CastleVille Good Neighbour Guidelines

CastleVille Good Neighbour Guidelines by MzJudie

1. Actually ‘Help” when you visit an active players kingdom. What a novel concept, that is!!! Helping means doing activities that actually edify your neighbors efforts to build up their game levels and satisfy their quests. Put others before yourself.
A. Tend Royal Buildings in active kingdoms.
B. Feed baby animals
C. Tend crops
D. Accelerate Crafting and Craft Support Buildings

2. Do no Harm. Tend or harvest items that are replaceable or self-replenishing. Fall Trees are not replaceable and cost real money. Bushes and Swamp Trees get cleared off when they are tended,some trees are not available in the market place for purchase.
A. Get ogres belch from mushrooms, roots, wild plants and ferns.
1. They don’t disappear or cost your neighbor coins or their time to replace
B. Get wood from Pine or Palm Trees
1. They’re the cheapest to replace
2. They also produce fruit (pine cones or coconuts…no other type of tree does)
C. Better yet, shop for wood and minerals in inactive or Zynga neighbor kingdoms (i.e. Neighbors who are not currently playing, The Duke, Amouria, Lands End, ).
1. Trees and rocks are not consumed in inactive or the Dukes kingdoms. They can be chopped/mined over and over again.
2. Your active neighbor won’t have to use limited supplies or waste crafting shop time to make Flaming Grog or Mortar to undo the damage you’ve caused.

3. To summarize: Be respectful and treat virtual neighbors as part of your community just as you do in real life. (Exception: if you’re a jerk in real life don’t treat virtual neighbors like your real ones).
A. If a neighbor asks you for help, give it.
B. If a neighbor asks you to not do something, don’t do it.

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