Dragon Nest CN Gladiator PvE Build

Dragon Nest CN Gladiator PvE Build by 석사GanZ

If you Choose to become the mighty gladiator then brace yourself …. because you going to spend a lot of gold.  this class offers the Player to focus all PATK into one single target… to make incredible damage.
Not much to say or add specific info…So ….Enjoy ^-^.

~My Skill Build~

~Skill Explanation~


Tumble,Dash,Relief,AE – Maxed to save your life in Nests/Raids…

Circle Break – Small DPS (good for SA break).

Physical/Mental training – Maxed/lvl2  (more HP/MP regen)


Tripple Slash – good for both PVP/PVE grabs small and medium sized mobs throws them to air . MAXED :P

Deep Straight – good for cutting combos and inpurupts mobs/bosses and have low CD with EX version becomes more powerful. Also lvl11 (saving SP is always plus!)

Hacking Stance – this skill was always bad in T2 and T3. but not anymore :D (now it got huge boost thanks to T4) Lvl11 due to the fact that skills get Large skill jump on Lvls 6,11,16. + works good with DMG. plate. ^^

Luring Slice – MAXED is a MUST (Top Debuff of SM and useful everywhere)

Brave – this skill reminds me of Taunt howl of Mercenary and in matter of fact have similar Debuff (SA Debuff on mob and PATK/MATK buff) also MAXED

Parry Stance,Counter Slash – The good defense is best offense ! haha (ok but seriously this skills saved me in SDN/GDN A LOT!) Maxed/Lvl1

Eclipse – my one of my favorite skills Maxed (because can combo with any skill) Tripple Slash +Ecl.or Deep Slash + Ecl.+ Evasion Slash… Lvl6 haha^^.

Aerial Slash – Waste of SP in my opinion but again i might be wrong :P (I use this skills in places where i get knocked to the air mostly and only way to escape quickly is to use it xD).

Line Drive – One of the most OP skills on SM class, if user deal full hits damage is insane… MAXED^^

IE vs GW – IE for Single Target and GW for AOE (I prefer IE more for DPS purpose..but you can get both ^^).


Evasion Slash – nice skill and easily chain with other skills MAXED

Finish Attack – MAXED this is MADNESS!!!  (especially if you have 1000>1500 FD and 30k crit) ^^”.

Tripple Slash Ex/Deep Straight Ex/Hacking Stance Ex – skill boost and more range.


Suffix –
Helm – Dire/STR
Shirt – Dire/STR
Pants  -Dire/STR
Boots   -Dire/STR
Gloves   -Will
M. Weapon – Wind (more Age/crit)
Sub. Weapon – Barrage/Sturdy *since Def Is not ignored by Crit anymore, I suggest getting this as P.Def Debuff* Credit goes to AceofSpade :)~

For cDN/kDN get Dangerous set (if you are broke like me xD) or DDN gear (if you prepared your thick wallet xD…)

For SEA/NA players get Mix the Gignatic/Titan set with GDN set it will do the trick ^^.

Skill Crests –
Line Drive – DMG plate
IE – DMG plate
Finish Attack – CD Reduce
4th is your choice (Tripple Slash,Evasion Slash,Hacking Stance,Deep Straight) – DMG PLATE

Ps. Sorry For Bad english xD  (btw thanks to ”AceOFSpade” I made this Glad. Really inspired by him ^^”if you reading this Hi^^)

5/17/2013 – UPDATED

ArchBishop Solo

Skill Bars

06/27/2013- 104 SP Version of my build for CherryDN –


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