ArcheAge Prison System Guide

ArcheAge Prison System Guide by bearlike

Archeage is a game in which you can PK freely. So in order to protect the low lever player from the high level player, this game makes some restriction of the map.

Only the players whose level are related to the level of the map, can click “Ctrl+F” to open free attack mode. Under this mode, you can attack any players. But you will get crime point when you kill someone. When your crime point gets 100, you will be caught into the prison.

You will transported into cells. This cell is very small. And there is no toilet and no windows. There are many patrols around the cell. Every 10 minutes, the door of cell would open, and at this time, you need to work.

When you go outdoor, you will find there is a prisoner effect. This effect will last 30 minutes. After this time, you can leave here.

In the cell, you would find some boxes. If you broke them, you will get 10 labor and the clothes of crime. After you leave the prison, you can sell the clothes to other players. There are three parts of the clothes of crime. They are head, body and pants. They are made by fabric and nothing defence or others.

When you come to the outdoors, you will find a Npc criminal digs something. If you want to dig something, it will waste 10 labor.

There is grasslas where you can have a football match. Aslo there is a scoreboard. You can press F to add point and press G to reduce the point. Press H to put the point to 0.

There is also a stable. But you can not operate it. When the time of imprison, you will be transported to the town.

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