ArcheAge PvP Introduction

ArcheAge PvP Introduction by bearlike

You can treat PVP ground as other battle ground like other games. There are two teams, one is blue team and the other is red team. In each team, 10 players are allowed. In PVP system, you not only can use your character itsself’s skill, but also you can use the unique skill and weapon such as cannon. Here you can get points to buy items.

How to get into PVP system?

In each village, there would be a NPC who is the training instructors of PVP grounds. If the level of your character is above 15, you can talk to this NPC and apply to get in to PVP. If you have applied, and you do not want to join, you can cancel at any time.

When you apply to get in PVP grounds, there would be a new window appearing, you can check out the number of participated players. After the number gets to 20, you will be transported to PVP ground.

These 20 players would be distributed into 2 teams, in each team, there are 10 players. After waiting some time, the battle will begin.

When you get into the battle, you will find that the construction of the whole battle looks like the scene of  FPS game. There are many boxes, you can make use of them to hide yourself, you can use the ;ladder to tower to use cannon and this cannon would not hurt your team.

When you skill your enemy, you will get the points. With the points are added, you can use these points to learn the unique skill in this PVP ground. When the points is few, you can use them to get the skills like recovering or throwing the bomb. If you have many poins, you can use the set weapon. These weapon are very useful.

How to check out the results?

There are only 15 minutes in the PVP ground, after the 15 minutes, the battles will end automatically, and you will see a window. On this window, you can check out the info about this battle such as how many time you die.

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