Dragon Nest CN Guardian Build

Dragon Nest CN Guardian Build by Aspenach

Guardian level 70 T4 (Breath of Steel – Passive)
I have read the two new skills that can be found on duowan and just decided to test out the new passive. Below are the results. 

Before Block:


After Blocking successfully:


A successful block will trigger our new passive skill, increasing our base attack by 20% for 10s. How will this passive change my execution order of skills? When and how can I use this passive to my advantage? I have just max leveled so I will need some time to try out how I adapt to this new passive and give you my feedback. Meanwhile, I will be holding back a Level 70 Skill Build till Guardian Nest is released. =)

Guardian level 60 T4

What are the new things at Level 60?
With the two new EX skills, namely Stance Of Faith EX and Divine Vengence EX, Guardian is a much preferred tanking class for Desert Dragon Nest. Other than tanking, with SOF EX, a Guardian is able to consistently provide Guardian Force for party members, a damage reduction buff that prevents knock back. At Level 60 Guardian can also deal out a decent amount of damage which makes us a very much preferred support DPS class.

At level 60, there are also a few ways to build a Guardian but I will only touch on my build, which I think is optimise for my playstyle in DDN. It is highly recommended that you have 2 sets of gears if you are able to afford if not you can just stick to my DDN setup.

Objective: Daily dungeons, Farming and Nest
Try to get full attack gear and you will realise that our damage is actually pretty decent. One thing to take note is we need to work on our critical as it is generally lower than other classes.

Objective : Desert Dragon Nest
Your aim here is to be able to hold the aggro and tank for your party. We need to have high HP and high physical and magical defenses to be able to do our job well. I have taken the effort to try and test out all the damage of the various bosses within DDN and other than those skills that outright kill any member I am able to survive most attacks. Other than been able to tank, we are also required to have a decent damage output to support our team’s strategies. Yes you heard me right, we need to be able to deal damage as well. :)

I shall cover the details of tanking in my other guide. I have included a skill build that I am using for Desert Dragon Nest below. My selection of skills to add revolves around two considerations.

Am I able to pull off the attacks quick enough while my Provoke is cooling down?
What is the highest damage output possible within this time frame?

Before I go into details of my build, I understand that many of us have tried to do burst damage by using Divine Avatar, followed by our usual combo, however is Divine Avatar really that good? The question is does Divine Avatar help to boost your damage over a short period of time? Let’s find out more below. :)

Before I begin, I would like to highlight that I am a physical build Guardian and I would like to give credit to Xiao熊猫 from duowan who uncovered this insight through his testings. I have took it upon myself to test the damage based on our 3 most popular skills, Electric Smite, Justice Crash and Guardian Force.

My current Physical Attack is only 12k+ with around 7.5k+ Magic Attack and 31k Critical. A  build easily attain by fellow Guardians.

Option 1. Without Divine Avatar
[With Armor Break and Righteous Bolt already reduce the boss defenses.]
Electric Smite = 19014 + 18644 + 17768 + 10992 = 66,418


Justice Crash = 142,646


Guardian Force = 49,820


Total Damage Output : 258,884

Not to forget we have a new EX skill call Divine Ascension EX.
Divine Ascension EX  = 106,468 + 22,258 = 128,726 (I have only taken the first impact damage as consideration)
First Impact


Second Impact


The damage will cut through the mobs in a designated path and deal additional damage if the target is huge. Actually with a larger target you will deal higher damage as seen above.

Therefore total burst damage without Divine Avatar will be 387,610

Let’s understand what happen when we cast Divine Avatar (Level 2):
200% Magic Attack
330% Strength
110% Vitality
330% Intelligence

As you can see Divine Avatar increases our Magic Attack and Strength.

Option 2 : With Divine Avatar:
[With Armor Break and Righteous Bolt already cast to increase our damage.]
Electric Smite = 29714 + 13576 + 29118 + 112604 = 185,012


Justice Crash = 194,706


Guardian Force = 124,456  lets say if it crit 186,684


With Divine Avatar, you would not be able to block so you cannot cast Divine Ascension EX.

Total Damage Output : 566,402

So with Divine Avatar and without Divine Avatar the difference in damage is 178,792. Difference is not too huge yar? But wait… we still have Thor’s Hammer. :D

So how does Thor Hammer works?
At level 2 :
Magic Attack : 2047% + 31000
Physical Attack : 1592% + 19110

1st Hit : 108,986 + 77,004 = 185,990


2nd Hit : 105,764 + 80,248 = 186,012


3rd Hit : 148,532 + 103,720 = 252,252


Total Damage : 624,254

If you add the Thor Hammer damage into your Option 1 combo, your total damage output will be 387,610 + 624,254 = 1,011,864. A whopping 1 million damage in total! Consider this, a short combo like this take less than 10s to execute and achieve our objective of creating a burst damage. These stats are based on solo play, if you are in a party of 4 or 8 (with Priest, Merc or Archer) you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of damage you can deal out.

Some people might argue that with Divine Avatar, I can do the Double Kick or Sacred Hammering but damage output wise those will definitely lose out to Thor’s Hammer.

With this experiment, I believe everyone can see that Divine Avatar actually work against you if you are looking at creating burst damage. However, does it mean that I do not need to add Divine Avatar ? Nope, you should still add it at level 1, as it is very useful for defensive purposes. For example, Divine Avatar can help in the clearing of negative buffs on yourself, grants immunity to various effects and it also helps to enhance your HP for healing.

Some useful combos to new Guardian
Combo: Iron Will and Shield Charge – max damage reduction
Combo : Iron Will and Guardian Force – The amount of damage you take is with reference to your defense and damage reduction capabilities, therefore with the Iron Will buff the Guardian Force will last longer.
Damage Combo : Righteous Bolt + Armor Break then other skills (Reduce defenses)

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