Battle Dawn Tricks and Tactics

Battle Dawn Tricks and Tactics by BlackRevolution

Okay, i will teach you some tactics or tricks i do know.
P.S: Enjoy! I will only share 3, though.

1) Tactic “Spam”: You send in a lot of 1 unit squads, forming a big image or attack image to your target. Some people DO NOT do incoming scan, so this works on moderate and starting players. When you send them, that particular player might move his squads to some op so he will have hope to survive and so he won’t be forgotten. You send your spam squads back, send your army and the spam squads then boom. Note: It has a 3% Chance that it will work on Top Alliances. I remember in F6, iW ion cannoned 50 Spam Squads and wasted a lot of energy.

2) Tactic “Delay”/”Distraction”: You send in your army on a pro/moderate player and as he sends his army to defend, tell your allies or friends to move their armies and conquer ops and stuff while the members are distracted defending. This works when most members are asleep- check their flags and timezones. Note that this tactic is VERY Risky and could result of losing your entire army if you dont come on and send it back. Do it again and again so your teammates have more time to cover area.

3) Tactic “Dragon”: You send in dragons on a pro player so he will relocate and move his army. To make this work, make sure to send in a lot of dragons (Like 20+) So if he relocates to any op, he will still be hit by a dragon. Then you bring your army and kill.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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