Battle Dawn Resource and Worker Growth

Battle Dawn Resource and Worker Growth by Dawnice

It’s cleaner like this in a new topic… easier to find too. I’d be surprised if anyone reads the whole way through.

Here’s an example with my worker count and management screen.

Resource Production

Let’s start with res production. I currently have Level 5 Farm, Level 3 Gold Mine, Level 3 Lumber Mill and Level 5 Mana Stone.

The amount of res you get from facilities depends mostly on the level of your structure. The higher level structure you have, the more you will produce in your facilities. The amount of res your workers produce, is calculated like this:
[worker count] * [facility production] / 100, rounded down

So take my management screen for example, I have 913 workers and facility production of 17 for gold. I would calculate like this:
913*17/100 = 155.21, rounded down is 155

The same goes for Lumber production for workers. You might’ve noticed there’s a (+78) behind my gold production from workers, and (+32) for lumber. That’s because I have a 50% production boost for both gold and lumber, you can see on the top right of the screen. It’s calculated as:

[worker production] / 2, rounded up

In my screen, my worker production is 155 for gold, and 63 for lumber, so I’d do this:

155/2 = 77.5, rounded up is 78
63/2 = 31.5, rounded up is 32

On to bonuses. The bonus production comes from your alliance’s crystals, res ops, and relics, if any. For every 4 crystals your alliance holds, you well receive +1 gold and +1 lumber.

For every gold mine that your alliance holds, you will receive +5 gold. For every lumber mill your alliance holds, you will receive+4 lumber.

For every relic that your alliance holds, you will receive +20 gold and +20 lumber.

Your mana production is completely dependant on your structure level. Level 1 = 1 mana, Level 2 = 2 mana, etc. You should know that.



Time for growth. You can see there’s a list of things that effect your growth, let’s go through them one by one. Numbers in white are adding onto growth and numbers in red are obviously subtracting from growth. =P

Base growth – it’s always +40 no matter what, nothing changes it.

Farms – this number depends on the level of your farm structure. Level 1 Farm= +1, Level 2 Farm= +3, Level 3 Farm= +6, Level 4 Farm= +10, Level 5 Farm= +15.

In the world I took the screenshot of my management screen up there, I have level 5 farm, which is +15.

Crystals – you get +0.04 per crystal, rounded up.

We have 24 crystals, so I get +1 from crystals:
24*0.04 = .96, rounded up is 1

Resource Outposts – you receive +1 per every 2 res ops your alliance holds, rounded up.

We hold 29 gold mines/lumber mills, which gives me +15 from res ops
29/2 = 14.5, rounded up is 15

Workers upkeep – you get -1 per every 25 population.

As you can see my worker upkeep is 913/25 = 36.25, rounded down… it’s killing me.

Army upkeep – you get -1 per every 30 soldiers, which means -1 for 30 inf, -1 for 15 cavs, and -1 for 10 hevs.

I have 12 inf and 142 hevs, which is equal to 438 soldiers.
438/30 = 14.6, rounded up is 15

Outposts upkeep – -0.5 per outpost, rounded up. Which is -1 per every 2 ops rounded up.

Not including res ops, I hold 19 ops.
19*0.5 = 14.6, rounded up is 15

Dragons upkeep – you get -1 per dragon, it doesn’t count if you have unarmed dragon lairs or whatever it’s called in Fantasy.

I have 1 armed dragon, which is… 1!

Agents upkeep – you get -1 per planted agent.

I have 2 agents planted somewhere on the map, so I have -2 from agents.

Conquers – you receive +1 per conquer, easy enough.

I have 14 conquers right now, so I get +14 from conquers.

Okay I’m done XD

Is that understandable, or did I just confuse the hell outta you all?

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