil closer to home. Trey merges the Nature Orb, and the Earth Orb (which Valencia disguised as Geo) and fuses them with the Blade of Awe! He then turns on us, and almost kills us. Now we learn about Fae’s past, and how she thought the Nature Orb was a garden stone. Trey TITANIZES himself, using the Blade of Awe and Earth Orb, and we have the first DUAL TITAN fight in DF history against Trey and the Entropy Dragon. Sepulchure shows up, takes the Orb, and pushes the now human Trey off a cliff. We break the Blade of Awe and hide the pieces over Lore, as we can’t let Seppy have the full power of the Blade of Awe. And luckily, we succeed.

PART 13: The Final 13th

The climax, the finale, the beginning of the end of the beginning… fittingly, this is part 13. May 13th, 2011 is a day that will be forever remembered in DF. And August 26th 2011… well, I don’t think anyone could ever forget that day. Yes, this is the END OF CHAPTER 1.

Let’s start from the beginning. Defend Falconreach from another war. 4 million waves, done and dusted in a few seconds. Fight Sepulchure. Get owned. See Seppy crash his fortress into the Guardian Tower. Learn how he killed Celestia. Have the number of waves upped to 20 million. Largest war ever. Spend months beating the rest of the waves. Meanwhile, watch Seppy steal the orbs, one by one. From Galanoth’s house, the bank, Sha’Rae, Xan, Popsprocket, and Kordana. Yes, this is the biggest event ever.

The storyline is very well-written, with several plot-twists. After Sepulchure has found all the orbs, he combines them all into the Ultimate Orb. Now he’s unstoppable! Until Drakath stabs him in the back with Seppy’s own Necrotic Blade of Doom. He then combines himself with Fluffy and the Ultimate Orb to become Dragon Drakath. Dragon Drakath is unstoppable, so we team up with Sepulchure to beat him. We then find the “master” that Sepulchure has talked about. It’s the Mysterious Stranger, the guy who sells doom weapons! He tell us all about how pure darkness can either take the risky path and bide time in the shadows, or fuse with some powerful artifact. The Stranger combines with the NBOD, an artifact worthy of him, and fuses with Dragon Drakath’s body to become the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich, or SMUDD for short. SMUDD summons all the darkness in Lore to join forces with him, and SMUDD becomes VERY powerful. Then we see him swallow the SUN. At this point, even Cysero was helping. That’s how grave the danger was. Cysero then tells us what the secret object, the Deus Ex Machina in the basement of Falconreach’s Guardian Tower. He also tells us how we need 8 orbs and it doesn’t matter which orbs they are. So we get the Bacon Orb, then travel back in time and get another, and so on until we get 8 of them. (Cysero wanted to get another orb to eat, but we stopped him for fear of the Elemental Orb of Poo). We then find Doctor When, who is angry with Cysero for travelling in time despite warnings. We beat him up, and use the Ultimate Orb of Bacon to enhance our dragon. We fight SMUDD, and beat parts of him. But he just recovers every time. So Fluffy, from inside SMUDD, tells us that we have to attack the chest and let out the orb. We do. It ends. And then we return the orbs to Skweel, great bacon dragon, and watch the Epilogue, where Xan reignites himself using some glass and the sun, we see Konnan on a beach,. and Warlic falls into a portal. And it’s onto Chapter 2, Elemental Dissonance!

PART 14: Atrea and Alexander

Chapter 2’s main story has 2 main parts. The first is Alexander. That is AleXANder. Xan and Warlic’s backstory. We learn about how Alexander is an ice mage, because he hates fire. The reason behind his hating fire is because his family was killed when he accidentally set the house on fire. Meanwhile, Warlic is portrayed as a “bad guy”. He hates Alexander, so he deliberately summons fire monsters to scare him. He also will explode if he overloads on mana, which is pure magic. Alex gets him back by pranking him. And they both love Jaania, who leans towards Alex more. Eventually, they duel, resulting in Alex becoming Xan, Jaania being frozen in ice, and Warlic being horrified.

The second part is the Atealans and Wargoth. The Atreans are refugees from another planet that are running from Wargoth, the planet destroying Fire villain who makes Xan look tame.
We fight two wars against his forces, then we learn about how the Professor can save us. We start a saga to find him, and find out that Konnan is his apprentice. Eventually, we find that while we’ve been fighting Wargoth, the world’s been in elemental chaos. We free Jaania from her crystal, and eventually beat Wargoth, and fuse him and the professor into Warlic.

Equipment Suggestions

Now, I would go into which weapon of which element to use at your level, but there is a guide that can do this better than me here– check it out! So I’ll only really talk about accessories.

I will just go through what people of certain level groups should be aiming for as there is already a good number of guides on accessories.

Beginner levels (1-9):

Beginners should really look for anything they can find that gives them any stats at all. Once you fill up the empty spaces, you will become stronger. These items can also be used as placeholders for future items to be equipped. Generally, beginners will benefit most from endurance, strength/intelligence/dexterity and wisdom boosts as these will all help one stay alive longer.

Early levels (10-25)

There is a lot of stuff available for those in this range. Many of the equips from your beginner levels may still be equipped. If that is the case, seek to replace them immediately as they will hamper you in certain fights. Look for the best accessory of your level. This is also the level range where trinkets become available. You can either wear a trinket completely for stats, completely for the skill or both. In any case, find one that suits your playstyle. Players at this stage should still be looking to boost their endurance as much as possible, but should start focusing on Crit and the accuracy modifiers, they will help a lot in the end.

Intermediate levels (26-49)

At this point, many of the high-end accessories become available. Try to go for the best one you can possibly get as it will most likely help you out the most. This is when you should decide weather you want to be an offensive player, or a defensive one as your accessories have a great influence on that sort of thing. If you are a more defensive person, try to find the accessories with high accuracy and damage modifiers along with plenty of endurance. This will ensure that you stay alive for as long as you want. Offensive players should put a large emphasis on crit, it will help greatly with many fights. Try to also find some accessories that give your particular base classes attacking stat mixed in with the crit as well, this will help improve your damage output and finish off monsters much quicker.

Advanced levels (50-80)

This is where you start boosting your stats through the roof. If you are defensive, try to make your health go as high as it possibly can without stat training. If you are offensive, make your attacks do as much past 100 damage as you possibly can. That’s pretty much all there is to it.


Farming in DF is trying to get lots of gold (to buy stuff) or EXP (to level up) by doing the same quest again and again. Luckily, before I made this guide, I made a Farming Guidecovering everything, so have a read through that. This means that there’s not too much need for in-depth information here.


There are three stand out quests here: Potion Mastery can give you high selling rewards, while Something Fishy drops high gold. Also, it’s worth trying the Bandit Camp for its unique “bounty” system. There are a few others, check out the guide for them.


The best quests here are, surely, You need more iron in your diet, an all time favourite with farmers (using the extreme mode), Thyton’s Request, a little known quest that gives awesome rewards in terms of EXP, and Vurrmen Ruins, another very well known and awesome quest. It’s worth trying a few other quests from the guide, especially Crystal Cave.

Other Classes

We’ve looked at the base classes, now let’s take a look at some more powerful classes. I’d recommend starting to use one of these by level 25.


DOOMKNIGHT: This can do more damage than all your base class’ best moves just by spamming Attack. This silver lining has two clouds, unfortunately: one cloud is that you need to have a DA for 2 years, then either buy 40000 DCs (DragonCoins) and the armor, Necrotic Sword of Doom, DoomKnight Helm, and DoomKnight Cloak all at once for $64.95, or buy one package each 6 months of 10000 DCs for $19.95 until you reach the 4th package. The other cloud is that it makes the game a cakewalk.

KATHOOL ADEPT ARMOR: The warped, mind-twisting DC armor from Cysero is the best offensive class in game, aside from DmK. Costs 1800 DCs. The main qualms are the ridiculous mana costs (Shadow costs 264 MP). OKish defence and an excellent class overall.

SOULWEAVER: The third/fourth most powerful class (non-DmK) and it’s FREE. However, a Dragon Amulet is required to use the right hand side of the skills. A very good offense is slightly let down by the defense, but still very reasonable. It is extremely popular with players.

A very reasonable class. Does good average damage and it can beat Meltface Akriloth. Also, it can drain full enemy mana, useful against monsters like (Deft) Minx Fairies. Not bad, overall.

(EVOLVED) CHICKENCOW ARMOR: CCA and ECCA have major bugs that allow them to do close to 5000 damage in one turn. There is the Firebrand/lock/line bug, where the special stays activated once triggered. This is considered bug abuse and is not recommended. There is also the bug where it adds STR/INT/DEX damage boost to every hit.

DEATHKNIGHT: Deathknight. A 15% HP steal, powerful offense, decent defense, but high mana costs. Still an excellent class

PALADIN: The real reason this is so hated is that the left-hand side of the skills (except for Heal and Protection) all involve a 20% chance to do something. The DA side of the skills are actually not too bad. However, they are fairly expensive on the MP, they are Light element fixed, and there are better classes for DAs.

PIRATE: Arrrr, Ninja’s counterpart be as lacklustre a class, mehearties. Ye has good skills, arrr, like summonin’ ol’ Crackers or the Pirate Ghost, swab. Shout ‘n’ 1st Mate Aid be good defensively, yarr. Yet the rest be underpowered, landlubbers.*

* In English: Ninja’s counterpart is just as lacklustre. It has a few good skills, like Summon Crackers or the Pirate Ghost. Shout and 1st Mate Aid are good defensively. However, the rest is underpowered.


ENTROPY: The second best defensive class in the game, after GPS, and maybe DragonLord, and about 3x more damage than DL. Costs 1800 DCs. Of course, Doomknight is tenfold better offensively and defensively, but still, the second best non-DmK class offensively and defensively is no mean feat. Kathool Adept is slightly better offensively; there is a negligible difference.

NECROMANCER: A good defensive class, with several good defensive moves. Has some interesting offensive moves.

GPS MK 2: Infinite blind, and a spammable 200% damage hit after that. Pretty cool. Also features a mana regen and a heal. What else do you need?

(EVOLVED/COLOR CUSTOM) DRAGONLORD: It’s lousy at offence. But defence? AMAZING! Infinite heal, infinite mana regen, +50 All, a working shield (Melee Defence).

NINJA: Ninja. Deadly Strike, Dokuse, and Inbo are pretty useful, but aside from them, the other moves are pretty lacklustre. For example, Fade only gives +80 Dodge, only about 10% chance of blocking.

RANGER: A balance between defense and offense, the ranger class is a very versatile threat that monsters everywhere should look out for. A major upside of this class is that only one skill on it is useless. A downside is that once it uses all it’s offensive moves, it has a large amount off cool down to work off, but most monsters should be dead before you need to worry about that.This is, however, a class aimed at Rogues.


SNUGGLEBEAR: This class is a joke. Never use it aside from in a challenge to beat a monster with Snugglebear.

TOGSLAYER: If there was ever an OP non-DmK class, this is it. It only has 8 skills, yet can do close to 1500 damage in one turn and follow it up with 500 damage next turn. There might even be more skills by Frostval (Christmas).

FROST MOGLIN ARMOR: An excellent class- 5th best damage in game and an infinite Blind makes this VERY awesome. What’s even better is that it’s free at Frostval, with no Dragon Amulet required to use the right hand side of the skills! That’s why, for the Frostval season, it is the best fully non-DA (Togslayer has 1 DA skill) and non-DC armor. However, to use it all year round you need a DA and 1000 DCs for an Armor Closet.

(EVOLVED) PUMPKINLORD ARMOR: Like FMA, these are awesome seasonal armors, for Mogloween (however, to use it all year round you need a DA and 1000 DCs to buy an Armor Closet). Eternal Night and Final are unbelievable, it can get +25 All. Downside is the high mana costs.

ZARDBIE: DoT class, and its best DoT can do 300+ damage A TURN! However, the mana costs are extremely high (50+ for many skills).

GUARDIAN: To get this armor, you must verify your AQ Guardian character. It is a decent low-level hybrid class, with a few decent moves, Guardian Rage and Guardian Dragon among them. OKish defence, with a possible 10 turn stun= instant win.

DRAGONRIDER: This one isn’t really a class but more of a plot-point armor. It is only equippable when you are facing insurmountable odds against some huge monster that threatens to squish you. Relative to it’s damage, this really isn’t a very good class. Its stun is unreliable, its shield only lasts two turns and the attacking moves leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, in titan fights you are forced to use it.


Stats are very important in DF: a player with good stats can be significantly stronger than a person with no stats. I will give you stats for every 20 levels. Note that swords/maces/axes use STR, staves/wands use INT and daggers use DEX.


Level 20

END: 70
WIS: 25

Level 40

END: 150
WIS: 25

Level 60

END: 200
WIS: 25

Level 80

END: 200
WIS: 25

Pure Power

Level 20

WIS: 5

Level 40

WIS: 10

Level 60

WIS: 45
LUK: 50

Level 80

WIS: 95
LUK: 100


Level 20

END: 40
WIS: 15

Level 40

END: 80
WIS: 25

Level 60

END: 120
WIS: 25

Level 80

END: 160
WIS: 35


Geopetal: She is an incredibly good writer, and several awesome storylines are her work. She’s DF’s Creative Lead and is one of the most frequent posters on the team.

Ghost: Ghost is not such a frequent poster, but that is probably because his position, head animator and impromptu music creator, keeps him working hard. He is a well humored person and often posts something funny when he does post. Like the most awesome gag ever.

Rolith: Ah yes, our resident codemonkey. He’s the one to thank for all those darned togicide quests. Then again he’s also the one responsible for engine 9.0. Needless to say, he is a very hard worker and even has his own DF “holiday”, codemonkey day! Where we give him pie! He posts sometimes, and often he is humorous too.

Tomix: Tomix is part of the animation crew and does artwork that is very pleasing to the eye. Whenever you see a new release it almost always says “with gorgeous artwork from Tomix” or “with brilliant animation by Tomix”. Suffice it to say he was the one who animated all the cutscenes from the storm war.

Artix:The boss, the big cheese, the head honcho. He’s the guy the company’s named after. You will see this man post very rarely if at all outside the design notes, but if he does, you can bet it’s on something big.

And interns:

True Mortal: This guy is one of the most awesome artists there is. With him and Tomix on the crew, the only other person you could trust with art is…

Dracelix: Dracelix has a way of making everything look so awesome that you hold your breath, speechless at the wonderful art. The art team is just AWESOME, aren’t they?

Eric Greydawn: He is the other member of the writing team, along with Geo. The Kensai (Eric) is most likely writing the True Mortal saga, as well as his soon-to-come saga.

The Hidden Touches

You’re probably wondering what I mean by the hidden touches. Well, if DF consisted solely of storyline quests, it would be VERY boring. Here are some of the things our staff do to make the game more fun.

The PUNS! It’s official. DF has the most puns out of any game in the known universe. Just look at this, for example. That’s punny. The puns, while being so bad that they make you groan, have become a part of DF that you almost miss in a serious story quest.

The REFERENCES! DF pulls references, so, so well. Just take a look at the last quest before we fight SMUDD. Dr When appears. Obviously, it’s Dr Who. DF never ceases to amaze with how wittily they slip in a reference. They parodied Scooby-Doo and Casper the Friendly Ghost in one quest.

The MUSIC! DF has evolved a lot over time. Before, say, 2011, music was a rare supplement to the game. Now, you’d be hard-pressed not to find music in a quest released in 2012. Ghost does a wonderful job, and can compose something as dramatic as this or as relaxed as this.

The SECRETS! DF has 6 Easter Egg cutscenes. The first two are in the Final Battle. The first involves a long story, culminating in Cysero saying “Gottapeegottapeegottapeegottapee” The pedia entry shows how to activate this. The second is Dancing Artix. See for yourself. The next two both are in the quest The Bottom. They involve Crabastian, reference to Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, getting into your head and driving you crazy. Fifth on the list is the Tortoise and the Hare (Sort Of). Lim’s mechanical creation can reach the desert, if you don’t press “Complete Quest”. Last and funniest is in the Archknight Saga, The End?. The Princess gives Ash an ATOMIC WEDGIE! That is what I call a ROFL moment.

Apart from Easter Egg cutscenes, there are also hidden things in quests. The Summon gems (Reaver, Rokturu, Illumina) which are all music references are a prime example. They are hidden around DF. We also have hunts for Special Events. These include Grenwog Eggs. We are usually given clues for these. And last but not least, there are the random exploration dungeons that Ghost often creates. You find items in the place, use them to unlock other items, and eventually get rewards. They are VERY fun.

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