Battle Dawn Pro Guide

Battle Dawn Pro Guide by Jazed13

I play at rank 20-1 usually. Not many
Of us boost at kong and usually we run into major red boosters near us but we conquer them easily. So here goes my strategy.

This guide should start off the era before. (im going to call the world a fantasy one to simple it down)
So the era b4 get 330 blue tokens by voting

Ok so now the new era starts. I would pick the speed of the era according tp your activeness. if tou get on alot after school go with 3 ticks per hour (like me) Get in a good alliance!!! Stress the fact on them! STRESS!!! to get mines and keep them!

Boost light wood,light gold,and light workers.
Build metal mine lvl 3, oil lvl 1 , farm lvl 1 , build all the way up to the damage upgrade. Then build barracks, then build stables. You should now make spam squads.

Build them like this
1 Calvary Slashing Armour and 1 Calvary Slashing Damage

Build as many squads as you can. URGENT Check your oil supply, for it may be low. THe next step is to spam mines! YOU CANNOT SPAM MINES WITH NO OIL

Choose your mines carefully. Pick close ones, away from pros (check achievements).

After that retreat your units back to ur base. Spam more mines. THen upgrade oil and farm 1 lvl. Don’t about scan PREDICT! Check the owner of the mine (if he has one) and check his stats.

Look at “Units Recruited” and “Units Lost”. Check that number and then check how many mines he has. EStimate and always PREDICT THE WORSE SCENARIO! It’s better to predict the worse scenario instead of hoping. Check the battle simmulator

Overnight people may take your mines. To help stop this, Make 1 damage slashing infantry. Put one on every mine. go to bed. Wake up and reconqer mines.

Tick Mark 50

By now you should have decent mine count and should have 1 dmg unit protecting them. Your alliance hopefully is also doing a good job at protecting them!

Start getting scan and make energy lvl 1. Take your spam squads and combined them from
1 calvary slashing damage and 1 calvary slashing defense
2 calvary slashing damage and 2 calvary slashing defense.

This will help because these are now for conquers not mines.

Check the people around you first by looking at their stats. Check if they have units. 2 options

If they have no units RUSH 1 defence infantry and just send it to them. Hopefully u get the conq

If they have units, check their achievements. Based on their achievements are they using armour, or actually using damage. This is judgement If you doubt yourself then scan them. Send your 1 squad of the 2 calvary slashing dmage and 2 calv slash def. At them and keep doing this

Leave just 2 calv slash dmg and 2 def calve slash on ur colony just to hold urself up.

Tick 75

Get range, and if you wish heavies (EXPENSIVE) Start making FULL SQUADS . THeir used for your actual army. keep them close for now don’t expand until tick 150 or until ur alliance is ready.

Range Amount
for inf:
10 def 20 range
for calv
5 def 10 range
for heavi
3 def 7 range

Notice this guide is not exact. THere is a reason. YOU MUST ADAPT TO THIS GUIDE! It’s your judgement. For ex. HUGE BOOSTER AROUND YOU…answer: focus on mines around him till he runs out of red, or if later in the game, leave more units on your base.


Notice this guide doesn’t focus on relying on your alliance. It helps keep to yourself while staying safe


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