AirMech Units You Should Use Guide

AirMech Units You Should Use Guide by kkj7

This guide is designed for new players that are starting to unlock different units and don`t know which of them are the most useful and often end with weird loadouts that don`t really work. The units are rated as follows:

5 – Really good unit. You should build a lot of those.
4 – Solid unit. Useful but not in every situation.
3 – Situational unit. Requires some skill to use properly, can easily be a waste.
2 – Limited use unit. Useful only in certain circumstances. New players should avoid using them.
1 – Don`t build this unit. Just don`t.

Remember veteran players might find ways to use units even rated 1 in this guide. The rating says more how easy it is to use a unit and how often you should build one. Some units get spammed and other are build one or two during the entire match.

Soldier 4
Runner 4
Probe 3
Boomer 2
Fixer 4
Seregant 2
Brute 4
Shooter 4
Jumper 4

Zipper 3
Tango 3
Jackal 4
Joker 4
Rebel 4
Armadillo 5
Longhorn 5
Gemini 5
Buster 3
Goliath 5
Grinder 2
Roller 3
Bucky 4
Seeker 5
Flakker 5
Patcher 4
Ratchet 4
Boxer 2
Turtle 3
Jammer 2
Sonya 2

T99 4 (overproducing those is #1 mistake of new players)
T45 4
Gatty 2
Haat 4
Aegis 3
Arty 3
Archy 3
Bertha 3

Lunchbox 3
Money Maker 6! (yes 6, this unit is not only good, it is required if you want to win)
Generator 3
Leveler 3
Bot Spawner 2
Honeypot 4

Light Mine 2
Heavy Mine 1
Bear Trap 2
Stasis Mine 4
Bombs 4
Blaster Guardian 3
Repair Guardian 3
Radar Guardian 2
Energy Guardian 2
Booster 2
Lockbox 1
Safebox 1
Vaultbox 1

Remember you still need to balance your loadout. You shouldn`t have too many tanks and no anti air or more than 1 guardian. Unlocking the units rated 5 and 4 first is a good idea as they are easy to use and reamin useful when you get better.

Units rated 5:
All of those units are pretty straightforward to use. You just place them down and they do their job. The bombs are an exception but it`s easy to learn to hit with them.

Units rated 4(why didn`t they get a 5?):
Soldier/Runner – they are good as a basic infantry but infantry(other than the Brute) dies really easily in AirMech. This is why you should use them but only for grabbing outposts. Also as all infantry they always walk to the nearest outpost and usually die to the defence there.

SAM – it`s a really good unit but still has pretty low hp and groups of them die can to bombs so pushing with them doesn`t always work. They also cost a lot of power to make.

Fixer – one of the best repair units in the game, but cannot attack and as all infantry walks away after finishing healing.

Jackal – this one almost deserves a 5(i might consider bringing it up). It is the best unit for defending outposts against infantry drops and for neutralising enemy outposts thanks to high light damage and low price. Can also do qite a bit of damage against mechs in the early game. This unit is just not for straight up attacking. Jackal rushes work to some point but usually when sent to attack they die to tanks while not doing much damage.

Rebel – it is pretty much a jackal with heavy armor and less hp. It survives longer against jackals and most infantry but dies faster to mechs and tanks.

Gemini – don`t get confused by it`s high damage. I`s medium damage meaning it loses vs longhorns. This is a great defensive unit against jackals and heavier infantry and survives longer than a dillo but vs heavy armour it`s not worth the cost.

Flakker – great cheap anti air. Just dies easily to mechs so it needs to be in groups or have other unit support. It does 50% damage to mechs on the ground so has trouble killing warhogs.

Patcher – standart repair unit. Doesn`t attack and gets killed easily. Works well but won`t win you the game on it`s own.

Ratchet – it`s like 2 patchers in one. Double the cost, double healing rate, double hp. Solid support unit.

T99 – this is the best defensive unit in the game. Protects you from mechs and units. It just doesn`t move. You cannot win the game with a stationary unit. You need to attack at some point(some players might disagree but at low level you rather win with tank pushes than leapfrogging turrets)

T45 – weaker, cheaper and lighter than the T99 still works great as defence. But it still cannot move. The lack of mobility keeps it at 4.

HAAT – great anti air turret capable of making a no flight zone. One of the counters to bombs. It`s cost is a bit high and like other turrets it cannot move. Considering giving it a 3 as it is rarely used over seekers or flakkers.

Generator – this is a must have in 3v3 games. It isn`t a 5 beacause it doesn`t give any benefits if your power is high. This is why you shouldn`t build them unless your power is getting low. One of the few alternatives to the money maker.

Stasis Mine – it is really easy to use and can get an entire enemy push slowed down to the point it does very little damage. Not used much currently as defending is so easy and most units get dropped by mechs anyway but a great thing in survival. Stasis effect works also against mechs if they land to close.

Brute – Got nerfed from it`s 5 state. Now it`s the best outpost neuralizer in the game. Dropping 2 of them can make an outpost neutral before the bunkered infantry manages to get inside.

Shooter – Those guys don`t look scary but in large numbers they can do insane damage thanks to their range and instant attack. They also stop moving when in range of something which makes them always move as a large clump. Medium damage makes them dangerous to mechs, especially early in the game.

Joker – Not as good as the Jackal in killing infantry but it is a multi-use unit. It has medium damage do is more effective in fort rushes, socket harass or even destroying artillery lines with not enough anti ground protection. Also has the bonus of spawning a runner everytime one dies.

3 and 2 comming soon.

I might change the numbers with new patches comming.

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